55 successful photo examples of furniture for a small hallway

55 successful photo examples of furniture for a small hallway

55 successful photo examples of furniture for a small hallway

In our article, you will learn how to put furniture in a small hallway in Khrushchev, design and interior features in the photo. As well as useful tips on how to save an already narrow space.

Rules for arranging furniture in a small hallway

The design of a small hallway largely depends on the proper arrangement of furniture. To avoid mistakes, it is necessary to build on the original shape of the room.

rectangular shape

A narrow long hallway is quite difficult to properly furnish with furniture. To do this, you need to decide on the wall that you are ready to occupy. The choice should be made in favor of the one on which there are no doors, or they are located as far as possible from each other. It is along it that the necessary items will be placed.

In the second option, you can use the angle of the adjacent walls. It takes up less space and looks nice. For example, on one side, place a storage system, and on the other, a hanger.

You should not arrange furniture on both sides of the room, there will be too little space for passage. To ennoble an empty wall, you can use a large mirror, photo wallpaper or photographs within the same color, but of different sizes, making up a composition.

As for the furniture itself, the best option would be a custom-made wardrobe, according to the size of your hallway. If finances do not allow, then you can find a more economical way out – modular furniture or a corner cabinet. If there is space, you can purchase a dressing room, its price is not much higher, but there is more storage space due to the depth.

Square shape

The square-shaped entrance hall in Khrushchev basically does not exceed 4 sq.m. this is very small, and given that part of the walls is occupied by interior doors, there is very little free space left.

To equip such a room, you will need to functionally use every free centimeter. The best way to do this is with custom-made furniture. Since the area is small, it will not be very expensive.

Initially, you need to decide on a place for a hanger: it is under it that a shoe rack with a seat will be located.

A small room dictates its own terms, so you have to use all the available space: a closet up to the ceiling, a hanger with a shelf above and below. Near the door, you can install a stand for umbrellas, hang a narrow shelf, and attach a key holder above it.

Furniture selection

Even if you have a small hallway, you want to get a cozy and comfortable environment. To do this, you should responsibly approach the purchase of furniture:

  • A sliding wardrobe installed along one wall will accommodate the entire storage system and save space thanks to sliding doors;
  • If the first option is not suitable, a wall hanger, a barbell rack or a corner cabinet model will come to the rescue;
  • For a small space, a built-in furniture option is well suited, which takes up less space and allows you to place a large number of things. Do not forget about the shoe shelf or shoe cabinet, otherwise the shoes will clutter up the already small space;
  • You can visually enlarge the corridor and make it more functional with furniture up to the ceiling with glass facades;
  • Another piece of furniture is a high whatnot. Spacious and compact, it is suitable for placing shoes and accessories on the top compartment;
  • Since the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Khrushchev hallway does not allow you to put a sofa or pouffe, it can be replaced with a low cabinet in which things and accessories will be stored;
  • Open storage looks less attractive, but more compact. Hooks on top are for outerwear, and on the bottom it is convenient to hang brushes, keys and handbags;
  • Manufacturers offer modern options for modular furniture, which is compact in size and allows you to arrange it at your discretion;
  • If the purchase of furniture is not included in the plans of the owners, you can get by with hanging shelves for storage, under which it is possible to place hooks for outerwear;
  • A coffee table, wall-mounted shelves will help you place the necessary accessories and will not take up much space.
  • If you correctly approach the choice and arrangement of furniture, then even a small area can become quite functional and comfortable.

    Narrow entrance hall in Khrushchev: features and nuances in design

    The problem of a narrow hallway can be solved with the right style and furniture arrangement. Using a few design tricks, you can visually enlarge the corridor. When choosing a stylistic direction, it is worth making a choice in favor of minimalism and taking into account a number of features of such a room:

    • Do not place furniture near two walls. In this case, there will be no free space to move;
    • When choosing a setting, it is necessary to dwell on models with a shallow depth and place them along the longest wall;
    • An important role is played by the number of lighting fixtures. In dim light, the narrow hallway looks gloomy, it creates the feeling of being in a tunnel and people will be uncomfortable there. A sufficient amount of light can be obtained using spotlights, luminous tapes and wall sconces;
    • Standard swing doors steal an already small area. The best option is a sliding structure or an arched opening. They delimit the room without cluttering it. In the absence of such an opportunity, you can replace the standard door leaf with glass;
    • As a finishing material for walls, light wallpaper with a small pattern, decorative plaster in warm colors or wood trim are well suited;
    • Walk-in closets and wardrobes with a built-in full-height mirror deserve special attention. It carries a functional load and visually makes the room more spacious;
    • Photo wallpapers with a three-dimensional image of a street or nature will help visually erase the boundaries of a small hallway. It is important that the image is not dark;
    • A touch of sophistication in the interior will bring vertical lines on the wallpaper or artificial columns. With this technique, you can visually stretch the room and make the ceiling higher;
    • If you have permission, you can demolish one of the interior partitions, installing a large spacious wardrobe instead, or replacing it with thin sliding doors.

    Furniture must not only be properly arranged, but also chosen. By making the wrong choice, you can nullify all the effort spent on repairs. Even the most expensive interior can be spoiled by one wrong hanger.

    A narrow, and besides, a small hallway is a real test for the owner. It is difficult to make a long room comfortable, but nothing is impossible. Going to a furniture store, you should decide in advance on the necessary items that should be present in the lobby. Having picked up a harmonious set, combined with the environment and finishing materials.

    A photo selection of photo ideas for hallway furniture in Khrushchev:

    For those who have small-sized housing, we have selected interesting examples of using space in a useful way. There are shelves, hooks, cabinets, additional accessories and much more.

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