Bedroom window design or how to decorate it beautifully

Bedroom window design or how to decorate it beautifully

Bedroom window design or how to decorate it beautifully

Bedroom window decoration plays a big role in interior design. All the details are important here – materials, style direction, colors. If you choose everything correctly, then you can, you can achieve the perfect result that will please the eye.

Decoration with curtains

One of the classic ways to decorate windows is curtains. They are selected to match the overall style of the interior. The type, size and color of curtains depends on design decisions. Also, the choice depends on the personal preferences of the owner of the house. For example, lovers of daytime sleep often stop at lightproof thick curtains, which can be curtained to get a pleasant twilight at any time of the day. Lightweight fabric is more suitable for lovers of bright light, with it the whole room will seem brighter.

How to choose a color

Curtain color plays an important role. With it, you can make the window almost invisible or, conversely, brightly highlight it against the background of the wall. In addition, different types of fasteners look more advantageous with one color or another. There are several common color schemes that are suitable for almost every home.

  • White: perfect for a classic interior, for a room decorated in light or neutral colors. Translucent curtains are preferred.
  • Black: used in many modern designs, it goes well with any wall color. It is advisable to use only in spacious rooms, otherwise the effect of tightness is created.
  • Beige: A neutral shade that looks equally good in any design. Ideal for wrought iron cornice.

In any interior, pastel colors also look good – gentle, allowing light to freely penetrate the room. Peach, olive, pistachio – a variety of pastel colors allows you to choose a curtain that is ideally suited in color to other items in the bedroom.

Brighter and more contrasting curtains are suitable for lovers of a “provocative” design, in which everything is done brightly and unusually.

Tip: light shades help emphasize the presence of free space, they are especially relevant for small spaces. You can hang a darker curtain in a spacious room. How to choose the type of curtains

There are many types of curtains, each type transforms the window in its own way. First of all, the choice of curtain type depends on the size of the room and the window opening.

Classic long curtains consist of two canvases, they are well suited for spacious rooms with a lot of free space, they are made of any material and look familiar. In small rooms, it is preferable to hang short curtains that reach the windowsill. The space on the windowsill remains open, so it can be used additionally.

To make the interior of the bedroom look luxurious, you can hang long Roman curtains. Additionally, you can use a lambrequin, with which the size of the window visually increases, it looks even richer and more stylish.

To comfortably adjust the lighting in the bedroom, heavy curtains or double curtains are best combined with light tulle.

Roller blinds will become a budget and practical option. They are made from lightweight fabric, look simple and modern. Ideal if the window sill is constantly used as a table or shelf.

Window with balcony

To beautifully decorate the window with access to the balcony, you can also use curtains. In this case, options that do not close the balcony door are preferable. For example, curtains are used only on one side of the window. There are three main types of curtains that will look good in the bedroom, without interfering with the fresh air at any convenient time.

  • Japanese curtains: represent the same strips of light fabric that can be adjusted separately. This is a convenient option that looks simple and is suitable for almost any interior style. At any time, you can create new combinations of fabric pieces if you want to bring something new to the design of the room.
  • Curtains such as “Cafe”: create a cozy romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, the impression of a comfortable house in the countryside. Suitable for most simple and cozy decor styles designed to make the bedroom as cozy and homely as possible.
  • Roman blinds: a budget and functional option. Easy to wash and comfortably adjustable with a lock, thanks to which you do not have to touch the fabric once again.

Decoration without curtains

Despite the variety of curtains, this window design option is not suitable for everyone. You can find a more original and unusual way of decorating, which will make the room cozy without the use of curtains.

To create pleasant, soft lighting in the bedroom, you can use frosted glass. Direct sunlight is transformed, soft light enters the room, creating a cozy, romantic atmosphere. Matte can be the whole glass or its individual parts.

Sophisticated creative people often use decorative stickers to decorate the window.

On the glass, you can draw patterns or write quotes and phrases. Both white and colored adhesive films are used, with which you can create a unique design.

Multi-colored beads suspended on threads will make the window original and bright. Beads made of glass or crystal will shine and shimmer in the sun, attracting attention. For less brightness, you can use wooden or plastic beads, and shells are suitable for an unusual and cozy design.

You can decorate the window by placing beautiful pots with live plants on the windowsill. A variety of flowers or even small trees, such as lemon or tangerine. Living plants can be replaced with well-made artificial ones.

The last and most common option for a beautiful window design without curtains is handmade.

You can make patterns with your own hands from any materials, and ready-made handmade products are sold in many stores. Such items will make each window truly unusual, individual and unique.

How to functionally organize window space

To make the window not only decorative, but also functional, you need to use all the free space around it. This is very true for small bedrooms, where every extra meter is valuable.

A wide window sill perfectly replaces a desk, where you can place everything you need, turning free space into a workplace. In addition, during the day it will be well lit.

You can use the window sill not only as a table, but also as a place of rest – for example, make it a comfortable sofa or chair. Reading a book in such a place during the daytime is a pleasure.

The window space can be surrounded by shelves designed for any things – books, soft toys, jewelry, bedding.

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