100 photo ideas for a kitchen-living room of 20 sq.m. with sofa

100 photo ideas for a kitchen-living room of 20 sq.m.  with sofa

100 photo ideas for a kitchen-living room of 20 sq.m. with sofa

Today it is popular to combine small rooms into a common space. One of these options is to combine a kitchen and a living room of 20 sq.m, with a sofa. Such a solution will make the room spacious and stylish, and most importantly, modern. In our article we will tell you how to choose a style for such a room,

Pros and cons of combining kitchen and living room

Before you combine rooms, you need to take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of the layout.


  • Space expansion. This allows you to embody various design ideas in a small room.
  • Additional lighting. By connecting two rooms into one, there will be two windows in the room.
  • The hostess has the opportunity to cook and at the same time communicate with guests, monitor the baby, and talk to the cloisters of the apartment.
  • Plenty of space to organize a holiday, dinner, other celebration.
  • Savings on household appliances. There is no need to purchase two TVs. It is enough to place one in the recreation area.

Disadvantages of combining kitchen and living room:

  • The smell of cooked food. When decorating the kitchen, it is necessary to purchase a powerful hood, but even it will not always be able to cope with the aromas that will spread to the room.
  • People who will relax in the living room may be distracted by the sounds of working kitchen appliances. This is a mixer, coffee grinder, dishwasher,
  • Cleaning the premises will have to be done regularly, because the dirt from the kitchen often gets into the recreation area.

There are disadvantages in connecting rooms, but, nevertheless, the room turns out to be cozy, spacious, and various creative ideas can be realized in it.

We select a style

And so, in front of us is a kitchen-living room of 20 sq m with a sofa, we need to choose a style direction. We look at the photo options and choose the right one.

  • Hi-tech style. It is modern, involves the use of cold colors and light materials, spotlights and floor lamps are installed. Various plasters are used, glass and metal are also used in the interior, smooth surfaces.
  • Classic style. The design is suitable for those who prefer comfort. In the living room, you can install a fireplace, and in the kitchen, hang a large chandelier above the table, emitting warm light. Furniture should mainly be wooden, luxurious, with gold trim. The style involves various accessories, paintings, expensive vases, other interior items.
  • Loft style. It assumes that the rooms are not overloaded with decorative elements. Rooms should be functional and practical. Used decorative brick, blackout curtains, everything is practical and convenient.
  • Minimalism style. It is characterized by laconic furniture, monochrome. The room should be spacious, well lit. Light plays a major role in the interior, so the room can be decorated with different lamps.
  • Scandinavian style. It is distinguished by light and beige tones, natural shades. It is worth giving preference to blue and green, pale green, gray and brown. Elements of natural wood are added to the interior, textiles give the rooms comfort. Furniture should be concise, airy.
  • Neoclassical style. It provides for symmetry and orderliness, the interior should be modern, expensive. Preference is given to green, sand and yellow colors.
  • Country style. Perfect for lovers of rustic simplicity. An aged one is installed in the rooms, the decor should be wicker, the kitchen is decorated with natural textiles, earthenware. This style gives a feeling of relaxation, takes you back to childhood, it is easy and comfortable with it.

There are many styles with which you can decorate a combined living room with a kitchen. In stores there is an opportunity to choose different materials and furniture for the realization of the plan.

How to position the sofa?

  • Thanks to the sofa located in the room that combines the living room and kitchen, you can make several functional areas.
  • If you delimit a room using a sofa, you need to save space so that the furniture does not clutter up the entire space, and it is convenient for residents to walk and relax.
  • We do not recommend putting a large sofa in the room so that it does not take up much space. It’s a great idea to match the sofa to the color of the kitchen set.
  • The sofa is advised to have the back to the kitchen area, and attach the TV to the wall opposite. Watching programs will be convenient for both the person who is resting and the one who is in the kitchen.

Benefits of a sofa to delimit a room:

  • Additional seating area.
  • You can store things in furniture.
  • Supports the selected room style.
  • The sofa can become a bright spot in the interior, the soft fabrics of the furniture give warmth.
  • The room becomes cozy, especially if you put pillows on the sofa.

Despite the fact that there are many positive aspects in using a sofa for zoning a room, there are also negative aspects to this:

  • Oversized furniture makes the space heavier.
  • If the room is poorly ventilated, smells from the kitchen will accumulate in the upholstery of the sofa.

Ways to arrange the sofa in the kitchen-living room

In the center of the room, combining it with a coffee table. Nearby you can place chandeliers, lamps. Behind it is a dining table or bar counter.

Perpendicular to the kitchen set.

In front of the kitchen. The original idea is the projector, where the TV does not take up extra space.

Separated living area:

  • where the living room occupies most of the room, and the kitchen is located against the window on the far side, similar to a niche.
  • where the kitchen occupies most of the room with a large kitchen table, and the living room is located by the window.

Furniture Tips

Since the two zones of the bedroom and living room are combined, they must be made in the same style.

The furniture in the rooms should be combined with each other. In order for the room not to look cluttered, purchase only furniture that is necessary. Preference should be given to compact models. Built-in appliances will look harmonious in the kitchen.

The living room should be furnished with only the necessary interior items, because the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room is limited. Give preference to minimalism. A sofa, a small coffee or coffee table, a chair or an armchair, shelves, a wardrobe, a TV are perfect for a relaxation area. You can also make niches in the wall by stacking various items.

And here you look at the photo of the new curtains for the kitchen. They are also important for any room.

Design Ideas

A small apartment, where the kitchen is combined with the living room, perfectly transforms the room, making it stylish and modern, comfortable. The design should expand the space as much as possible.

  • For this, it is recommended to use light shades, visually making the room free, spacious. The optimal design solution would be the preference for a milky white palette, gray and beige shades, delicate pastel colors. It is better to refuse sharp and colorful colors, too bright details look sloppy, rude and tasteless.
  • The interior design that combines the kitchen with the living room uses smooth reflective surfaces. It can be a smooth polished stone or tile, lacquered or laminated facades in the kitchen, chrome-plated household appliances or various accessories.
  • In order to visually raise the ceiling, it is necessary to focus on tall and narrow cabinets, long curtains, and decorative columns. Perfectly fit elongated sofas and tables, wallpaper with a pattern, wide shelves.

Examples of planning a combined kitchen-living room

In the figure below, the layout of a four-room apartment, which already has a finished finish, made in bright colors. We will select 4 options for the furniture layout scenario. It is planned to place in the combined living room with kitchen:

  • television;
  • kitchen set;
  • spacious sofa;
  • table.

We offer 4 options for furniture placement.

Classic variant.

In this case, a large corner sofa is placed near the wall. It is installed in the recreation area, that is, in the living room. It will perfectly accommodate the hosts and guests. Nearby, on the left, they put a small coffee table and a floor lamp.

Bookshelves will add coziness, you can also install a fireplace in the living room. Notes of elegance will be given by the console located to the left of the sofa and a mirror that will hang opposite.

The kitchen, combined with the living room, is located on the other side. A round dining table is placed in the center. A refrigerator, a sink, a dishwasher and a stove with an oven are installed in a row along the wall. This option provides for the reception of large companies. The room is spacious, comfortable and warm.

An option for those who love to cook.

Another design project where the kitchen will be larger than the living room. A large table is necessarily installed here, but it is located in the living room, next to the sofa, on the left side. Opposite the sofa there is a coffee table and there is a TV attached to the wall where the dressing room will be.

In the kitchen, be sure to combine the countertop with the window sill. This will be a work surface for cooking, it can also be used as a bar counter. Along the wall is a sink, dishwasher and oven. Next to the sink, there will be a refrigerator.

In the project, the toilet room for guests was replaced by a dressing room.

An option that provides for a clear zoning.

In the apartment, the hallway from the kitchen, combined with the living room, will be separated by a partition. There will be a spacious storage system in the hall. The living room will be combined with the living room, but here everything will be clearly divided into zones. This is a place for cooking and a corner for a dining area.

A soft corner is installed in the dining area. On one side there will be a corner sofa, on the other, the necessary household appliances in the kitchen. On the wall, between the sofa and the kitchen area, a TV is mounted on a bracket.

To increase the space, the design project provides for the addition of a loggia. A refrigerator is brought to her. You can also put armchairs, a coffee table and a bookcase here. This is a cozy place that allows you to relax, unwind and enjoy a fragrant drink while leafing through your favorite book.

The most original version.

On one side of the room we have a sofa, next to it there is a coffee table, a floor lamp and an armchair. The kitchen is made island. In the center of the room there will be a sink, stove, work surface. The refrigerator and other necessary household appliances are taken out to the loggia. The kitchen area is a stylish corner. Opposite the sofa, on the other side there will be cabinets for placing things. On the wall, between the sofa, opposite the dining area, a TV is mounted on a bracket.

This layout allows you to arrange a bathroom with a shower and a spacious dressing room.

In the kitchen-dining room, it will be predominantly with a white finish, refreshed with dishes and chairs upholstered in a light green shade. All lines are straight and clear. Cabinets are high, they make it possible to visually raise the ceiling. It is worth noting that the cabinets are easy to use, they can store the product, as well as various household appliances, dishes.

To stay in the room was comfortable, do not forget about pleasant household trifles. The main thing is that they match the chosen style in the interior.

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