Bedroom design 12 sq m – real photos in the interior

Bedroom design 12 sq m - real photos in the interior

Bedroom design 12 sq m – real photos in the interior

What modern styles are suitable for a small bedroom of 12 square meters? How to arrange furniture so that it is beautiful, comfortable and practical? What color schemes are best for a small space? You will learn all this in our article, as well as look at the photos of real examples of bedroom design in apartments.

Layout options

To begin with, consider a simple design of a 3×4 m rectangular bedroom. In this case, the door can be located on the short and long walls of the room. Each of these options has its pros and cons with which the designer works.

Consider the situation in which the doors are on a long wall.

Usually, architects try to position the opening closer to the corner of the room to enable designers to use the entire usable volume of the room. However, in private housing construction there are options when the door is located in the central part of the wall. This situation also has its pros and cons.

The location of the door in the corner makes it possible to place the bed in the center of the bedroom to provide free access to both beds. On both sides of the bed there is a place for bedside tables. Wardrobe and chest of drawers form a single complex.

So that the room does not seem narrow and elongated, you can play with color by putting a contrasting shade in the center of the headset, dividing the furniture group into two parts. Usually, the facade of a cabinet with a mirror or color coating acts as such a watershed.

In some cases, it is possible to remove part of the wall and move the wardrobe body into the corridor or into the next room. In this case, the bedroom will have a niche that will accommodate your wardrobe. This is especially true for rectangular elongated rooms.

When the door is located closer to the center, the cabinet is located along the side wall. The bed can stand both in the center of the bedroom and opposite the closet. If it is important for you that each of the spouses has free access to their sleeping place, then you need to leave a passage on both sides of the bed. If this is not important, in this case the room will get more space due to the fact that the bed will stand along the wall.

In this case, it will be possible to place an additional workplace. And the podium is able to accommodate most of the wardrobe.

When the door is located on a short wall, there are more design possibilities.

For example, wardrobes can be placed at the foot of the bed along a long wall and at the headboard, framing the bed with wardrobes and mezzanines.

Nevertheless, it is not worth placing massive pieces of furniture in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe headboard. If possible, it is better to allocate space near the door for the storage area.

This is especially true when the walls were leveled using drywall. The fact is that the fasteners of the mezzanines must be done conscientiously so that the cabinets do not collapse on the heads of sleeping people. The weight of the cases is already not small in itself, but in combination with things it becomes completely threateningly dangerous.

If you want to use the space above the bed, order not cabinet, but built-in furniture. In this case, the craftsmen create a single frame that connects the cabinets and mezzanines into an integral structure. The cabinets above the bed will be rigidly tied to the side floor sections. This will save you from accidents and allow you to make the most efficient use of space.

A rational solution is offered by designers who place the cabinet along a short wall. In this case, there is room for a desk or dressing table near the window. If you doubt that there is enough space, just expand the window sill a little, and you will get a great countertop or a cozy sofa right in the window.

Did you like this idea? To prevent the glass from “crying”, insert gratings with guide channels into the countertop so that the heated air from the heating radiators washes the glass unit. In this case, you will avoid the feeling of a draft from the window.

Many owners of a 12 sq m bedroom use corner built-in wardrobes, as this saves space and makes the room look modern.

Color schemes

For small spaces, it is advisable to choose light shades. The pastel palette is well suited for creating a fresh and peaceful look. If your soul requires fire and energy, richness of colors and an explosion of creativity, then take one of the walls for an accent shade.

Often this role is played by the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe head of the bed.

The rest of the volume is desirable to perform in calm, restrained colors so that the bedroom does not lose its sense of volume.

In the case when you still decide to use a dark shade for the walls, it is advisable to choose furniture in white or pastel colors. This will reduce the pressure of color and help to visually relieve the interior.

The beauty of a light base is that both light and dark furniture and textiles look great against its background. You can easily change the interior by simply introducing new elements: curtains, bedspreads, carpets, etc.

In some cases, the reception is justified when the headboard gets its continuation on the wall. The colored strip originates at the bed, rises along the wall and flows to the ceiling. This technique is good for breaking up a narrow room into more proportional parts and getting rid of the feeling of a long trailer.

However, it is not always suitable for small bedrooms. Or the strip should be narrower so as not to visually reduce the dimensions of the room.

Mirrors work well to expand the space. However, they must be used wisely. If the room is elongated, then the mirror surface must be unfolded so as to add volume in width. If you do the opposite, then the feeling of a train will only increase.

In narrow rooms, it is better to move the bed away from the window as far as possible. A large glass area leads to a feeling of light draft. The farther from the window, the better for health. Yes, someone will sleep under the wall, the old fashioned way. But you don’t have to sideways make your way to the pillow, afraid to accidentally brush off the plasma monitor from the wall.

No matter how modern the designer’s picture looks, always ask him to draw the outlines of the furniture on the floor in the room. With the help of boxes, designate the volume, try how comfortable it will be for you to live in this interior. And only then start the repair.

Full information on the choice of wallpaper is here – “Photo of the new wallpaper for the bedroom in the interior.”

Modern styles

Not so many modern stylistic trends are suitable for a small area.

From ethnic styles, you can advise:

  • Scandinavian;
  • Provence:
  • Mediterranean;
  • African,
  • Japanese minimalism.

Technological directions are expressed in such styles as:

  • constructivism;
  • high tech;
  • urban.

A loft needs space. Although, modern variations on the theme of New York style are also being introduced into small-sized rooms. They resonate well with Scandinavian motifs.

Modern and shabby chic are suitable for romantics. And eco-style will bring peace and a sense of unity with nature.

Do not discount the good old classics in a modern reading. Of course, on 12 square meters you can’t really accelerate. And if lush curtains with lambrequins can still be squeezed in, then numerous curls, carvings and massive furniture will definitely have to be left aside. But the simplicity and a certain asceticism of the antique style will fit perfectly into the interior of a small bedroom.

As you can see, for 12 square meters in the bedroom there are a million ways to make it cozy and unique. With a neutral color scheme for the walls and ceiling, it becomes possible to play with the style of furniture and textiles. In this case, you can easily transform the room, spending a minimum of funds.

In bright interiors with a rigidly defined character, this is more difficult to do. But each item will always be in its place.

When working with designers, be sure to require a site visit and designation of all dimensions of the furniture. In this case, you can make sure that the 3D visualization shows the actual dimensions of the free space.

Make sure that when moving you will not touch the TV screen hanging on the wall, the corners of the furniture.

When placing shelves and cabinets above the head of the bed, pay special attention to how they will be attached. Remember that nothing holds on drywall without embedded beams. If it is planned to hang cabinets, it is necessary to reinforce the metal profile of the frame with a wooden beam. Thin metal may not support a lot of weight.

Photo in the interior

In our gallery, see photos of the new bedroom 12 sq m, which were embodied in their apartments by the owners of such rooms.

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