Bedroom Design 2022 – Trendy Interior Design Ideas

Bedroom Design 2022 – Trendy Interior Design Ideas

Creating the design of the bedroom 2022, taking into account fashion trends, do not forget about the main purpose of this room. It is important as a result to get not only a beautiful, but also a comfortable room in which you can fully relax.

Fashionable bedroom design 2022

Choosing the design of the bedroom 2022, take into account current trends focused on the design of this room. There are several trendy nuances that are easy to transfer to your own interior:

  • Accent headboard. It is logical that the bed dominates the bedroom. Analyzing the design of the bedroom 2022, presented in the photo, one can note such an attention-grabbing technique as an unusual headboard. It can be massive, carved, painted with bright ornaments.
  • An accent wall often brings a stylish touch to bedroom 2022, as evidenced by the photo of an unusual wall design adjacent directly to the head of the bed.
  • Zoning. A convenient practical bedroom design in 2022 can be obtained if the room is visually divided into functional zones. They use different techniques: partitions, multi-level floor or ceiling planes, the use of finishes that differ in texture or color.
  • Asymmetry. If there is no adherence to the classical style, they equip a more dynamic bedroom, devoid of strict symmetry. For example, they replace one bedside table with a comfortable shelf or an elegant table, set the bed not in the center, but with an offset.

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Bedroom Interior Design Styles 2022

When decorating a bedroom, different styles are used, selecting all the furnishings in accordance with the functionality of this room.

Scandinavian style

It should be borne in mind that the main characteristics of the direction involve filling the room with light. This is not very suitable for people who, due to the specifics of work, require daytime sleep.

Basic details:

  • large windows guaranteeing an abundant flow of daylight;
  • furniture with clear lines made of natural wood;
  • linen or light cotton curtains;
  • the predominance of restrained achromatic shades (white, gray, black) or neutral tones (brown, beige).


The style, characterized by conciseness, turns the bedroom into a room where functionality and order reign. This solution will not appeal to people who gravitate towards an abundance of decor.

The main features of minimalism:

  • simple but graceful lines;
  • natural quality materials;
  • the presence of only the necessary things;
  • neutral colors;
  • comfortable cabinet furniture;
  • roller shutters on the windows;
  • multilevel lighting.

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Modern style

Arranging the design of the bedroom in a modern style, they study preliminary photos of the current interiors of 2022. This contributes to the proper design of the room.

Basic features:

  • convenient layout;
  • decoration from natural materials (stone, wood);
  • rounded contours;
  • symmetry and clear lines;
  • soft noble shades.

Bedroom design in modern style 2022 allows a combination of elements of orderly minimalism with stucco, bright accents. The built-in roomy corner wardrobe fits perfectly.

Classic style

A bedroom with elements of a luxurious noble classical style is recommended to be decorated in a fairly spacious room.

Character traits:

  • symmetry of the layout;
  • natural finishing materials;
  • arched structures;
  • columns;
  • rich stucco;
  • fireplace with tiled portal;
  • pastel noble shades;
  • paintings in carved frames;
  • floor painted vases;
  • luxurious textiles;
  • perfectly polished furniture made of valuable solid wood.


For the bedroom, the revolutionary bold loft style, which allows for the mixing of eras, involves the introduction of some characteristic details:

  • plain walls or finishing one surface under light brick or concrete;
  • a spacious bed that can be raised to the platform;
  • elegant ottoman covered with luxurious velvet or genuine leather;
  • retro lamp;
  • colorful posters and posters on the walls.


The refined Provence style with characteristic warm shades used for the bedroom allows you to create a relaxing, cozy atmosphere.

Main differences:

  • vintage headboard of a comfortable bed;
  • light, visually pleasing muted shades (honey, caramel, milk);
  • natural plain or with elegant floral patterns textiles;
  • flooring with imitation of boardwalk or stone;
  • painted chest of drawers;
  • wicker comfortable chair.

The dominant criterion in the selection of the stylistic direction in the bedroom are individual preferences. Then you can analyze the design ideas. This allows you to create a functional cozy interior.

Actual bedroom interior colors 2022

It is important to provide a relaxing, comfortable, peaceful atmosphere for a room reserved for relaxation. It is recommended to apply when making no more than three tint nuances.

Analyzing the actual colors of the 2022 season, several trendy options can be noted:

  • Blue with a red undertone (Very Peri), recognized by Pantone as the dominant color of 2022. When brought into the interior, it manages to create a fresh and intriguing atmosphere. Deep and rich tone easily maintains proximity to different colors.
  • White is associated with purity, freshness, visually expands the space. More often it acts as a base background, against which any color combinations look advantageous.
  • Beige is a soothing sophisticated color. It brings a quiet, warm energy to the surrounding space. It harmonizes well with bright saturated colors.
  • Light grey. Elegant aristocratic stylish color is excellent when combined with any other. The gray background enhances the sound of other color varieties, bringing them to dominant positions.
  • Muted green. Symbolizing the spring awakening of nature, life-affirming and pacifying, not very bright, with noble notes, the color for the bedroom is recognized as one of the most suitable options. It organically maintains juicy various color shades.
  • Blue is another option for a successful and fashionable bedroom design. A fresh light blue background of walls or textiles fills the room with a sense of calm and tranquility. Such an atmosphere is relaxing, contributing to quality rest.
  • Sunny yellow. The shade that dominated last year does not lose popularity in the 2022 season. This energetic, cheerful option is used as accents.
  • Violet. When using this majestic noble shade, it is recommended to avoid its dominance in the bedroom. It is advisable to give preference to the inclusion of purple mystical accents in a small amount in a more calm interior in color scheme.
  • Pink. The presence of such a delicate nuance in the patterns of a bedspread, curtains or bedside rug is uplifting.

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A monophonic solution in the bedroom is rarely implemented, because it can be tiring. It is advisable to select the base tone, complementing it with harmoniously combined color notes, but no more than two colors.

The choice of bedroom furniture 2022

Analyzing the criteria that directly affect the choice of furniture, the following important characteristics are noted:

  • functionality;
  • style matching;
  • convenience;
  • reliability;
  • decorative;
  • environmental Safety.

You can immediately purchase a bedroom set in the same style. If desired, a set is selected independently from individual modules. If you need to fit exactly into a non-standard premise, it is reasonable to turn to firms for the individual manufacture of furniture.

Among the fashion trends of 2022 is the rejection of bulky wardrobes. Preference is given to multifunctional items that leave more free space. Increasingly, bedroom furniture sets are chosen from natural materials that ensure environmental safety.

A good option is built-in furniture, merging with the tone of the walls. The trend is furniture facades without handles, which open with the touch of a palm. Such storage places do not create a feeling of crowding and help maintain perfect order.

The main piece of furniture in any bedroom is the bed. Its shape and decorative elements should match the chosen interior style. It is important to pay attention not only to the external decor and structural strength – you need to choose a comfortable mattress that provides a good night’s sleep. Enhances the functionality of a drawer located under the bed, where any bedding can be easily placed.

Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas 2022

To obtain a complete harmonious design at the final stage, it is worth considering which decor will solve this problem.

Some fashion ideas:

  • The paintings fit easily into various styles, provided that the frame is correctly selected. In minimalism, it should be simple, and in a classic interior it is worth picking up a carved wooden frame.
  • Flowers. Living plants that bring natural notes to the atmosphere in the bedroom should be present in small quantities. It is better to give preference to compact small-leaved varieties, but keep in mind that in the dark the flowers absorb oxygen, respectively, carbon dioxide enters the room.
  • Textile. With a plain general background of the walls, decorative accent pillows, a blanket, a rug will successfully fit in. You can pick up blackout curtains in the bedroom with bright inclusions. Design 2022 allows contrasting combinations, but does not welcome gloomy colors. If light curtains are selected, they are complemented by blinds. Roman curtains look original.

If wallpaper is chosen for decoration in the bedroom, you need to take into account that in 2022 graphics, abstraction, and floristry are in trend. You can include mysterious frescoes in the design of the bedroom.

Modern types of lighting for bedroom design 2022

Thoughtful lighting plays an important role in providing a relaxing and comfortable stay. With the obligatory presence of lamps on the ceiling, it is necessary to provide additional devices.

The modern design of the bedroom 2022 involves the placement of floor lamps, sconces or table lamps on the sides of the bed. Switches and sockets should be mounted in a convenient place so that you can reach it without getting out of bed.

The lighting installed in the closet increases comfort. You will need a separate lighting fixture above the dressing table.

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Bedroom Interior Design Tips 2022

In stylish and functional modern bedrooms, any design that is fashionable in 2022 is applicable. It is recommended to focus on photos of finished projects and take into account the advice of experienced designers:

  • Paying tribute to the basic trend of the 2022 season – multifunctionality, it is important to avoid piling up unnecessary furniture items and accessories.
  • To give softness and elegant chic to a plain ascetic interior, it is diluted with gold splashes on textiles or in the headboard trim.
  • Clear black strokes will help to achieve completeness even with excessive variegation.
  • To give a low room more volume, an accent wall is made behind the bed in a rich fashionable blue-red tone, which also captures part of the ceiling.
  • An upholstered headboard may not be limited by the dimensions of the bed. Increasingly, it is made along the width of the wall. An interesting option with a high headboard, reaching the ceiling in some interiors.

When decorating the walls of the bedroom, you should not limit yourself to just painting. A stylish interior can be obtained using decorative plaster, different types of wallpaper, including cork options. Popular floor coverings include laminate, parquet, and carpet.

Even with independent design, you will get a comfortable and functional bedroom, if you select the interior design taking into account the fashion trends of 2022. It is important to consider that for this room the main criterion is convenience and the creation of a relaxing calming atmosphere.

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