Beautiful bathroom design with marble tiles


Beautiful bathroom design with marble tiles

To finish the bathroom, materials such as tiles, porcelain tiles, tiles, mosaics, glass, paint and even wallpaper are used. But only one material has been tested for thousands of years – marble. Marble is an expensive natural material. A worthy alternative to it would be tiles, which are baked from clay and covered with glaze. In any case, you can choose the material for any budget option and different tasks.

Bathroom Design: White and Black Marbled Tiles


The ancient Greeks and Roman patricians trimmed their baths with marble. Marble was valued due to its natural characteristics:

  • it has acceptable thermal conductivity for bathrooms;
  • it is durable;
  • it is easy to clean;
  • it is hygienic;
  • it does not accumulate static electricity.

On a note!

The color scheme of the bathroom affects not only the aesthetic perception, but also the visual geometry. Some colors will visually reduce the room, while others will increase.

Bathroom design

The most common color in bathrooms is white. Some find it boring. He is devoid of emotion. Nevertheless, it is so popular that it appears in new collections again and again. For a long time it was believed that white marble tiles are a fragile material. This was due to a number of factors related to mining and production. However, modern white marble tiles are so durable that they can even be used for flooring.

Marble tile manufacturers offer several shades of white – gray, cream and pink.

White color visually enlarges the space. Designers use it for both large and small bathrooms. However, for smaller bathrooms, smaller tiles are preferable.

Neutral white can be emotionally tinted by adding tiles of other color tones.

White color has advantages:

  • It fills even small bathrooms with light. This is due to the ability of white to reflect sunlight.
  • It goes well with any other colors.
  • White color visually enlarges and expands the space. This pattern is very important for small rooms.
  • The aesthetic appeal of this color allows it to be used in any style.
  • White color is easy to care for. To clean white marble effect tiles, just wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • White marble tiles make a good accent for sanitary ware or bathroom furniture.
  • It goes well with chrome accessories and mirrors.
Bathroom design

The disadvantages of white tiles are at least:

  • She is very brand. Additional care will be required, which is still acceptable for wall decoration.
  • Due to their soiledness, such tiles are reluctantly used for laying the floor.

The complete opposite of white is black. He is timeless. It has been used for several centuries in all stylistic designs.


Since ancient times, black has been associated with the inner world of man. It is believed that it helps to focus.

Black color reduces the overall dimensions of the room. Applying it in the decoration of bathrooms, you need to be prepared for this. Obviously, its use will be problematic in small areas. Black is complex. If you look at it through the prism of design, then it has more disadvantages than advantages. But do not immediately abandon this noble and in its own way beautiful color.

Main advantages:

  • The black color does not show dirt and dust.
  • Interiors in this style look elegant and harmonious. No wonder this color is a visiting card in the design of showrooms of such trendsetters as Versace, Provasi, Asnaghi, Viabizzuno, Agape, Hugo Boss, etc.
  • White plumbing looks impressive in its contrast.
Marble tiles

The disadvantages include the following aspects:

  • Black color visually reduces the room.
  • Against its background, dried drops of water and soap stains are clearly visible.
  • Requires frequent care.
  • It absorbs light well, thereby reducing the overall illumination.
  • Requires increased attention to lighting.
Marble tiles

If the tiles in the bathroom in a modern style are black, you will need significantly more lighting fixtures than in bright interiors.

Bathroom design with tiles 4 square meters. m: photo

Many newlyweds are happy owners of a 4 sq. m. On such an area you need to place a full-fledged bathroom. There should be a place for a sink, toilet, shower (or bath) and even a washing machine.


You need to start planning with plumbing communications. If possible, they should be hidden as much as possible in the walls.

Then you need to find out the preferences of all family members. Will a bathtub or shower be installed? To accommodate the bathroom, it is necessary that one of the walls has a length of 1700-1800 mm. If the wall is much smaller, you will have to consider the option with an angular composition.

A washstand is usually installed next to the bathroom. It is advisable to consider the option with a storage system at the bottom. This is important, since you will have to place numerous tubes and jars with hygiene items somewhere. Above the sink itself, the mirror can be replaced with a wall cabinet, the door of which will be mirrored. As a rule, such cabinets have additional convenient lighting.

Marble tiles

There may even be some room left for a washing machine. In one-room apartments, you have to fight for every additional square meter of living space. Understanding that after washing the laundry needs to be dried, it is worth considering the option of a washing machine with a drying function. Such a washing machine will wash, dry and aromatize linen in one cycle. After washing in such advanced models of washer-dryers as Miele, it may not even need to be ironed. Modern technology allows this.

On a note!

When choosing a toilet bowl, preference should be given towards the hinged one, which has a hidden installation. An ordinary floor-mounted toilet takes up a lot of precious space.

Marble tiles

Finishing materials on the floor and wall should be light colors, preferably white. This will visually expand the small room. If a decision is made to paint the ceiling, then the paints must be moisture resistant and environmentally friendly. For example, the English paint Little green has a high hiding power, repels moisture well and has many hygiene certificates.

What can be a bath in a panel house: design ideas with tiles

The bathroom is a complex engineering structure. When designing it, several important criteria must be taken into account. First, it is a damp room. The walls and floor will be in constant contact with moisture and should retain it well.


Secondly, this is a room with a sharp temperature drop and moisture concentration. The extractor hood should cope with this task. As a rule, it is necessary to use a forced ventilation system.

On a note!

Timing will not be superfluous, which allows you to adjust the operating time after the light is turned off.

For laying the floor, the option with ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware would be appropriate. Definitely do not use laminate, wood or carpet. To quickly dry the floor surface after taking a bath, install underfloor heating.

So that the floor does not look corny – use large-sized tiles. The English octagonal patchwork tile looks original on the floor.

For wall decoration, you can use both washable water-repellent paint and ceramic tiles. The combination of paint and tile looks original. The corner where the bath or shower is installed is tiled, and the opposite is painted to save money.

Beautiful bathroom design

The color scheme should be light tones:

  • white;
  • cream;
  • pastel.

These tones will emphasize and expand the room.


For finishing ceilings, paint or stretch film is used. The texture of the ceiling should be matte or satin. Preferably white.

Mosaic in bathroom design: options

Mosaic is an elegant solution for bathrooms. This material is easy to care for and resistant to cleaning agents.

Mosaic in its characteristics is no different from ceramic tiles. But it has one significant advantage. With the help of a mosaic, you can create a complex pattern and even a pattern. The range of this coating is presented as relatively inexpensive ceramic, as well as glass and metal variations.

As a rule, mosaics are used to decorate walls. Walls decorated with such material will please the eye. Mosaic can be laid out on all walls or combined with tiles. The drawing can be monophonic and in the form of a panel. The mosaic is laid both in a grid and in a layout.

Beautiful bathroom design

For modern high-tech interiors, an interesting solution would be a metallized mosaic. For country, provence or loft, the option with porcelain stoneware is interesting. With modern finishing materials, you can realize any design idea for the bathroom and make it unique.

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