Bedroom 18 sq m – design + photo in the interior

Bedroom 18 sq m – design + photo in the interior

A bedroom with an area of ​​18 square meters allows you to equip it so that it is comfortable to relax in it, you can relax and at the same time please your eye with an interesting environment. And before proceeding with the arrangement of the room, you should decide on the style that will prevail in it. See photos in the interior and choose a design for your room.

Choose a style

For a bedroom of this size, the following stylistic directions are suitable:

Bedroom design 18 square meters. m. in a modern style

It is the most popular destination for the bedroom. It is distinguished by simplicity, functionality, the presence of fashionable details and furniture.

You can use any color, or make accent inserts.

Furniture is used mostly white or soft pastel shades.

Golden or metal inserts harmoniously fit in.

Home plants are used, placed around the perimeter of the window, or on bedside tables.

Classic variant

Ideal for those who prefer conservatism and classics in its usual incarnation.

In this case, the emphasis should be on expensive and noble finishes. She will further emphasize the classics without overloading or overwhelming them.

You need to try to avoid clutter, and the forms should be geometric. Furniture and accessories are used in light colors, but textiles can be green or light blue. Very beautifully combined beige, golden and white colors. You can add bronze elements and be sure to provide good lighting, without which the classic style will be incomplete.

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This design solution is most suitable for a bedroom in a country house. The style itself is reminiscent of a rustic theme with a touch of seasoned luxury. Furniture can also be used from natural wood, but it should be massive and moderately rough, but with a carefully viewed texture. It is good if a chest of drawers, headboard or chairs are decorated with stone or copper inserts. In such a room, you can build a small dressing room with sliding textile doors. To complete the chosen style, you can hang curtains on the windows, and put two rugs on both sides near the bed. The color scheme of the interior provides for the use of sand, olive, brown shades.


This style is suitable for people who prefer urban and active life. A bedroom with such an interior turns out to be seasoned and modern. The main direction will be the clarity of lines and simplicity, as well as the minimum use of interior items.

For the color scheme of the room, white, gray and even black tones are used. It will also look very nice in a milky and chocolate shade.

Bright eclecticism

An eclectic bedroom allows you to use and mix a variety of styles, but no more than three. All interior items are interconnected either by a similar color scheme, one texture or the same architectural form.

So, Empire can be safely combined with classicism. All corners should be rounded, walls should be framed with silk wallpaper, furniture should be chosen in different geometric shapes. The room must have a small sofa and a mirror with a gilded overlay.

Bedroom with wardrobe

The bedroom with an area of ​​18 square meters allows the use of bulky closets and dedicated dressing rooms of a small size. If you put a closet in the room, you will be able to save even more space and use the vacated space for other purposes.

If in the room the main area is given over to a sleeping place and no working area will be allocated, then the closet can be installed up to the ceiling. A circular illumination is placed around it, giving the room originality. Cabinet doors with an unusual and textured finish can add a stylistic accent to the bedroom.

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Bedroom design 18 sq m with dressing room

A room with a decent area implies a functional use of space. A dressing room will play a useful role, in which you can store not only things, but also household appliances. For example, an ironing board, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and more. Below are photos of ideas on how to implement this idea.

An example of how you can divide a room in which a significant amount of space is allocated for storing things

A white corner dressing room will fit perfectly into the interior of a bright bedroom

Translucent wardrobe doors elegantly harmonize with minimalist style

Storage + cosmetics table

Corner dressing room in the bedroom

An open dressing room does not visually reduce the room, but makes it comfortable

We equip the space

Since the area of ​​​​the bedroom allows you to roam, the layout of the room can be varied:

  • Despite the fact that the main emphasis is on a sleeping place, a work area can also be equipped indoors. A bed is placed near the window, and an armchair with a coffee table can easily be placed against the wall adjacent to the door. This workplace should be limited to a diagonal rack. And near the bed there will be a fleecy carpet, which will visually delimit the two zones.
  • The bedroom does not have to be divided into two zones. Then the bed can be with an automated mechanism, due to which additional space is released in the room. On the sides of the bed it is convenient to place two low bedside tables. Closer to the window is a boudoir with a mirror and a small chair. And since the place allows, then in the room you can still equip a corner with sports equipment or just put a treadmill.
  • You can try a more compact version. For this, a podium is located near the window, on which a bed is placed, or a dense mattress is laid. The bottom of the podium should be used functionally for storing bed linen and personal items. Tall lamps are placed on the sides. A large TV or a painting is hung on the opposite wall. Several square niches can be made in the wall for arranging various souvenirs, books or other interior items in them. This arrangement of the bedroom is extremely convenient for a comfortable pastime there.
  • If a partition is made in the room, then two separate zones are formed, which can be used as planned by the owners. One will be a complete sleeping place, and the second can be equipped with a small home-type library. But here it is necessary to make a solid shelf above the bed itself, which will unite the two zones unobtrusively and functionally.
  • The bedroom, which acts as a living room, can be arranged in Japanese style. A retractable sofa is placed near the wall, to which a small table adjoins. The TV is hung on the wall with brackets. It is better to take a corner cabinet and it should reach the ceiling so as not to break the general direction with its appearance. A round fleecy carpet is placed in the middle of the room, and lighting is located around the entire perimeter of the ceiling.

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Since the bedroom of 18 square meters has a large area, lighting should be considered carefully. The chandelier in the classic version is placed in the center of the room, but this will not be enough. Floor lamps are additionally placed near the bed. If the bed is located on the podium, then it is preferable to choose lamps in the form of street lamps, especially when it comes to country style.

By choosing lighting located strictly around the perimeter of the room, it will be possible to achieve a visual increase in space. This becomes especially relevant when the room is loaded with a large number of interior items.

In conclusion

Before choosing a style for a bedroom and starting to equip it, you need to decide on the functionality of the room. Based on this, you can move on to planning, focusing on a sleeping place or delimiting the space into two independent zones.

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Bedroom 18 sq m: photo in the interior

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