75 photos of wallpaper ideas for a small kitchen

75 photos of wallpaper ideas for a small kitchen

75 photos of wallpaper ideas for a small kitchen

When planning a renovation in the kitchen, its area is of great importance. The presence of a small space obliges to choose finishing materials, taking into account this feature. Special attention deserves wallpaper for a small kitchen of 6 sq. m.

Wallpaper selection rules

If wallpaper is preferred as a finishing material for kitchen walls, then you should pay attention to their strength, practicality and certain characteristics:

  • resistance to moisture and wet cleaning;
  • have a surface that can repel dirt;
  • dense structure, resistance to abrasion and burnout;
  • fire retardant impregnation for cases where the wallpaper is glued next to the stove;

Using paper canvases will help save money, but are a short-lived option, especially in a small room.

Several materials satisfy all quality requirements:

  • Non-woven wallpaper. Their texture visually levels the surface of the walls, the canvas does not lend itself to deformation, solar exposure, does not deteriorate from high temperatures and direct sunlight;
  • Wallpaper with fiberglass. In addition to the requirements, they are environmentally friendly, easy to clean and paint;
  • Polyvinyl chloride cover. Vinyl wallpapers are durable, wide range and resistant to mechanical stress. When treated with a special tool, such wall decoration will reduce the risk of mold.

In addition to technical characteristics, the wallpaper should be outwardly attractive and suitable for a small kitchen.

Wallpaper for a visual increase in the kitchen

Modern wallpaper should contribute to the visual enlargement of a small space and create a comfortable atmosphere in it. A few tips from professionals will help you choose the right option:

  • Finishing a small room should be done in light shades. It is worth immediately abandoning dark wallpapers, with the exception of dark drawings on a light canvas. This does not mean that you should stop at white, on the contrary, such a kitchen will be uncomfortable and impractical;
  • Large vertical stripes and drawings are best left for rooms with a larger area. Pastel-colored wallpapers with small patterns will fit perfectly into the interior of a small kitchenette. Given the variety of the range, choosing the right finish is not difficult;
  • For lovers of original solutions, you can pick up unusual photo wallpapers for pasting one of the walls;
  • Canvases in horizontal or vertical stripes will increase the room in height or width. Walls look great, the upper half of which is pasted over with similar wallpaper, and the lower part is painted with paint or decorative plaster to match;
  • A novelty in the design is the contrasting finish: in this case, dark colors are chosen for the long opposite walls, and light colors for the end surfaces;
  • The texture of the wallpaper should be in harmony with the furniture facades;
  • When buying wallpaper, unroll several rolls by matching the patterns. This will allow you to understand how the material will look on the surface.

Going to the store, it is worth looking at company catalogs. They present different types of canvases in the interior. This will help you choose the right design.

Fashion trends 2019

The design industry is rapidly moving forward, annually offering new methods of interior decoration, trendy colors, textures and materials. To create a modern interior of a small kitchen with wallpaper, recommendations will help:

  • Walls decorated with imitation cups and plates will help keep up with modern. It looks unusual and fits optimally into the style of the kitchen;
  • Three-dimensional wallpaper pasted on an accent wall;
  • Still in the trend are wallpapers that imitate natural materials: wood, brick, textiles, stone and leather;
  • The image of vegetable, fruit and plant themes will refresh the room and make it bright;
  • ethnic wallpaper;
  • Canvas with an unusual image or texture;
  • Washable models. The modern market provides a wide selection of colors. The ability to wash the walls in the kitchen, where the level of pollution is quite high, is a big plus. This finish will last for years.

An alternative would be decorative stickers of a suitable theme on one of the surfaces.

How to decorate the walls of a small kitchen

In the process of choosing suitable canvases, or after purchasing the finishing material, it is worth deciding on the method of pasting. Different ways of arranging the canvases can transform the interior of the kitchen and make it unique. A designer who is available in many branded stores of finishing materials can help to cope with this task:

  • The most common technique for obtaining a holistic interior is to focus on a specific area or wall.It is possible to achieve this effect by combining two contrasting types of canvases – companions. At the same time, background wallpapers are mostly plain, and accent wallpapers with a selected pattern or unusual texture.They paste over the surface, free from furniture and accessories. Often this is the dining area.A few more photos of new combined wallpapers for the kitchen.
  • The second option is a combination of wallpaper with another finishing material. In this case, the wallpaper is combined with paint, decorative plaster, PVC panels, ceramic tiles or liquid wallpaper. The location of the materials is chosen at its discretion, but in a small room it is advisable to give preference to a horizontal combination. It is not necessary to finish the entire kitchen in this way, it is enough to use this technique on one of the zones.
  • For people who are not ready for bright walls, but who want to dilute a calm interior, canvases with a bright image or imitation of tiles pasted in the apron area will come to the rescue. To extend the life of the surface, the material can be covered with heat-resistant glass or fire-resistant plastic. Here you can successfully use the canvas with imitation of natural materials and textures. In the same way, you can isolate the wall, near which the dining table is located.
  • When choosing photo wallpapers or canvases with three-dimensional printing, it is worth considering several nuances: a perspective image will visually expand the area, a bright picture will create the main accent, neutral shades will set the tone for the entire room.

Beautiful and competent design of a small-sized kitchen may seem like a daunting task at first glance. Having shown a little imagination and taking into account your wishes, you can choose a modern version of the material that will appeal to all family members.

It is worth remembering that a large number of bright colors, textures that are not compatible with each other can spoil the interior of a room finished with even the most expensive materials. Tastefully selected materials are able to give sophistication and comfort even to a small kitchen of 6 sq.m.

Real photos: wallpaper in the kitchen 6 sq m

Here you will find various wallpaper options for a small kitchen in ordinary apartments. See examples of the implementation of different gluing, combination with interior items, dishes, accessories. Popular trends this year are beige, green, pastel wallpapers.

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