Bedroom design in bright colors – photos of successful interiors

Bedroom design in bright colors - photos of successful interiors

Bedroom design in bright colors – photos of successful interiors

The interior of the bedroom in light colors creates the impression of airiness and lightness. Light furniture gives high spirits and helps to relax. Surrounded by gentle tones, you will have the same beautiful dreams, and heavy thoughts will dissolve in a light haze of serenity. However, when creating a light bedroom interior, it is important not to allow it to become faceless or acquire a shade of medical sterility. To do this, we will show photo examples where you can see how this can be done.

In this case, bright accents help out designers. They take on a semantic load and awaken creative energy. With an abundance of delicate whitish shades, even antagonist colors feel comfortable and look like bright juicy blotches that do not violate the overall harmony.

How to make a delicate interior expressive?

In order for the bedroom to acquire character and retain a sense of spaciousness and light, designers resort to simple yet effective techniques. Basic shades are carried out on walls and furniture. The remaining elements can be used to create accents.


You can change them as often as you like. At the same time, introducing different colors into the basic pastel palette. The main thing is that bright accents make up no more than 30% of the total space.


Curtains, bedspreads, pillows – all this taken together can pacify emotions or awaken them to life.

Read more about bedroom curtains here –

Flooring, carpets and rugs

With an abundance of light shades, dark tones on the floor create a sense of stability and serve as an anchor that gathers a light haze of the main color palette into a single whole.

Carpets give the interior some “homeliness”

Friezes, pilasters, consoles

Bright and darker in relation to furniture and walls, they create the effect of a contrasting frame. Limit the scope and complete the project.

false beams

Often used to create projects in the Mediterranean and Scandinavian style, country, Provence, chalets. Allows you to give expressiveness to the walls and ceiling. They look especially good on a white and milky background. The color of natural wood is pleasantly combined with shades of coffee, cocoa, toffee, butter.

multi-colored facades

Doors in wardrobes are high and wide. Quite often, you have to visually separate them with accent stripes into narrower or lower blocks. As a result, the volume of furniture is visually hidden and a bright element is introduced into the interior design.

Frame stroke in art deco

Rich and elegant art deco in light colors inevitably resorts to the frame design of facades and upholstered furniture. Darker shades of the base palette are used as accent colors.

Bright bedroom in classic style

Classics are characterized by the presence of a focal point around which the entire composition is built. In the bedroom, the bed is the focal point.

Symmetry is an integral part of a classic interior. It shows up in everything. There is no room for negligence here. The lines are smooth and clear. Blurring, as well as emphasized sharpness, is not welcome.

Natural materials are used throughout. Yes, the interior is expensive. But quality. For centuries.

Lots of textiles. These are long curtains, wall hangings, bedspreads, carpets, a canopy over the bed, pillows, chair covers, etc.

Multiple light sources. When using candles, the light from the central chandelier was not enough to illuminate all areas with high quality. Therefore, zone illumination was used. At the same time, one must remember about symmetry and rationality.

Walls are often divided into 3 zones: basement, top and main part. Moreover, each of them can be designed in its own way. This is due to the fact that the walls were often lined with expensive materials. It is cheaper to decorate part of the wall with expensive wood than to upholster the entire room from top to bottom with cedar.

The ceiling with classical frescoes or stucco can be replaced with an antique version. Just a white background, nothing more. Is that a small outlet around the chandelier.

The color palette is based on a monochrome combination of different shades of the same color or uses no more than 2-3 consonant base colors.

  • white;
  • beige;
  • blue;
  • light yellow;
  • herbal;
  • sand;
  • terracotta;
  • ocher;
  • grey;
  • pale green.

When using several colors, you need to achieve a smooth flow of one shade into another. Accents are placed inconspicuously.


Often works on the theme of classics include mixes of modern furniture and materials with classical forms and elements. The smoothness of lines, symmetry and the presence of a semantic center remain. The rest is free reading.

  • Instead of stucco, polypropylene moldings are allowed.
  • Hand-painted can be replaced with high-quality photo wallpapers in the appropriate style or photo printing.
  • Parquet and mosaic are not always practical. Therefore, instead of them, ceramics and laminate are used.
  • Drapery on the windows is not always appropriate, because bedrooms sometimes have a very modest area. In this case, blinds are acceptable.
  • Crystal chandeliers and sconces can be complemented by LED lighting placed on a multi-level ceiling.
  • Instead of classic plastering and painting, stretch ceilings can be used.

Bedroom in modern style

In modern styles, convenience, rationality and the ability to express one’s individuality are gradually coming to the fore. In this case, it is desirable to be able to use synthetic materials that mimic natural ones.

In contrast to the lush classics, new trends preach moderation or even asceticism. At the same time, there are enough directions in which bombast, luxury and even kitsch are allowed. For example, the same Art Deco and Loft.

Light shades are typical for Shabby-Chic, Minimalism, Provence, Mediterranean and Scandinavian trends. Other styles allow the use of a variety of color combinations.

The Scandinavian bedroom is characterized by an abundance of light gray and white shades. The game of texture is welcome. The monotony of color is diluted with bright colored inserts in the form of light rugs with multi-colored stripes or fluffy skins thrown over the chair.

Mediterranean motifs are filled with gray-blue haze interspersed with juicy sun and orange. Moreover, marine colors form the basis of the interior, and the yellow-orange spectrum is used in accessories and accents. Although, nothing prevents you from decorating the walls in shades that combine the colors of clay, lime and stone. Straw mats, beams in the color of natural wood – all this will help to express the original spirit of the Italian countryside.

Shabby Chic is the realm for girls: ruffles, bows, roses and antiques. Delicate pastels in the interior complete the light look.

Hi-Tech, Steampunk and Loft are more suitable for expressing the masculine charm of strength and determination. An ideal opportunity to create a brutal image.

Steampunk is an attempt to move into the world of robots, mechanics and interior items, decorated with shabby parts. Garage motifs and a love of mechanics are suitable for decorating the bedroom of a teenager or a biker bachelor.

Hi-Tech breaks away from the past and rushes into the future. Steel, chrome, plastic and futuristic motifs, as if taken from space technology.

Urban is an attempt to bring into the interior the atmosphere of a metropolis with its street lamps, panoramic cityscapes and modern materials.

Ecostyle. The realm of natural materials, comfort and simplicity of lines. An abundance of greenery, wood and sunlight. Its motto is simplicity and naturalness, closeness to nature and care for the planet.

As you can see, a bright bedroom is a storehouse of ideas and ways to implement them. Pastel colors perfectly cope with their task and fill the space with coziness, warmth and comfort. At the same time, everyone will find their own way to express themselves, no matter what character and worldview the owner of a particular bedroom has.

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