Best Bluetooth Headsets: How To Choose?

Virtual movers and shakers seem to be introducing new products and systems every day to make our lives a little easier. Best Bluetooth headsets are one of the biggest achievements on the market. Bluetooth technology makes it convenient and easier for users to access wireless communication between devices wirelessly. It’s a world standard that connects laptops, cell phones, MP3 players and even cars. All cordless.

Best Bluetooth Headsets

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Best Bluetooth Headset

People using Bluetooth technology love to communicate without any connection, so it only makes sense to have the Best Bluetooth Headsets.

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Manufacturers have found that creating a really good wireless Bluetooth headset is not easy. On the contrary, it is much more complicated than designing cable models. Bluetooth headsets can never be as small or as light as wired, simply because the battery and the extra features have to be plugged into a single device. This extra size affects how the handset attaches to or around the user’s ears.

Best Bluetooth Headsets Styles

There are two basic styles of Bluetooth headsets. The more comfortable but less secure models are held in place by a loop around the ear. Others are ear styles that fit directly into the ear opening. More secure, but certainly less comfortable.

When buying a Bluetooth headset, consider the following points:

Bluetooth Headsets Price

This is an obvious problem. Prices range from affordable to genuinely generous, so you may need to look for prices to compare prices before choosing.

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Bluetooth Headsets Ergonomics

Comfort should be your primary consideration, as users typically spend a lot of time with a Bluetooth headset.

  • Check if the device can be removed and replaced from your ear quickly and conveniently
  • Make sure the handset control buttons are easy to use
  • If you wear glasses, make sure the device can be used while wearing glasses or sunglasses
  • Some conversations can take a long time. Make sure your Bluetooth headset is comfortable after a long time
  • Try to carry the device in both ears. You may want to switch side to side for comfort or convenience
  • Compare Bluetooth headsets to see which are the lightest. Weight is very important as you do not want the device to cause discomfort or fall
  • See if the headset comes with a carrying bag. You will need to store or transport it when not in use

Ease of Use

Some gadgets designed to make our lives easier are simply disappointing.

  • Commands and controls should be easy to use and remember
  • Make sure that the volume level is easily adjusted. If you’re on a call that goes from your office to the subway, you’ll need to be able to quickly and easily adjust the volume
  • You’re buying a Bluetooth headset to enjoy the latest in instant communication, so make sure that the selected headset turns on quickly
  • Make sure a call support number is provided if you need guidance or if you have problems with your device
  • Check the instructions. It should be well written and easy to understand.


Not all Bluetooth headsets are created equally. There are a variety of features that may or may not be included in the one you choose.

  • Ask about the battery. Know the type of battery, how much talk time it can hold, and how to tell if it’s fully charged or losing charge
  • Don’t assume that the Bluetooth headsets you choose can be paired with every one of your wireless devices. Check and verify this before you buy
  • Does the headset carry a good warranty? Who will you call for service if you have a problem?
  • Check the sound quality for receiving and sending audio
  • How is the range? The headset won’t be much good to you if the range keeps you tied to your home or office

Other Important Capabilities for Best Bluetooth Headsets

There are other important capabilities to consider in comparing Bluetooth headsets. Voice tags, transfer calls, three-way calling, the last number redial, call reject, link to other phones and mute options are all convenient features. Check to see how it looks on you. You might not want a headset that is large and obvious, or you may prefer a model that stands out.

While technology changes our lives, it also shapes our lives. Using Bluetooth headsets gives us the freedom to stay connected without being tied down.


Let’s analyze the market and propose some models of Bluetooth headsets that we think you really like. We have grouped them by price range according to the list price, as often the budget is the first factor of choice!

Best Bluetooth Headsets Under $50

When it comes to wireless in-ear headphones, $50 isn’t a lot of money. It’s kind of a low price, but since the technology has been getting cheaper, you can still get decent Bluetooth earphones.

It’s true that most major headphone brands don’t offer wireless Bluetooth earbuds under $50, but there are plenty less known brands that do.

Keep in mind that you can’t expect sonic fidelity and ultimate durability since these are the cheapest headphones with Bluetooth.

Though, you can expect to get great value for money regarding functionality, decent battery life, and pleasant audio quality.

We did our best to find top-rated models that have wireless Bluetooth technology and a pleasant sound for less than 50 bucks. There are a couple of really good ones here, check them out below.

1. Jabra Talk 25 Bluetooth Headset

It is the new edition of a product with great success, few improvements and a completely new name, with the aim of giving its owner a very high definition and extraordinary comfort. Jabra Talk 25 can indeed be used all day, choosing between the different patented EarHook and EarGel modes, for a perfect fit.

This headset is designed to work without the use of hands. Thanks to Smart Power Nap technology it allows a considerable energy saving, guaranteeing the longevity of the battery.

2. Jabra Talk 5 Bluetooth

Free your hands from driving, stay in the conference without the clutter of the phone in hand, make your conversations at any time of day, continuing to do other things.

With the Jabra Talk 5 Headset you can perform any action while answering the phone, entertaining conversations and using the Google assistance features through voice commands.

Ergonomic and easy to wear, and crystal clear sound and connects to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Autonomy up to 8 hours in conversation and up to 10 days in stand-by. Jabra Talk 5 Headset can be used with its headband, or without it.

Best Bluetooth Headsets Under $100

It is a common concept all around the globe that quality comes with price and it is somewhat true.  If you are an audiophile and want to get a quality pair of headphones on a budget, do not be disheartened. We have come up with a list of the best Bluetooth Headsets under $100 that will satisfy all your listening needs without costing a ton.

1. Jabra Motion Bluetooth Mono Headset

The Jabra Motion is a Bluetooth headset that is immediately striking for the very particular design. The ear hook and the flexible materials guarantee a perfect fit, with the audio automatically adapting to the surrounding environment thanks to the integrated motion sensor.

The headset also supports NFC technology which guarantees a quick coupling with any type of device. The Jabra Motion is also equipped with voice control.

Best Bluetooth Headsets Under $200

It doesn’t matter if you’re an audiophile looking for Bluetooth Headset under $200 to ensure that you can hear the subtlest notes in the recording of your favorite symphony or if you are a video gamer looking for a pair of headphones with a microphone so that you can interact with your fellow games, you will find something on this list of the best Bluetooth Headsets under $200.

1. Plantronics CS530 Office Wireless Headset with Extended Microphone

Leave the noise out thanks to this high-tech headset with a system of four adaptive microphones that work together to eliminate any background noise or reverberation. The Plantronics CS530 headset becomes an extension of your life thanks to the one-touch function that allows you to access the services of Google now, Siri, Cortana, and others.

The design is designed to give comfort even if used all day. Pressing a simple button allows you to activate or deactivate the audio. Bluetooth connectivity, up to 14 hours autonomy, wireless connectivity, also ideal for use on the PC for Skype and gaming.

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