Bench with shelves for shoes and a seat in the hallway: choose a convenient option

Bench with shelves for shoes and a seat in the hallway: choose a convenient option

Bench with shelves for shoes and a seat in the hallway: choose a convenient option

A banquette in the hallway with a seat and a shelf for shoes is a convenient fixture that will make you forget about the hardships of a working day and enjoy home warmth and comfort. Sitting on a soft seat, it is convenient to change shoes. Especially when the legs require rest.

To begin with, let’s figure out how a banquette differs from an ottoman, bench, or, for example, from a chaise longue.

Strictly speaking, it differs from the shop only in the presence of soft pillows or upholstery. Those. sit hard on the bench, and softly on the bench. The ottoman is also upholstered on the side, and the legs are either completely absent or very small and almost invisible. Our heroine’s frame is clearly visible.

Unlike chaise longues and couches, it does not have armrests and backrests. Although, in stores there are models with a similarity to the back.

The functional load may differ depending on the configuration:

  • The main task is to serve as a seat for changing shoes for guests and household members.
  • Secondary – to store the current set of shoes and care products for them. In addition, it is convenient to put a bag on the bench while the lady puts on her coat. Or put an umbrella (naturally, when it is dry).
  • Varieties of banquettes

    In stores you can find a large number of different models. How to navigate among them? First of all, decide on the variety that is right for your hallway.

    • Single. 40 – 80 cm wide. Suitable for small families of two or three people.

    • Double. Width 90-120 cm. Good when you have two or more children, and also if you like to take large companies.

    • Stand alone. It is easy to rearrange furniture with them. They can be purchased separately from the headset and can be configured to suit your needs.

    • Embedded. They are an integral part of the hallway set and are combined into a single design with cabinets, hangers and bedside tables.

    • With soft upholstery. It is necessary to carefully select a wear-resistant material that is easy to clean. When changing shoes for a baby, it is very easy to stain the upholstery fabric. Consider this when choosing and give preference to models that are easy to keep clean.

    • With hard frame and soft cushion. If you have small children or people who find it difficult to move around in your house, then it is better to abandon soft upholstery in favor of a pillow that can be “changed” into a clean cover or washed at any time.

    To prevent the pillow from slipping, use Velcro tape. It will securely fasten the cover. In forged models, you can resort to traditional textile ties. This option is great for interiors in the style of Provence, Chebbi-Chic, Country.

    Types of structures

    According to the internal structure of the banquet, they differ significantly from each other.

    • Open type. In this case, the shelves are clearly visible and are not covered by anything. All shoes are perfectly visible. At any time, it is easy to determine what you can put on, who is at home and how many guests looked at the light while you were jogging.

    The disadvantage of these models is one for all. It’s dust. She sits comfortably on her shoes. Therefore, such benches should not be used for long-term storage of sneakers and shoes.

    However, there is an undeniable plus. Free access to fresh air and its natural circulation helps to dry shoes and eliminates unpleasant odors.

    • with facades. Doors can be hinged or sliding. In any case, they will serve as a reliable protection against excess dust and dirt. In addition, puppies will not be able to get to their favorite boots or slippers.

    • With one shelf. As a rule, these are light, elegant structures without facades. Shelves can be lattice, tubular, wire.

    • Multi-tiered. In this case, the entire seasonal set of shoes will fit in the bench. In this case, you can choose both open and closed models.

    • With cells. This option is convenient because each pair has its own niche. It is comfortable for men. Everything is visible and nothing to confuse. The main thing is to always put shoes in your cell.

    • With baskets and boxes. Wicker furniture looks good with shoe baskets on the shelves. This is analogous to cells. Only with boxes and baskets, guests do not see what is stored here. And unlike models with drawers, the interior space is well ventilated.

    • With folding shelves. Facades, combined with a number of shelves, open “on themselves”. In this case, you have an overview of three or more shoe racks. This is ultra-compact storage. Everything is closed and well protected from small children, pets and dust.

    Minus – you can not put damp, under-dried shoes. It may acquire an unpleasant odor. Speaking of smells. In closed banquets, you have to fight with him. Air fresheners and fragrances come to the rescue. But they only mask the problem. A couple of small quartz lamps will help to solve it radically.

    Selection Tips

    Consider the actual dimensions of your hallway. Measure all walls in advance, the distance between doors, cabinets, etc. This is necessary in order to know exactly what furniture can be placed in the available space, and which will have to be abandoned. Even if it is very beautiful, and ideal in style, texture, color.

    Consider its location. Often in ready-made kits, it is located under open clothes hangers. It’s a little inconvenient. Especially when a set of long coats and voluminous jackets hangs behind your back. It is better to place hooks or a shelf for umbrellas and hats above the bench. And hide your outerwear in the closet.

    Be sure to consider the existing style of the interior. If you started a renovation and pick up new furniture, get all the elements in the same style.

    Of course, today designers welcome the mixing of different cultures and eras. However, if you are not sure of the impeccable taste, it is better to consult a specialist. You can go the easy way and take a ready-made entrance hall in a complete set.

    Ideas to keep in mind

    Add a couple of drawers or make a reclining seat. This will give you extra storage space for sundries and shoe care products.

    If you make several rows of holes for the lattice along the height of the side parts of the bench, then you can change the height of the shelf depending on the season. This is true when you wear high boots in winter and low slates in summer. In this case, in the spring it is enough just to add a spare shelf and expand the possibilities of the bench.

    Having decided on a worthy option for a banquette, we proceed to the choice of design for our hallway.

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