Balcony combined with kitchen – 100 photos of design ideas

Balcony combined with kitchen - 100 photos of design ideas

Balcony combined with kitchen – 100 photos of design ideas

A kitchen with access to a balcony today is popular not only in modern apartments, but also in old buildings. Such a layout is a winning option that allows you to expand the room, make it lighter and more spacious.

The balcony, which will be combined with the kitchen, makes it possible to realize various fantasies in design, make the room stylish and cozy. It is worth noting that the balcony serves not only as a place where you can store things, it can become a wonderful children’s room, a winter garden, an office, a seating area and a pantry.

Combination pros and cons:

The balcony, which will be combined with the kitchen, is an excellent opportunity to make the room functional by decorating it as you wish.


  • space optimization;
  • increased sound insulation;
  • thermal insulation of the kitchen;
  • expansion of space;
  • additional lighting;
  • original stylish interior.


  • redevelopment will need to be legalized by collecting the necessary package of documents, having received permission, to make a project;
  • repairs involve financial costs. The balcony needs to be insulated, glazed, and finished.

Even despite the minuses, a balcony combined with a kitchen is a great idea for expanding space.

Zoning methods:

It is possible to divide the combined premises into several functional zones using zoning. We offer several basic ways of zoning space:

  • Movable partitions.

They allow you to isolate the kitchen from the balcony. With the help of a partition that can be moved apart like a compartment, you can isolate the room from unnecessary noise and smell, as well as from the fumes and heat emitted from the stove during cooking.

Partitions can be made from various materials. They mainly prefer glass and wood, as well as chipboard and plastic.

  • Window.

French windows perfectly allow you to delimit the space. They look great, expand the space, make the room much brighter.

  • Multilevel floor.

If there is a threshold between the room and the balcony, it is sometimes recommended to leave it. A heating system is installed on the balcony, in this case the floor reaches the level of the threshold. The podium will allow you to divide the rooms, the combined premises.

  • Arch.

The arch will look great indoors, does not take up much space, and also does not block access to natural light. You can make it from drywall. The material is inexpensive, and the arch will always fit into any style.

  • Curtains.

You can zone the space with thick textile curtains, fitting harmoniously into the interior.

Balcony insulation

Combining a balcony with a kitchen, you need to know that insulation involves not only its internal insulation, but also necessarily external.

Styrofoam plates and mineral wool, mounted to the wall using a metal profile crate, are perfect for street insulation. After that, it remains only to sew up with sheets of siding. But for this you need to call industrial climbers. See in the video how quickly the balcony outside the house is insulated.

The inner balcony is insulated with foam. Also, experts advise to make a warm floor, as well as install heaters or fan heaters.

Step-by-step instructions for warming a balcony or loggia are discussed in this video.

For balcony glazing, give preference only to high-quality and efficient materials that will keep the heat in the room. In order not to make common mistakes when insulating a balcony and loggia, I recommend watching this video. It tells what material should be used for insulation and a lot of useful information.

Balcony lighting options

When carrying out repair work to combine the kitchen with a balcony, be sure to pay due attention to lighting. You can decorate the room with the help of different lamps that will match the interior of the room.

To do this, it will be necessary to conduct electricity on the balcony, as well as install sockets so that you can hang a wall lamp, put a floor lamp or connect another lighting device.

Spotlights and LED bulbs will look great.

In the arsenal, it is best to have LED bulbs that will be inserted into the fixtures. They are more economical and better quality. At the time of their purchase, keep your receipt. In case of not working out their service life, such lamps are replaced free of charge, at the place of purchase.

Design Ideas

We offer some great ideas for designing a kitchen combined with a balcony.

  • Kitchen and dining room on the balcony. This is the most popular option. It allows you to make the work area much more spacious by moving a place to eat on the balcony.
  • Bar counter design. On an insulated balcony, you can create a bar counter using a partition that remains from the window.

A bar counter made instead of a window sill on the balcony will also look great.

  • Kitchen with lounge area, office, pantry or garden. The balcony can always be beaten in a kitchen style. Here you can equip a cozy bar, an office for a hobby or for work, as well as a play place.
  • Balcony-kitchen. If the kitchen is small and you need more space, then a good option is to move household appliances, a refrigerator, a washing machine and other necessary things to the balcony.

Designers offer many interesting design options for a combined kitchen with a balcony, and everyone can choose a suitable idea for himself.

Color solutions

To create a harmonious kitchen space connected to a balcony, it is recommended to use the same finishing materials, as well as the same color range of paints for furniture and decorative elements. Also, the designer is allowed to combine the main chosen color with other shades, the main thing is that they are combined with each other.

The most relevant color schemes for the kitchen, which is combined with a balcony, are:

  • White color. It belongs to the classics, but you need to be careful with it, because it is easily soiled. The shade will look luxurious, especially items that mimic natural wood. Curtains, tulle, wallpaper, as well as cabinets and household appliances can be made in white colors. Be sure to add a few juicy spots to the interior to make it rich and stylish.
  • Lavender. This is a delicate color, which is preferred by sensitive natures with a rich imagination. Decor items in a purple hue will look especially sophisticated. Emphasis can be placed on household appliances or the facade, lamps, curtains. You can combine this color with mint, pistachio, caramel, milk, pink and cream.
  • Brown color. It must be used skillfully to select the desired color scheme. The shade should not be too dark, give preference to soft tones, otherwise the room will be uncomfortable and gloomy. Brown color in the interior helps to relax, gives peace.
  • Pastel shade. Small kitchens made in pastel colors will become spacious, but large rooms will not be empty.

This shade is diverse, it can be supplemented with any color scheme. In pastel color, you can paint the walls, pick up a furniture set, it is also possible to use it for curtains, sofas and chairs, and other items.

The pastel color will not be faded if it is supplemented with juicy decor elements. It can be dishes, tablecloths, countertops, cabinets, rugs. Pastel colors will always look stylish, expensive, chic.

  • Grey colour. It is suitable for those who prefer an atmosphere of calm, sophistication. Gray shade in the interior is always a win-win solution. Color is often used for classic style, as well as art deco, minimalism. It allows you to demonstrate the beauty of furniture, rooms, emphasizes its individuality. In this shade, it is important to use natural materials and household appliances. Also read our article “About gray kitchens in the interior”.

Combining a kitchen with a balcony is a great opportunity to make the room brighter, more spacious, and fill it with comfort. Here you can meet guests, do what you love, dream and just relax, cook and put together different things, objects, equipment and just have a great time, embodying your fantasies and ideas.

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