70 ideas for painting the walls in the bedroom.

70 ideas for painting the walls in the bedroom.

70 ideas for painting the walls in the bedroom.

A limited selection of wallpapers may not always meet your desires and design decisions. In such cases, the idea comes to paint the walls. You can arrange everything in one color or make a combination of several shades. Properly selected colors and original solution will meet the wildest expectations.

Ideas for painting walls instead of wallpaper

In order to choose the right color scheme and the method of painting the walls in the bedroom, you need to take into account not only the preferences of the owners, but also the size of the room, the height of the ceilings, the number of window and door openings, the design of other surfaces of the room, the combination with furniture and textile design.

There are several options for painting the walls in the bedroom:

  • Horizontal division is the easiest way. The wall is divided into parts and decorated in different colors. You can make two equal parts or increase one at the expense of the other. The so-called panels will look elegant when the color border passes just below the middle. The distinction can be made using a border or molding.
  • Colored inserts are a fashion trend. Perfect for a glamorous or classic interior. First, the wall is painted in one color, and then a rectangular or square marking is made, which is decorated with darker paint.
  • The striped wall is another trend of modern fashion. The stripes can be located in any direction. But there is a caveat: too narrow stripes will look very strict, and bright ones will be intrusive. You can make a combination of several related shades. This design is ideal for a retro interior.
  • The emphasis on one wall is a bold and stylish solution. It will make the design of the bedroom original and help to get away from excessive saturation. One wall is painted in a bright color or one bright stripe is made, and the rest of the walls are done in neutral shades.
  • Polka dots are a good idea not only for the bedroom, but also for a nursery or living room decorated in a retro style. Peas are easily applied with a stencil.
  • Complex coloring – involves the use of many shades. Usually performed in the form of an arc, zigzag or wave. These lines can follow the outlines of furniture or decor items.

Painting in two colors

The main rule of combined staining is a reasonable combination of colors.

There are 3 options:

  • degrade – a combination of different shades of the same color:
  • related shades – neutral, pastel colors, black and white;
  • a combination of different colors, taking into account their saturation and assignment to cold or warm shades.

The following colors have the best compatibility for the bedroom:

  • Gray is perhaps the perfect “sleeping” color. The main thing is to choose the right shade: beautiful aristocratic, emphasizing the sense of taste and style of the owner. Its combination with almost any other color will look decent.
  • White – thanks to its ability to get along with any shade, you can come up with the most original color combinations: from calm pastels to bright and juicy ones. The design of such a bedroom can also be both the simplest and ornately lush.
  • Yellow is unique in its opposite properties: on the one hand, it energizes, and on the other hand, it relaxes. In order for yellow to show its soothing qualities, it is recommended to combine it with pale blue, gray or white.

What color to choose

The color of the walls of the bedroom, as well as the color of its interior, has a great influence on our peace of mind and mood. The wrong color can be the culprit for sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and anxiety. According to psychologists, healthy sleep and good mood are guaranteed by the following color schemes:

  • Pastel colors are a classic choice for many. It is believed that they have a calming effect on the psyche, relieve stress and set up for rest. Almost every color has a delicate pastel shade, so if you wish, you can decorate the bedroom in any color scheme.
  • Classic style – beige, gray, brown, milky, ivory. The combination of these shades is a win-win option. Psychologists advise decorating a bedroom in this style if there is a lack of stability and confidence in your life. A morning spent in an atmosphere of respectability will set the mood for the whole day.
  • Delicate cold shades – light blue, lavender, pistachio, aquamarine in combination with light gray, beige, white, cream. Recommended for rooms facing the sunny side. Helps create a feeling of coolness and freshness, which is very important for quality sleep.
  • Warm colors – yellow, peach, terracotta, pink, golden. They are ideal for dark or cold rooms. Delicate shades will create an atmosphere of comfort, they are best used for small bedrooms. And for spacious ones, a rich, but not too bright, palette of colors is suitable.
  • White color – it should be said separately. There is an opinion that this is a bleak and cold color that is not suitable for the bedroom. But still, if you skillfully combine it with other shades and decorate it correctly, it will look very dignified.

It should be noted that there are some shades in which it is not recommended to decorate the bedroom:

  • purple color – causes despondency and depression;
  • too dark shades (black, dark brown, etc.) – depresses, provokes a feeling of anxiety;
  • defiantly bright colors – act aggressively, excite the psyche. In such a bedroom it will be impossible to relax and unwind. Only some decorative elements can be bright.

In pursuit of fashionable design, remember that the main purpose of the bedroom is relaxation. If the color scheme is chosen correctly and harmoniously combined with furniture and decor elements, in such a bedroom you will definitely be able to fully relax and sleep.

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