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Among the most popular technology products of the moment we certainly find the best Action Camera, which for many people has become indispensable travel companions. All the Action Cameras are designed to make videos and to take spectacular photos, but obviously not all of them are able to provide the same type of result. Here is a brief guide to choosing the right Action Camera based on technical characteristics.

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Best Action Camera: Choice Guide

Best Action Camera Resolution

Resolution is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best Action Camera. Currently, the highest resolution on the market is in 4K quality, which we find on most high-end Action Cameras. In the intermediate segment, we find many devices with 1080p Full HD resolution, while in the entry-level segment we find Action Cam with an HD resolution of just 720p.

Reproduction frequency

The frame rate, which in technical jargon is known as framerate, is a very important parameter in the evaluation of a video camera. This is the measure of the number of consecutive images that the camera can handle every second and is measured in frames per second (fps).

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High-end action cameras can shoot at 60fps, which makes the movements more uniform and less blurred. Some cameras manage to go even further, reaching 120fps, and are used to create slow-motion footage. Most medium / low cameras have a 30fps shutter speed.

Best Action Camera Connectivity

Many Action Cams are equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi module, thanks to which you can share your video recordings and images on the web, on your computer or your smartphone.

The wireless connection is very useful also for remote control of the device. In this way it will be possible to start and stop recording at any time, using a remote control or your mobile device.

The remote control is very important for those who use the Action Cam for extreme sports and allow users not to waste too much memory with unnecessary footage.

Accessories and case

When buying an Action Camera it is essential to make sure that it has a good amount of accessories, especially the supports.

Generally, the Action Cams are mounted on the handlebars or helmets, but there are many other types of supports that can be very useful, such as the magnetic ones. So before making a final choice and proceeding with the purchase, it is advisable to check what the mounting options are, perhaps checking their operation live. Some mounting systems use straps, clamps or adhesives to keep the Action Camera in the right place. The frames can be fixed, in one position, or mobile, if it can be tilted and rotated when necessary.

Waterproofing is a particularly important feature to consider if you plan to immerse the Action Camera under water to shoot. Most cameras are not water-resistant and therefore need an additional waterproof case, which in most cases is associated with the camera. The case is a transparent waterproof housing that allows you to use the Action Cam at a depth of 30 meters or more.

Other characteristics

There are other features that can be taken into consideration when choosing an Action Cam.

For example, the field of view, or the area that the camera is able to frame at any time. Most Action Cams have a wide-angle field of view, while others allow you to choose between wide, medium and narrow.

For those who travel a lot the battery is not to be neglected either. Always choose an Action Cam that has a battery that has good battery life and maybe a spare battery, so you never run dry and risk losing the chance to capture some nice moments.

Among the technical features to be checked, there is also the type of memory cards that are supported, both in terms of speed and storage capacity. A very fast memory card allows you to take maximum advantage of the Action Camera, while a very large one will give you the possibility to record many minutes of footage even in 4K quality.

The cameras with integrated GPS instead allow you to automatically geotag all the videos and photos captured with the Action Camera.

The Best Products

Now let’s see several interesting action cams, grouped by price range starting from the list price. We will also offer you the best offers we have found online and update constantly!

Best Action Camera under $50

1 – Victure AC400 4k WiFi

In the action cam segment, one of the most interesting is the Victure AC400 4k WiFi, which guarantees an excellent quality/price ratio. Equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor, the action cam allows you to record videos in Full HD quality at a speed of 30fps.

Among the technical features, we find the 170 ° wide-angle lens. The action cam is also equipped with a good 2 “LCD display and WiFi module that allows you to watch and share photos and videos in real time.

Best Action Camera under $100

 1 – APEMAN 4K A77 – The Best Action Camera under $100

If you are looking for the Best Action Camera under $100 with an excellent quality/price ratio, then consider the Apeman A77, an action cam designed for athletes, capable of recording video in 4K quality at 25fps. The cam has numerous features such as loop recording and time-lapse, and can take 16-megapixel photos.

The wide-angle lens has a viewing angle of 170 °, while the 2″ display with HD resolution allows you to manage the device and review the recordings made. In the Apeman 77 package, there are many accessories, such as the wrist remote control.

Best Action Camera under $200

1 – AKASO 4K SY0012

The Brave 4 model of the action camera AKASO 4K SY0012 is an excellent solution for those looking for an action cam with excellent performance at a price affordable for everyone. The Brave 4, equipped with a Sony sensor, allows you to record video in 4K quality at 30fps and take 20-megapixel photos.

The integrated electronic stabilizer allows you to capture clear images without disturbance even in the most extreme conditions. The variable angle lens allows the Brave 4 to choose between different angles (170th, 140th, 110th and 70th) to adapt the frame to the scenes. This action cam is equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi module, HDMI interface and wrist remote control.

Best Action Camera under $300

1 – Yi 4K Action Cam 90003-GM

Following the first successful version, the Xiaomi brand has decided to present the public with a brand new version of the same action cam. The new Xiaomi solution has very similar dimensions to the typical GoPro action cams. Nevertheless, it is incompatible with most accessories. It is combined with a small 2.19-inch touchscreen display with a 640×330 resolution. A convenient power button is also added to start and take photographs. Finally, it is also possible to find a very convenient LED in the front that indicates the status of the battery.


  • Video quality
    Thanks to the glass lens layers and the Electronic Image Stabilization the Action Cam is able to guarantee 4K high-resolution video.
  • Battery
    The built-in lithium battery that offers up to 120 minutes of battery life by recording in 4K / 30fps.
  • Comfortable display
    Large 2.19 “high-resolution LCD screen (640x360p) for easy preview viewing.

2 – GoPro HERO 2018

GoPro is often used as a synonym for action-cam, and the reputation of the brand means that list prices are significantly higher than the competition. Suffice it to say that the GoPro Hero 2018 is an entry-level model, but with a fairly high starting price. Nevertheless, the construction quality, the shooting, and the ease of use make this product a good compromise in the quality / price ratio.


Voice Control

  • Impermeability. The GoPro Hero 2018 is certified as waterproof up to 10m.
  • Full compatibility with previous models. The accessories of the GoPro Hero 2018 are fully compatible with those of the Hero 5 and Hero 6. This also applies to the batteries.
  • Full compatibility with previous models. The accessories of the GoPro Hero 2018 are fully compatible with those of the Hero 5 and Hero 6. This also applies to the batteries.


  • Excellent video quality. The quality of the videos is really good. The colors are realistic in comparison with GoPro 5 and GoPro6. The quality of the footage is undoubtedly GoPro’s trademark, and this GoPro Hero 2018 is no exception.
  • Electronic stabilization. The video stabilization of the GoPro Hero 2018 is really good and also compares well with the more expensive models of the same brand.


  • Not many settings. The settings to choose from are not many. The resolutions available for example are only two: Full HD and 1440, For both resolutions you can choose a frame rate of 30 or 60 fps. Sequential captures can only be set at 10 frames per second. The timed photos will only have the option to be taken every 0.5 seconds. A little cheap if you are an advanced user who likes to fiddle around with the settings.

Buy this action camera if …

  • If you want maximum simplicity. What distinguishes the GoPro Hero 201, even compared to previous models, is its extreme ease of use. GoPro has in fact removed many configuration options, leaving only the most used. If for more experienced users this can be a limitation, instead it becomes a great advantage for all those looking for a fast and intuitive user experience, which leaves no room for errors.

3 – TomTom Bandit

Among the many action cams currently on the market, the TomTom Bandit is quite new and exclusive. Unlike the others, it has brought exclusive and completely new features to the market. One of the main advantages is the new design and shape, as well as a 16MP lens that works well in various lighting conditions. It’s already waterproof and therefore does not have a protective shell that would make it heavier.

Unlike many others, you can recharge this action camera thanks to a standard USB port.


  • Excellent battery
    Long-lasting battery that guarantees up to 3 hours of non-stop shooting in full HD format. Ability to shoot in quality 4k Ultra HD quality.
  • 4K resolution
    Possibility to shoot in 4k Ultra HD quality.
  • Waterproof
    Waterproof up to 40 meters deep.

Best Action Camera under $500

1 – GoPro HERO5

If you search for a good action cam, you can’t just ignore the option represented by the GoPro Hero5 model. The latter, in fact, offers all the best that is possible today in the field of action cams.

Compact, dimensionally small and with a futuristic design with rounded corners, it also includes an external rubber coating to increase grip.

It is also a waterproof action cam that features a wide range of functions, which places it at the top of the top action cams. The stereo audio even has 3 microphones and the entire system has direct loading technology.

The stereo audio even has 3 microphones and the entire system has direct loading technology.


  • Waterproof
    Waterproof up to 10 meters deep even without a case.
  • Voice commands
    Thanks to the voice command you can control the GoPro keeping your hands free.
  • Sensor
    12-megapixel sensor and ability to record in 4K mode up to 30fps.


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