Bedroom design – ideas for a room with two windows

Bedroom design - ideas for a room with two windows

Bedroom design – ideas for a room with two windows

Often there are rooms with two windows on different walls, which has both its pluses and minuses. There may be two windows in the bedroom, how can you make an interesting design in such a room?


Before thinking about design ideas and starting repairs, you need to understand the features of the two windows in the bedroom, what are the advantages and disadvantages.

  • There will always be a lot of light in the room, especially if the windows face the sunny side. At the same time, the sun’s rays interfere with sleep and healthy rest. This problem can be solved by a thoughtful arrangement of the bed, special curtains or blinds, spraying on the windows, tinted glass.
  • Usually, a battery is located under each window, therefore the arrangement of furniture is especially carefully planned, pipes often interfere. Batteries and pipes are easy to hide with special materials.
  • With a lot of light in the room, fresh flowers grow well, which means that flowerpots can be placed under the windows. Fresh flowers purify the air, and this is important for sleep.
  • Carefully selected colors for a bright bedroom. It can adjust the light saturation.
  • Tulle, curtains give special comfort to any room, and the bedroom will be no exception.
  • Windows usually let noise through, and if there are two of them, then doubly so, you should think about sound insulation (special double-glazed windows for several chambers, a profile with many layers).
  • Huge floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows will allow you to admire nature or sunrises, sunsets, only if they are not located opposite the neighbors’ house.

Color spectrum

Everyone has different tastes, the same goes for the choice of colors. Some people like warm tones, while others prefer cold ones. You should not rely solely on fashion or the tastes of the designer here, although the opinion of a specialist must also be taken into account. The bedroom in black and white looks interesting and fresh, only dark tones should not oversaturate the room.

Looks good beige-brown gamma, with golden hues.

White colors expand the space, make the room weightless. In such a room it is pleasant to relax after a hard day and drive away all unnecessary thoughts away. An interesting idea would be small contrasting inclusions of a different color, such as a picture or panel, a bedspread.

It is worth adhering to some rules when choosing colors:

  • there should not be more than three;
  • the tones of pillows and bedspreads go well with curtains and curtains;
  • contrasting colors will help to make space zoning;
  • in the bedroom it is not advisable to use bright saturated colors, especially with small peas, stripes that ripple in the eyes.

See photos of new curtains for the bedroom here –

How to position the bed

In a room with two windows, the bed is usually located against the wall where there is the least amount of light, so that the sun’s rays do not interfere with sleep in the morning. At the same time, you can not put the bed at the foot of the door.

Why you will learn from this article: How you can and cannot put a bed in the bedroom?

To protect yourself from harmful energy, an object that is higher than it, for example, a living flower, is placed next to the bed. Some flowers have a beneficial effect on a person, purify the air, while others can cause allergies or insomnia.

Everyone knows that it is not advised to place a bed in front of a mirror, the same applies to mirrored ceilings, wardrobes. Sleeping under a massive chandelier or something else overhanging is also not worth it, it puts pressure on a person energetically, and besides, it is unsafe.

There should be no empty space behind the headboard, but the bed is not placed close to the wall either. It is undesirable to put the bed in a corner, but if there is not enough space, then this option is acceptable. Retractable and folding sofas, beds will help save space in a small bedroom with two windows.

It is not advisable to place objects near the bed that can be broken by accidentally hitting them – vases, aquariums, etc., but a comfortable bedside table with a lamp will become a reliable assistant.

Style selection

The style will emphasize individuality, make the room special, besides, each design option involves a set of colors, textures and shapes that are optimally combined with each other.

The classic style is the most popular, as it involves the use of everything traditional, while at the same time featuring elements of luxury.

Minimalism involves the use of a minimum of interior items and furniture, and in a single color, most often white. This style allows you to feel freedom and space, especially in a large bedroom with two windows.

Modern – in this style there are no straight lines, they are all smooth. The style became popular in 1890 and is still used today. Today, for a bedroom in the Art Nouveau style, various lighting, paintings, stucco molding are used – everything is unusual and new.

Fusion – as this design is also called “combination of incongruous”, that is, in the bedroom you can put whatever you like, regardless of style and fashion. This design usually looks bright and even aggressive, therefore it is not suitable for every bedroom.

In houses with wooden interior decoration, the country-style bedroom looks interesting.

Popular today are such styles as loft, hi-tech, which are somewhat similar to each other, but this bedroom design is designed for an amateur.


When decorating a bedroom with two windows, do not forget about artificial lighting, because this is not only a necessity, but also a design element. Lamps are built into ceilings, niches, cabinets, installed on bedside tables. Properly selected lamps create a special atmosphere. Subdued light in the evening will help to relax and feel cozy.

Interesting ideas

If there is enough space in the bedroom, and the windows are located on adjacent walls, then a special corner cornice can be used for them.

Skylights look interesting, but you should not place the bed directly under them because of the daylight color. But no one will interfere with admiring the stars on a carpet with a large pile.

Unobtrusive LED backlighting can play the role of a night lamp, which can be left on at night.

Previously, rooms with two windows were not very popular, but these were the distant Soviet times, when there were not enough ideas and materials for interior decoration. Today, two windows in the bedroom provide additional opportunities for decorating the room in an unusual and beautiful style.

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