45 photo ideas for a white bedroom with white furniture

45 photo ideas for a white bedroom with white furniture

45 photo ideas for a white bedroom with white furniture

A snow-white bedroom for someone is associated with a hospital ward, and for someone it symbolizes purity, peace and tranquility. The embodiment of the idea for a white bedroom with white furniture requires an individual approach, taking into account some nuances.

Choice of floor and wall finishes

With a north-facing sleeping area, absolute whiteness should be avoided. Otherwise, the bedroom will not be very cozy and comfortable. To avoid such a result, it is necessary to correctly place the accents.

The best option would be a dark floor covering that blends perfectly with the white ceiling and walls. This technique will visually enlarge the room and outline its boundaries. The presence of a dark wood floor will make the bedroom much warmer and more comfortable.

Another way to add harmony to a room is to finish the walls with wood paneling.

As for the wallpaper, here the choice is limited only by the preferences of the owner and the chosen style. Several possible options:

  • Wallpaper of light shades will help to make the bedroom airy. Textiles in dark colors will place the necessary accents;
  • When choosing a dark color for the walls, it should be remembered that against their background, white furniture will be especially noticeable. That is why it is necessary to approach the arrangement of furniture as responsibly as possible and carefully monitor its cleanliness;
  • For dynamic people who are not accustomed to a calm atmosphere, bright wallpapers are suitable, effectively combined with white furniture. It is worth remembering that this is a place to sleep, so it is better to decorate one of the walls with bright colors, and not the whole room.

Having decided on the style and color scheme, it will not be difficult to choose the necessary coating option.

Design Options

White furniture is versatile and gives room for design solutions. From contemporary style to timeless classics. Each of these interiors has its own nuances.

Classics in the interior

White pieces of furniture with gilded fittings will perfectly fit into the classic version of the sleeping room. The high upholstered headboard of the bed will add sophistication in combination with other pieces of furniture.

In this style, it is better to give preference to calm warm colors for wall decoration (wallpaper, paint, decorative plaster). Classic design involves the use of moldings, high skirting boards and decorative overlays.

As textiles for windows, heavy fabrics, lambrequins, tiebacks in combination with light organza are preferred. Decorative pillows can be sewn from a similar fabric.

Cozy Provence

White furniture fits well with the style of the French province. To create a delicate environment, plain wallpaper or with small floral motifs is suitable. These two options can be combined with each other, highlighting a certain area in the bedroom with a floral print.

A characteristic feature of Provence is deliberately aged furniture. A massive white wooden bed with a worn effect will fit perfectly into the style of such a room.

If there is a lot of space, the usual bedroom set can be supplemented with an old chest of drawers and a dressing table with curved legs and an ornate pattern on the facades. The visual volume will give a white floor covering (laminate, parquet or wooden boards).

The textile component must be made exclusively from natural materials. A simple, laconic cut, a solid color, a floral print or a small cage – these should be curtains in the Provence style.

Modern style

A distinctive feature of modern design is functionality and convenience. When choosing a similar style, furniture facades can be different at the request of the residents. A set of furniture is selected based on the size of the bedroom, but in any case, it should be as comfortable and functional as possible.

Decorative plaster or wallpaper can be used as wall decoration. The color scheme can be any. White furniture looks especially advantageous on a turquoise or mint background in combination with a gray or brown laminate.

Chocolate-colored textiles will perfectly complement the mint interior: curtains, quilted bedspread, decorative pillows. This combination will make the interior warm and comfortable.


Laconic smooth furniture with smooth facades is an integral part of a minimalist bedroom. Glossy surfaces with glass inserts give a feeling of lightness and cleanliness. Plain surfaces of walls in pastel colors complement the overall design idea.

To complete the interior and place bright accents, you should choose paintings with expressive framing or original lighting fixtures. When decorating a window, preference is given to laconic curtains, Roman or roller blinds. Depending on preferences, fabrics can be in contrasting shades (violet, blue, emerald).


Light Mediterranean interior will appeal to romantic natures. It combines different cultures, but there are characteristic features that point to a bedroom in this style: natural materials, lightness, lots of light and lots of free space.

As a finishing material for walls, textured plaster, paint or light-colored wood panels and wooden beams on the ceiling surface are ideal. Doors and window frames painted in blue or light blue will help to dilute and complete the interior.


The style of the northern latitudes, which is based on white surfaces: furniture, floor, ceiling. Natural wood is used as a finish, mainly birch and pine. However, not everyone likes exceptional whiteness, so you can add color accents as textiles made from fur, linen, wool, cotton or leather.

Floor finishing can be made of bleached boards or light-colored parquet boards. For a ceiling covering, painting or decorative plaster of light shades, as close as possible to white, is optimal. They do the same with wall decoration, highlighting the head of the bed with wallpaper or wood panels.

Decor elements

A plain bedroom with white furniture will not be to everyone’s taste. However, if you add a few decorative elements, the interior will look completely different. As accents you can use:

  • Pictures with a neutral or bright image. The plot can be anything, depending on the chosen style and personal preferences. It is advisable to make a choice in favor of calm compositions (nature, flowers). If you like images of animals, get the option where they are depicted against the backdrop of a winter forest.
  • Photographs located on the walls or shelves harmoniously fit into the interior of the bedroom. Please note – the frames should be combined with pieces of furniture, creating a single composition.
  • Arranged vases are a good way to add color to the bedroom. The budget option is plastic products. Porcelain, glass and ceramic vases look more elegant and expensive. These containers can contain fresh flowers, ornamental plants or unusually shaped branches.
  • The most important decorative element that can set the style of the entire room is textiles. Bright decorative pillows, bedspreads and curtains will make any interior unique and add color to a snow-white room.
  • The sleeping room is designed for relaxation, so it should be soft and warm. This can be achieved with a fluffy rug that echoes the color of the shades in the room.
  • You can make a white bedroom cozy and gentle, regardless of the chosen style and color scheme. Properly placed accents and selected finishing materials will make the room individual.

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