Beautiful puffs in the hallway – 76 photos

Beautiful puffs in the hallway - 76 photos

Beautiful puffs in the hallway – 76 photos

The best solution for providing a hallway with seating furniture will be an ottoman. Usually hallways cannot boast of a large area, so the design of this room is a matter of proper and practical placement of furniture. We will tell in the article about how to choose a pouffe for the corridor, we will also show a beautiful photo selection in the interior.

What are ottomans for the hallway?

It is not necessary to perceive the hallway as an auxiliary space for changing shoes, because it is the hallmark of the room. With the help of ottomans, you can not only complement the interior, but also make additional space for storing shoes or things.


A variety of poufs allows you to choose the right option that will serve as a seat, with useful functions. Exist:

  • The backless pouffe has become very popular this season. It looks like a small chair and is used for sitting, no longer serving any functional role. Such a pouffe is sheathed with soft upholstery and, with the right color scheme, is in harmony with any interior.
  • The ottoman-couch looks like a small bench. In addition to sitting, it is also used to store things, shoes and accessories. It is very practical and functional, has a small size and fits into any design.
  • Hangers with a built-in pouffe are no less popular. They are very easy to use and look beautiful. Such furniture is not suitable for every room; you cannot put such a pouffe in a small hallway due to the fact that it is large.
  • Pouffe-chest with a folding seat, has an original and at the same time unobtrusive design.
  • Manufacturers also produce models of ottomans with drawers for shoes. They are considered the most spacious and practical.
  • The ottoman-pouffe combines a comfortable seat and a small bedside table. It performs not only the function of a stool, but also provides additional space for placing things. The cabinet usually has drawers for storing small items. Under the seat of the pouffe there is a box for shoes.

The form

You need to choose the shape of the pouf, depending on the design of the hallway and the area. For a large room, a pouffe hanger is ideal, it is practical and convenient. But for a small hallway, it is better to purchase a small but roomy pouffe.

The shape of poufs can be different, designers are constantly coming up with new interesting options. For example, for a hallway in a classic style, a square or rectangular pouffe is suitable. Also round or oval ottomans will look original.

Models of pouffes in the hallway are selected, depending on the interior and area of ​​​​the room. To fit perfectly into the design of the room, the shape can be a complex geometric shape.


In the manufacture of furniture, plywood is almost always used as a base. It is light weight and affordable. Puffs are made not only from plywood, for more expensive models they use exquisite materials that are expensive, but look rich and noble. For the basis of such ottomans, they take either natural wood or forge it from metal.

When choosing material for upholstery, you can experiment. The main thing is that it is well cleaned, repels moisture and fits the general style of the hallway.

Leather is a unique material, it fits perfectly into any interior and does not require special care. For upholstery, any dense fabric that is resistant to damage and dirt is suitable.

Design Options

A wide variety of furniture allows you to choose an interesting option for any interior. For each stylistic direction, you can choose an original pouffe that will give the room a twist. It must be remembered that it must be selected in accordance with the overall design of the hallway.

A classic style ottoman that looks perfect in almost any room. The classic involves the use of a large amount of wood, pastel colors predominate.

The high-tech style pouffe is very popular. Simple forms, futuristic direction look interesting and concise. Such puffs can be supplemented with metal legs or chrome elements.

Eco-style furniture is perhaps the most popular this season. Such puffs are made from ecological and natural materials. As a material for manufacturing, you can use rattan or bamboo.

Ethno style involves the use of geometric prints and original patterns. Puffs with artificially aged material look interesting. The shape of the pouffe should be chosen depending on the design of the hallway and personal preferences.

Selection Tips:

Puffs differ from each other in a mass of characteristics, so choosing them can be difficult. It is necessary to make a choice in favor of comfort and practicality.

  • The first step is to choose a ottoman model. In the classic version, it does not have a back, but for maximum convenience, designers have provided some models with such an important detail. It should be noted that the pouffe with a back has large dimensions, it is important to consider this if the hallway has a small area.
  • The second step is the choice of materials for the pouffe. For buyers, a diverse range of furniture materials is provided that can satisfy the required parameters. The best choice would be a water-repellent material that will protect the pouffe from moisture and dirt.
  • For those who plan to purchase a pouffe as a decor, materials such as velor or velvet are suitable. You also need to decide whether to choose a pouffe with a drawer or not. If there is not enough space in the hallway for shoes or other little things that have nowhere to put, then such an ottoman will be a real salvation. It will be able to perform not only a decorative role, but also a functional one.
  • The choice of an ottoman in the hallway must be approached responsibly, because it must perform not only a decorative role, but also a functional one. The ottoman needs to be selected so that it is comfortable to sit on it and store things in it. It should also match the overall style of the hallway in color and shape.

And here you will learn about the new designs for the hallway –

Photo of ottomans in the interior of the hallway:

To your attention various options of design, color, materials. An interesting selection of fresh photos in real apartments, the owners of which have purchased ottomans.

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