Bedroom design 15 sq m in a modern style – 100 photo ideas

Bedroom design 15 sq m in a modern style - 100 photo ideas

Bedroom design 15 sq m in a modern style – 100 photo ideas

Our article talks about the secrets of creating a beautiful interior for a bedroom of 15 square meters. Tips, practical recommendations, photo examples in real apartments will help you decide on the choice of design for your room.

About the layout

There are many different bedroom layouts of 15 sq. M. Let’s pay attention to the most popular of them.

Rectangular. It is a practical option, here you can choose any furniture and interior solutions.

Square. Most often, with this layout, the bed is installed in the middle of the room, everything else around it.

The long but narrow layout makes the owners turn on their imagination and think through all the details. In order to fill the space competently, you can beat every empty corner.

A guest sofa will fit into such a room interestingly.

A bedroom of 15 sq m with a balcony allows you to expand the room by combining space.

If the balcony and loggia remain in their usual form, the owners will have to take care of the design of the exit. It can be left open, without curtains and tulle.

Or choose an interesting version of the curtains, which will be successfully combined with the general appearance of the room.

15 square meters is enough space to think about installing a dressing room in this room. You can install it perpendicular to the bed, near the exit.

Opposite the bed.

Along with the bed.

Design Choice

Our photo selection will help you choose the right style solution. See examples of projects, rely on your taste and understand in what style you want to see your bedroom.

In modern style. Here, pendant lamps, accent details, fashionable furniture, glossy surfaces will become mandatory attributes.

Classic style. It implies openwork elements, round details, classic chandeliers and fabrics.

Provence. Absorbs rural echoes, actively uses flowers, worn surfaces, airy materials.

Minimalism. Uses only the necessary elements for the room, removes flashy colors from the room.

Loft. Brings a garage look to every corner.

Eco style. Emphasizes natural nature.

Modern. Adds trendy objects to the space. It can be lighting, furniture, decorations.

Color preferences

First of all, you should pay attention to the wallpaper. This is an extensive topic, on which we have prepared a separate article –

For the bedroom, light shades are most often used. Let’s look at successful color schemes that designers use.

  • In light colors.
  • In shades of green.
  • In shades of brown and beige.
  • Turquoise.

Room decoration

Now let’s talk about the arrangement of space. About the most important elements of the bedroom.

Double bed

This is a mandatory attribute, since the bedroom is a place of rest. The bed should be installed in such a way that it is comfortable to sleep on it. And so, let’s look at examples of how you can put a bed:

Center. A win-win option, suitable for any room layout.

Closer to the window. A convenient location if the room is planned to contain something at the exit: for example, a sofa or a dressing room.

Place the head of the bed near the window. Suitable for extended rooms. A different location in this case will cause discomfort.


The closet is also an important element for small bedrooms. Follow the link for more information about corner wardrobes for bedrooms.

Next, let’s look at the successful location of the closet in space.

  • Along with the bed.
  • perpendicular to the bed.
  • Opposite the bed.
  • Behind the bed.


Depending on the style and taste preferences of the owners, the bedroom may have a fireplace. And see how it might look below.


This area allows you to allocate a small area in the bedroom for something else. For example:

  • place for workspace;
  • a place to rest by the window;
  • living room;


The reality is that it is customary to install TV not only in living rooms, but also in bedrooms. Standard location, opposite the bed.

It can also be installed opposite the sofa.

Photo of the novelty of the bedroom 15 sq m in real apartments

See examples of how people in ordinary apartments beat the bedroom interior.

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