Beautiful shoe racks in the hallway: ideas for an apartment

Beautiful shoe racks in the hallway: ideas for an apartment

Beautiful shoe racks in the hallway: ideas for an apartment

Narrow shoe racks in the hallway – a place of accumulation of different shoes. This piece of furniture is small in size and impressive in functionality. In our article you will find out what shoe racks are and see photo examples of different models.

What are shoe racks?

A shoe cabinet is usually understood as a cabinet or cabinet designed to store boots, shoes, sneakers. Another name for the item is also widespread – a galoshnitsa.

The simplest models that can be found on the market are low cabinets with open or closed shelves. Modern manufacturers are increasingly offering customers products with advanced functionality. They are additionally equipped with seats, mirrors, key holders, drawers for small items, clothes hangers, shelves for hats. However, when choosing such items, you should remember about the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room.

In small hallways, narrow high shoe racks with hinged doors are usually installed. They have a number of advantages over their counterparts:

  • Spaciousness. Such cabinets are equipped with several rows of shelves. Usually it is two, three or four rows. They can easily fit the shoes of all family members.
  • Small sizes. The narrowest models that can be found in furniture stores are about twenty centimeters wide. Shoes in them are located vertically. The height depends on the number of shelves. The tallest models can reach one and a half meters, the lowest – fifty centimeters.
  • Aesthetic appearance. Hinged doors hide shoes from prying eyes and protect them from dust, small children and pets.
  • One of the popular threads are the cabinets with seating cushions.

    Photo example of a narrow shoe rack of a modern type

    Materials for the manufacture of cabinets

    The following materials are most widely used in the domestic market: fiberboard, chipboard, chipboard, MDF. Their main advantage is low cost and ease of maintenance. However, more expensive models can be found on sale. They are made from precious woods and forged metal.

    Shoe sizes

    On sale you can find shoes of different sizes. Most often, apartment owners with small hallways pay attention to the depth of products. Compact models with a depth of 15-20 centimeters are in the greatest demand. Their feature is the preservation of functionality at small sizes. This is achieved due to the vertical arrangement of the shoes. Their more bulky counterparts with a depth of 25-40 centimeters also do not lie in warehouses and find their owners.

    Narrow shoes with a seat

    At present, low narrow shoe racks equipped with a seat have come into modern. Combining a shoe cabinet and a bench is a great solution for a small space and a family of one or two people. In addition, such a product allows you to make changes to the interior. It is enough to put a pillow on the seat and change the cover depending on the mood or the season.

    Leather upholstered shoe rack fits any modern and classic hallway interior

    Shoe racks “under the tree” will easily fit into the eco-style

    Narrow shoe racks with a mirror

    A shoe cabinet with a mirror is another example of a successful combination of two pieces of furniture. Everyone takes a quick look in the mirror before leaving the house. A messed-up hairstyle, a stain on a blouse, clothes that don’t match each other in style, an inappropriate accessory – all this can harm the image. Therefore, it is so important to have a mirror in the hallway.

    Often shoeboxes are supplemented with key holders, boxes for small items. In the latter, it is convenient to store shoe care products, umbrellas, dog collars and leashes.

    The mirrored look of the galoshnika brings a certain charm and creates the impression of high cost.

    Metal shoe racks

    Metal products are still popular among buyers. Shiny chrome or black metal interspersed with gold – the choice of the buyer is limited only by his taste and wallet.

    The advantages of this type of furniture include:

  • Minimal maintenance. A metal shoe rack does not need special care, unlike solid wood products. It is enough from time to time to clean it from dust and dirt.
  • Lack of smell. In metal products, shoes are outdoors. This avoids the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
  • Universal design. Metal shoe racks are versatile. Forged product can be placed in the interior, made in a classic style. Graceful shapes and smooth lines will give the room a sophisticated look. For modern interiors, chrome steel is better suited. Today, interior decoration is dominated by plaster, concrete, brick. These materials serve as an excellent backdrop for chrome-plated shoes. Its shiny surface whimsically reflects the surrounding objects and light.
  • However, metal products also have disadvantages:

  • The ingress of dirt from the soles of shoes into the room. If there is a small child in the house, it is better to refuse to buy such a product.
  • Some models due to their size and design have an impressive weight. It is difficult to move such a shoe from one place to another.
  • The simplest, yet convenient shoe storage

    Wood is a timeless classic

    Solid wood products are ideal for traditional interiors. Most often on sale there are models made of oak, pine, alder. Wooden shoe racks look rich and decorate the interior. They speak eloquently of the refined and refined taste of their owner.

    When choosing a shoe from an array, two nuances must be taken into account:

  • High price. The price of products depends on the type of wood and can reach several tens of thousands of rubles.
  • Dimensions and weight. Usually wooden cabinets for shoes are solid, large and heavy. They are not suitable for small hallways. In a small space, such products will look bulky and eat up valuable centimeters.
  • Shoe cabinet IKEA

    Large manufacturers of furniture and decor items track customer requests and therefore include shoes in their product lines. Swedish giant ICEA is no exception. In the company’s catalog you can find shoe cabinets with 2, 3 or 4 compartments. The buyer can choose the color of the facades. Almost all models are presented in two colors: classic “black-brown” and refined “white”.

    Shoe cases from Aliexpress

    Light and interesting options for shoes can be viewed on the popular Aliexpress website. There are options for any interior, at a fairly affordable price.

    Helpful Hints

  • If you decide to purchase a shoe rack, first evaluate the size of the room. If the area is small or you don’t want to clutter up the room with unnecessary furniture, opt for a tall narrow cabinet.
  • If there is no free space for a mirror or a bench in the corridor, choose a model that combines several interior items.
  • Don’t forget to consider how many people live in the house. Families of three or more people are unlikely to fit low shoe racks with one row of shelves. Conversely, a single person with a meager wardrobe is unlikely to need a shoe cabinet one and a half meters high.
  • Light or white interior items look easy. However, such decoration is not always appropriate in the hallway. This room is the first to meet a person from the street. Dust and dirt are inevitable here. Therefore, light or white facades will require additional efforts from the hostess to maintain cleanliness.
  • When choosing furniture in the hallway, remember that this room is the face of the house. Therefore, it should be modern, functional, comfortable. A beautiful narrow shoe rack will save space and decorate the interior of any room.
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    Photo of beautiful shoe racks in the interior of the hallway

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