Bathroom design with a window – 105 photo ideas

Bathroom design with a window - 105 photo ideas

Bathroom design with a window – 105 photo ideas

It is considered very rare to see a window in the bathroom in an apartment. Such design solutions are not popular among residents of standard high-rise buildings. An unusual layout can be found in cottages or large modern studios. Today we will tell you how to properly and tastefully decorate the interior of such a room.

Types of window structures in the bathroom

A standard window with a rectangular or square frame is the most common option, but far from the only one. The popularity of designs of the correct form is explained by their low cost. This choice is also influenced by the small size of the room. The shapes of square and rectangular windows will help emphasize the effect of the minimalist style, which is often used in the design of bathrooms.

Among non-standard solutions, it is worth noting the following types of structures:

  • porthole design form;
  • in the entire wall of the bathroom;
  • unusual placement on the ceiling of the room;
  • false window.

Each of these options has its own characteristics.

porthole window

A porthole-shaped window looks beautiful and original, through which light enters the room, evenly distributed along the walls with mysterious highlights.

A window in the form of a porthole always looks spectacular. It is also used as a decorative element that serves as an interior decoration.

Full wall construction

The window that occupies the entire wall of the bathroom looks impressive. A room with such a design will always be illuminated by daylight to the maximum. If the room is located on the first floor of the building, then it is important to think about decorating the window with non-translucent curtains.

Placing a window on the ceiling

The window structure, placed on the ceiling of the room, allows you to create an intimate atmosphere in the bathroom.

Good illumination of the room and uniform distribution of light are the main advantages of the design solution. Among the shortcomings, the difficult maintenance of the structure and its high cost are noted.

false window

Imitation of window construction will not make the room brighter and will not add sunlight. A false window will perfectly cope with the function of an original and non-standard design element.

Such windows come in various shapes: oval, arched, repeating different geometric shapes. The uniqueness of the room with the use of a false window will be ensured.

Window between bathroom and kitchen

Small rectangular windows, which are located between the bathroom and the kitchen, can be found in Khrushchev houses.

As practice shows, thanks to such structures, light is better distributed between these rooms.

When the houses were built, the structures were necessary so that when the lights in the house went out, daylight would enter the bathroom, passing through the kitchen window into the apartment. On dark evenings, the included light in the bathroom extended into the kitchen and served as a kind of small night lamp.

Window decoration in the bathroom

An important role in the design of a bathroom with a window is its harmonious design. Effectively selected window decor will create an intimate atmosphere in the room and become an additional element of its decor.

There are a large number of decoration options:

  • Using glass blocks instead of frosted glass. A window designed in this way allows a sufficient amount of daylight to pass through, but at the same time serves as a protection against the penetration of prying eyes into the bathroom. The advantage of this option is the ability to use blocks of different color shades and draw up original drawings that decorate the structure. Among the shortcomings, the inability to ventilate the room due to the installation features is noted. The window, decorated with glass blocks, does not open.
  • Textile window decorations will help create a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom. Softness and intimacy gives the room a translucent tulle. When using it, it should be borne in mind that when the light is turned on, such curtains do not completely hide everything that happens in the room. This disadvantage will help to hide the combination of tulle with Roman blinds or thick fabric curtains. When decorating a window in a bathroom with tulle and curtains, it is important to remember that these decor elements perfectly absorb moisture and need regular drying.
  • Roman blinds are considered the best option for decorating windows. There is a choice of different materials for every taste. At a time when the bathroom is not used for its intended purpose, the curtains are rolled up and the window is kept open.
  • Blinds are often used to decorate the window in the bathroom. This element of decor helps to protect the person in the room from prying eyes. At the same time, the level of penetration of daylight into the room remains sufficient for its partial illumination. When choosing a material, one should remember such qualities as moisture resistance and non-staining.
  • The use of elegant stained-glass windows and frosted glass of different tones. This option is popular among owners of bathrooms with a window, because this window design looks good both inside and outside the room. At the same time, the natural light entering the room is enough to avoid using electric light until late in the evening.

When choosing a decor method, designers advise paying attention to the fact that the window design does not stand out from a single style.

Stylistic design of bathrooms with a window

For a spectacular design of a bathroom with a window, designers use various styles.

Modern style

A fashionable element of decor will be a window in the bathroom, decorated in a modern style. Square and rectangular designs will be an integral part of the interior, a characteristic feature of which is the combination of clear lines and objects of regular shapes.


When choosing a minimalist style in the interior, the main focus is on its functionality. A window of various shapes fits perfectly into such a room. Thanks to the daylight passing through it, the room becomes brighter, more spacious and homely. The most common choice of window design for such an interior is a standard rectangular window.

Classic interior

The symmetrical shapes of window structures will effectively complement the interior, decorated in a classic style. Unusual wooden frames to match the color of the furniture will emphasize the elegance and originality of the room. Expensive curtains and beautiful stained-glass windows will be appropriate for such an interior solution.

East direction

Bright colored stained-glass windows will add zest to the interior in oriental style. Exquisite frames will be a good addition to an oriental-style bathroom. The window can be of any shape. Harmoniously look in such rooms as round or oval structures, as well as square or rectangular windows.


Creates a touch of coziness and a soft and soft atmosphere with patterns and romantic textiles.

Location of plumbing

A bathroom with a window is most often spacious. Its footage is not inferior to the areas of other rooms in the house. Thanks to this, plumbing can be placed in different parts of the room as you wish.

The most common location for a bathtub is the window area.

In order to make it convenient for a person taking a bath to admire the landscape outside the window, designers do not recommend installing plumbing close to the window.

There must be a distance of at least 0.5 m between the bathroom and the window structure. This arrangement will avoid the accumulation of condensate on the glass.

Placing the bathroom in the center of the room is considered a good solution, because all the walls of the room will remain unoccupied. When planning the arrangement of furniture, it is important to consider that it does not block a beautiful panoramic view.

If the distance between the floor and the window is more than 1 m, then an unusual countertop made of natural stone can be placed in front of it, in which the sink will be placed.

You can also place a toilet near the window.

The window in the bathroom is always a spectacular aesthetic addition to the interior of the room. Proper use of window structures in the bathroom will help create an extraordinary atmosphere throughout the house.

Photo in the interior

A few more examples of successful window decoration in the bathroom.

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