10 Best Gift for Newborn Baby: Original, Practical, Useful

It is always difficult to come up with ideas regarding what to get when you need to buy the best gift for newborn baby. Newborn baby gifts are as much for the mother as for the baby since there are many items that a mother could use but cannot necessarily afford to buy. So, the next time a baby shower, a birthday party or a christening has to be attended, use the following list of ten ideas to buy best gifts for a newborn baby that will make an impression:

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Best Gifts for a Newborn Baby Suggestions

When thinking about what to give to a young family, imagine yourself as a parent or remember such a situation. What would you need in the first place?

Best Gift for Newborn Baby Best Newborn Gifts

Do not be shy to ask the newly made mom and dad about what they need. It happens that in this matter, grandparents become the best assistants.

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1. Toys

Toys must accompany the baby from his very birth. But in accordance with his age. Now the child may be interested in rattles, floating rubber animals and musical toys.

Since the baby will definitely want to get to know your gift better – to taste it, then check the product for proper certificates before purchase.

Best Toys Gifts for Newborn Baby

2. Stroller

Probably the best gift for a newborn. It is worth choosing it as a present, only after talking with your parents in advance, finding out what kind of stroller shape, model or some other important characteristics are needed.

Best Strollers for Newborn Baby

3. Bedding

You will not lose if you opt for blankets (summer and winter), bed sets, canopies, protective sides for cribs, a blanket, a large bath towel.

Best Bedding Gifts for Newborn Baby

4. Baby clothes

The right gift that really comes in handy for the baby. A knitted gift for a newborn or a newborn is also welcome.

But it is worth choosing the following when choosing:

  • do not buy clothes for the future, especially seasonal: “just” a winter jacket can be useful for baby only in summer;
  • clothing for the newborn should consist only of natural materials;
  • choose cute simple models – clothes should be easy to put on and take off;
  • discard items with small parts (pompons, rhinestones, beads) that a child can accidentally tear and swallow.

Best Newborn Baby Clothes Gifts

5. Souvenirs

Many parents from the first days keep a record of the life of their child and subsequently re-read and revise these moments with him. Children’s albums, diaries for mom, photo frames will be a good choice.

Best Souvenirs Newborn Baby Gifts

6. Playmat

The thing is very convenient and will be needed quite soon. Children happily study it from three months old, love to play and lying on their stomach and on their backs. Various materials – rustling, rattling, smooth – will be very useful, because during this period the baby begins to recognize the world, and at first, does it by touch.

Best Playmat Gifts for Newborn Baby

7. Bouncer, Jumper or Swing

It will be great to give a newborn a bouncer, jumper or electronic swing. They will temporarily be able to distract the baby so that mom can go about their business. Choose lightweight, comfortable models that move easily from room to room.

Best Bouncer, Jumper, and Swing Newborn Baby Gift

8. Baby Monitors

A baby monitor with or without video is an indispensable tool for mom. She will not have to listen to the sleeping baby, and she will be able to calmly go into the bathroom or the kitchen, without checking every second whether the baby is still sleeping.

Best Baby Monitors Gifts for Newborn

9. Baby Car seat

A baby car seat is a great gift for a newborn if parents have a car. Only select trusted brands in category 0+.

Best Baby Car Seat

10. Backpack, Carrier or Sling

A backpack for carrying a newborn on mom or dad will help parents in places where it will be very inconvenient with a stroller. Choose better quality backpacks of well-known companies that will not harm the child and in which he will be in a convenient position for himself.

Best Backpack, Carrier or Sling for Newborn Baby

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Better not to give:

  1. Baby cosmetics – parents will choose for themselves. Very often it causes allergies or irritations, it must be selected carefully, based on the characteristics of the newborn.
  2. Cakes from diapers. They certainly look beautiful and festive, but then what to do with them is completely incomprehensible. Parents will not put on diapers that are pulled out of the package and bent by other people’s hands, it’s just not hygienic. It is better to choose a cake from clothes, socks or booties which will be used for their intended purpose.
  3. Baby shoes. The child will need it closer to the year, if not later. At home, children usually begin to walk in socks, and go on their first independent walks along the street, marking their first birthday. To guess how a child’s leg will grow in a year is practically impossible. And it often happens that the first shoes will remain unworn, their leg will grow even before they are needed.
  4. Stuffed Toys. The newborn will not grow up to them very soon, but at this time they will cover with dust and settle in the far corner of the mezzanines.
  5. Playpen and other bulky purchases that may just not get up in the children’s room. It is better to discuss such things initially with parents, since many people fundamentally do not plan to use the playpen. Some will not find a place for him, but he will really help someone.
  6. Walkers and jumpers. These toys have a bad effect on the development of the child, they prevent them from learning to walk on their own, and they also have a non-anatomical shape, as a result of which the child’s legs are in the wrong position.
  7. Baby scales. It is enough to measure the child’s weight once a month to understand how the baby grows and develops. And in these scales the child is placed from strength to 6 months. It is hardly worth throwing away money for an expensive purchase, which will be used only 6 times, it is better to choose a gift that is more necessary in everyday life.
  8. Flowers. Beautiful bouquets or charmingly decorated small baskets, beautiful roses or delicate modest tulips – any flowering plants, it is undesirable to give a young mother and her baby. Flowers are the strongest allergens, in addition, many of them emit a strong intoxicating smell. All this together will not benefit the baby.
  9. Baby food. The diet for each baby is selected purely individually in consultation with baby’s doctor. Even the most expensive and advertised mixtures can contain components that the child’s body will not tolerate.
  10. Baby care and education books. There is no universal advice on these issues. Each parent chooses the model of his child’s upbringing, to send him in this direction is bad idea. From book gifts it is better to choose collections of fairy tales, songs, diaries, where mom writes notes about the first months and years of her child’s life.

Now that you have so many ideas about Best Gift for Newborn Baby you can give, you can easily make the right choice. Parents will be happy that they received the necessary and useful gift for the birth of the baby and you will be glad that your choice was useful.

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