Best 1st Birthday Gifts

The question of what is the Best 1st Birthday Gifts worries both relatives and parents, since this is a very responsible matter, as the birthday person may not remember what toy he was presented with, but especially the one giving. In this case, what can be presented to the child will be prompted by the parents, they will help arrange a list of necessary things. It’s a good idea to create a discussion with guests on social networks about the best 1st birthday gifts, after which everyone will select a suitable present from the list.

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Best 1st Birthday Gifts
Best 1st Birthday Gifts

Popular Best 1st Birthday Gifts Ideas

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Popular Best 1st Birthday Gifts Ideas are toys for children from 1 year old and should combine many qualities: simplicity, originality, benefit, interest for the child. For a year, the child will suit universal things or souvenirs that have long been reminiscent of this day. The following gifts can be considered relevant ideas for best 1st Birthday gifts.

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1. Walker

For kids of this age, everything that rides causes indescribable delight.

And if you can tie a rope to this car and plant your favorite toy or even ride yourself – this is a double delight!

If you decide to buy a wheelchair machine, it will be one of the Best 1st Birthday Gifts, because is desirable that it has some bright and moving parts that you can twist and move. Also, according to the observation of the kids on the playgrounds, 90% of children are interested in walkers with music.

There are still wheelchairs blinking, sparkling with lights, they also attract attention, but, in our opinion, this is not the most important attribute of a good wheelchair as Best 1st Birthday Gifts.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Wooden Baby Learning Walker 

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn 3-in-1 Smart Car

 Award Winning Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike

Another, and often more budget option, is a small hand-held wheelchair, which comes in two versions: on a stick (push in front of you) and on a string (her baby will pull and carry along).

They also come with music and learning features.

Hape Walk-A-Long Caterpillar Wooden Pull Toy

Award Winning Hape Push & Pull Lawn Mower Toy

2. Learning table/center

What to give the child for 1 year. Developing table

There are many different models on sale, but their essence is one – a large set of various educational games, concentrated on one table.

Usually this is a sorter, pyramid, constructor. The child will learn to distinguish objects in shape, size, color. The toy develops perseverance, coordination, logic.

Award Winning Hape Push & Pull Lawn Mower Toy

Award Winning Hape Push & Pull Lawn Mower Toy

3. Rocking toy

It can be a plastic toy or a soft one, which will cause joy for both boys and girls, and if during the game such a surprise presented in one year old will talk, it will be a big plus.

Rockabye Poof the Lil’ Dragon Rocker, One Size

Real Wood Ride-On Plush Rocker. Perfect for Ages 3+

4. Swing

A small swing will make any child happy. Parents specially drive their children to the playground to give them joy a few minutes of happiness.

Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat

KLB Sport Baby Toddler Indoor/Outdoor Metal Swing Set

Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set, 4 in 1

5. Musical toys

This group includes both the instruments for the smallest (such as a flute, pipe or drum), and multifunctional music centers, which are tables, on whose playing surface various devices are located. Playing with musical instruments is extremely useful for the full development of the child. They bring particular benefit to the speech sphere, since phonemic hearing and sound perception, a sense of rhythm, are improved. In addition, manipulations with tools can improve motor dexterity, fine motor skills, coordinated actions, and mental abilities.

Wooden Percussion Instruments Toy for Kids

VTech Zoo Jamz Piano 

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

6. Stroll ‘n trike

What to give the child for 1 year. Bike A great replacement for a stroller. The steering wheel handle (rotates the front wheel) is intended for parents, but the child will have the feeling that he controls the “technique”, which is very important at this age. We know kids who don’t want to ride in a stroller, everyone bends, whimpers, as soon as you change to a bicycle, feeling participation and independence, the kid calmly rides, holding the handles with an important look, and studies the surroundings.

Also, such a bicycle is also a gift for growth – the handle is removed, the steps and sides, too, and the baby in a couple of years will be able to pedal and operate without the help of adults.

We advise you to take a bike if the baby no longer falls asleep in the stroller and sleeps at home, as falling asleep in the bike may work, but it will definitely not be comfortable to sleep. Or choose a bike with an adjustable backrest angle.

A deep hood is also a good plus in choosing a bicycle – it will allow you to hide your child from rain and sunlight.

But keep in mind one point – such a bicycle should be given if there is a place to store it since this is a fairly large-sized gift.

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

Bentley 6-in-1 Baby Stroller/Kids Trike

7. Wooden development center

Universal cube – a high-quality toy with a wide variety of opportunities for games and development. On five faces of the cube – five developmental games. A clock with rotating hands showing the time from 0 to 24 hours. Abacus – five levels with 10 knuckles, allowing you to learn counting up to 50. Sorters with ten inserts of different shapes and colors.

 Large finger labyrinth on three wires. The wires are static, they cannot be bent. Along the paths, the child holds the figures, without taking his hands off, turning the parts in the direction of travel. The labyrinth is not attached to the cube, it is installed on top, like a roof, if necessary, it can be removed and put inside the cube, so the toy will occupy half the storage space.

Great 1st Birthday Gifts!

But more centers! Move the beads along the rods, spin the wheels, slide up and down the zigzag slide, draw on a slate, rotate geometric shapes. Large-format active toy 5 in 1. You can play together – enough space!

Wooden Shape Sorter Toy with Sliding Lid & Carrying Strap

Battat – Wooden Activity Cube

Garden Activity Cube. Wood Shape & Color Sorter

8. Playhouse, Bounce House or tent

If adults do not know what to buy a one-year-old baby or what are the best 1st birthday gifts, then you can consider the option of purchasing an inexpensive, but a very functional home tent. Such devices are different in shape and appearance: a standard “hut”, a house, a train, a typewriter, a fungus. On sale are also models consisting of two blocks connected by a flexible tunnel. The child will surely enjoy his secret corner in which he can play with his favorite toys. It is curious that many parents adapt tents for storing numerous game accessories.

Kids Ball Pit Tents and Tunnels

Kids Play Tent

Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bounce House

9. Doll for a girl. Constructors and cars for boy

Best 1st Birthday Gift for girl

Best 1st birthday gifts for girl
Best 1st Birthday Gifts for Girls


What the Best 1st Birthday Gifts for a girl? A doll or a baby doll is an ideal gift for a girl at 3 years old or at 12 months old. You should not take a toy too heavy, because it is important that the little housewife be able to nudge the naked, put in a crib or take with her to another room. You should also focus on the “toy girl” with proportional parts of the body and similar to a person. There are many doll options for girls of all ages in stores, including one-year-olds. A good option is a baby doll who can cry and eat. A classic doll is a growth toy, as a girl, as she grows up, will learn to dress and undress her, comb her hair, perform other game actions, which are very important for the correct and timely socialization of the child.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach Soft Nurturing First Baby Doll

Play Doll Gift Set with Open/Close Eyes for Children

Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker

Best 1st Birthday Gift for a boy

Best 1st Birthday Gift for a boy
Best 1st Birthday Gift for a boy

Constructors, cars

What the Best 1st Birthday Gifts for a boy? Constructor develops a whole range of knowledge and skills: spatial thinking, imagination, imagination and hand-eye coordination.

The main point when choosing a designer – the blocks should be large enough, there should not be small parts!

LEGO DUPLO My First Cars and Trucks 

LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train Building Set

First Builders Big Building Bag

10. Floor mats puzzles, Musical mat and Drawing mat

Children’s rugs, puzzles – not just rugs and not just puzzles. They have at least 4 useful features.

This is a great educational game. The child trains attention, logic, motor skills.

The kid learns letters or numbers in a fun and relaxed way.

Comfortable, warm and soft gaming mat.

Children’s rugs puzzles look spectacular. A great solution to decorate your baby’s room!

Interlocking Foam Tile Play Mat with Letters

Kids Musical Mats

Kids Painting Writing Doodle Board Toy

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