Bathroom design 4 sq m – 100 modern photo ideas of 2019

Bathroom design 4 sq m - 100 modern photo ideas of 2019

Bathroom design 4 sq m – 100 modern photo ideas of 2019

A small bathroom of 4 square meters is a difficult task for designers and owners of this room. In our article, we will share ideas on how to make this area functional, comfortable and pretty. We will show photo examples of how you can beat the color scheme, what the layout can be. And you will also learn how to accommodate a toilet and a washing machine in this room.


First, let’s talk about planning. Let’s see what it looks like visually.

Below is a variant of a classic square bathroom 4 sq. M. The bathtub is installed along the entire length of the wall. Washing machine can be installed under the washbasin.

An option when a washbasin, toilet, washing machine is installed opposite the door. In this case, a sitz bath or shower is used.

With a rectangular layout, when the front door is located on the longest wall, large plumbing fixtures (bathroom, washbasin, etc.) are placed on the sides, and a toilet is located opposite.

Design tricks to help increase space

Let’s look at ideas that can be applied to a small space.

  • Use the space above the doorway.
  • Actively introduce built-in furniture and appliances.
  • Choose light colors for decoration. This will visually expand the space.
  • Install a small corner sink.

Where to install the washing machine?

Let’s take a look at the best accommodation options.

  • Under the sink. This is the most profitable option, as it significantly saves space.
  • Under the table. Great for modern design.
  • Separate washer. The most unprofitable way in terms of saving space, but the easiest. We put the washer in any free place.

What to do with the toilet?

A hanging toilet with an installation is a great way to save space and is actively used by designers.

For those who want to save their budget, only a stationary toilet remains. Therefore, you can show imagination and put it in a corner. At the same time, choose the right corner barrel and correctly organize the space behind it.

If the layout allows, you can install a regular toilet in the same row as the washing machine.

+ Shower room

For those who decide to introduce a shower cabin into a small-sized bathroom, we advise you to pay attention to its location in the corner, between the washing machine and the toilet.

+ Bathroom

A full bath is usually installed along the longest wall.

But it is also possible to install small or seated models.

Color solutions

Give preference to pastel colors. Light shades clutter up the space, make the room softer and more comfortable.

For those who decide to experiment and choose a different color scheme, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the finished projects.

Bathroom in green tones.

Purple bathroom.


Blue interior.

Gray shades.

Brown bath.

10 photos in the interior

See the latest selection of finished small bathroom renovations.

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