Bright living room design – modern ideas and trends

Bright living room design – modern ideas and trends

When repairing a living space, color plays one of the key roles, because it can make the room more or less cozy and spacious. When designing a bright living room, you can visually expand the room and achieve a positive effect in terms of visual perception. In addition, the choice of colors is so wide that the light version will suit both traditional decor styles and ultra-modern ones.

Living room decor styles in bright colors

The most fashionable trends at the moment when decorating a living room in bright colors of any size are based on such styles as:

  • loft;
  • minimalism;
  • high tech;
  • classical.

Interior styles that have been formed over the past 100 years tend to be minimalist and simple in form. The light color is the key here – it is the soloist and does not require many additions in the form of decor and patterns. Planes of furniture, walls and floors are best performed in one color without pronounced textures.

Facade panels can be matte or glossy – it all depends on individual preferences. Textile decor – preferably monophonic, mostly in the same light shades. So that the interior does not look too uniform and even boring, color accents are allowed, but they must be strictly dosed – so they only emphasize the light background.

For a light-colored loft, you should prefer:

  • snow white;
  • light gray;
  • pale beige, which is most often used to paint walls with a thin layer over brickwork.

For high-tech fit:

  • pure white;
  • silver;
  • pale blue;
  • cool bleached light grey.

For minimalism or Scandinavian style, you can take:

  • any shade of white to which you can add a small amount of the desired tone (this is especially important for the Scandinavian interior solution);
  • light gray;
  • pigeon;
  • soft pistachio;
  • pale cornflower blue;
  • light turquoise.

All colors that differ from white and its key shades are the lightest shades of other colors. They gravitate towards either pastels or have a slightly more saturated version. Therefore, even if light blue or extremely diluted green is used, they will always look light in the interior, but only on condition that they are not further darkened by interior elements that will be executed in other shades.

When you need a classic living room design in a light style, it is best to use shades such as pale beige, cream, milky white, caramel pink, complementing them with gold decorative elements in the form of a mural.

Another option for a popular living room, which will be implemented in bright colors, is the shabby chic style. It is worth immediately making a reservation in relation to this design – it is more inclined towards the female type of room design due to the large number of ruffles, frills, and floral prints. As for the most colorful performance, all warm light shades of white are suitable for it, which is complemented by caramel pink, soft lavender and pale yellow flowers.

Wall and floor decoration for a bright living room design

In order to fully realize the design of a bright living room in an apartment, many designers begin with the selection of floor and ceiling finishes. These are the key surfaces that set the overall background. Therefore, it is extremely important for them to choose a color that will set belonging to a warm or cold range.

It is important to consider that if the floor is light, it is best to use finishes such as bleached wood for the living room or marble-effect ceramic tiles for the kitchen floor. Although the second option is sometimes used for the hall. In this case, proper heating should be provided or appropriate carpeting should be used, which should harmoniously echo the color of the floor itself.

With the walls a little more difficult – there is always a question about the possibility of using wallpaper with drawings. Therefore, if you need a living room design in light colors that will match the modern style, it is better to choose a plain wallpaper or with a subtle geometric pattern. It can be presented in the form of stripes, peas, concentric spots or zigzag lines.

If desired, hi-tech, modern or post-industrial options for finishing the room can be implemented by simply painting the walls. But in more playful design solutions, you can use wallpaper with a floral pattern. But it is important to maintain the general direction – light should prevail.

The choice of furniture for the design of a bright living room

The design of the living room in bright colors involves the correct selection of furniture. In order for everything to turn out attractive and in line with the general concept, you should follow some recommendations:

  1. High-tech room furniture should have glossy surfaces, facades should be simple in shape. Options with hidden handles and other fittings look beautiful. Everything should resemble plastic and glass, so frosted or tinted glass inserts, chrome parts or blackened finishes are allowed. The basic principle is the construction of contrast.
  2. Scandinavian style is the ultimate simplicity and necessarily cold shades. Furniture can be wooden or imitate painted wooden surfaces. Here, as in Provence, the principle of solid wood, which is painted with one coat of paint, works well. This gives the desired color, from under which the natural pattern of the tree appears. Solid pine furniture is quite affordable, but it is allowed to use artificial textures from MDF, chipboard or chipboard. This significantly reduces the cost of the product, but does not make it less attractive and suitable for a given style.
  3. But the furniture for the classic design of the living room in a light style is already a more complicated story, which will also require high costs. Distinctive features of such products are a non-standard ornate external contour, rich decoration with decorative overlays, gilding at the corners or at the necessary points, expensive fittings, carved legs and cornices in the upper part. If there are glass inserts on the facades, they should be supplemented with a pattern – this is most often a diamond-shaped corrugation, monograms with a contoured perimeter, and some other variations. The color can be either snow-white or closer to milky shades.

In any case, no matter what style of furniture is chosen, it is important that it is combined with all other interior components.

The choice of furniture is not only cabinets, dressing tables, cabinets, etc. These are also soft sofas, sofas, armchairs and couches. They should have the same shape. That is, the design of the living room in a modern style in light colors is rectangular or square armrests, simple geometric outlines, functional fabrics for upholstery, always in a single color.

At the same time, for classic variations, it is always exquisite textiles with rich ornaments, luster of satin or lurex. It is possible to use velvet, which in light shades looks not only rich, but also original. Light furniture looks beautiful, complemented by natural inlays of carved oak with inlay.

Lighting for the living room in bright colors

The design of a modern living room in bright colors should be complemented by the following types of lighting:

  • trackers;
  • built-in spotlights;
  • LED strips, which can not only be located at the top of the room, but also pass in the most unpredictable places, for example, at the bottom of the cabinet, under a special bar.

This is how modern lighting schemes are created, which must be layered to create an interesting lighting effect and illuminate all parts of the room. It is advisable to choose lamps of extremely simple geometric shapes or Edison lamps that are so popular now, which shine exclusively in the warm spectrum.

Inside they have an incandescent filament and this point must be taken into account. It is known that the “yellow” light in terms of color temperature is ideal for light colors in warm shades, but it is categorically contraindicated in the cold tone of the interior. This key rule should be kept in mind to avoid dissonance.

According to the same principle, cold light should not be used for classic interior solutions – it will be disharmonic and completely inappropriate. But beautiful chandeliers with crystal pendants or porcelain shades can perfectly support the right style decision. Here, multi-level lighting is also important, but such a solution is implemented according to a different principle. Therefore, you should not limit yourself in this design to only a ceiling chandelier: it is better that the lighting is complemented by sconces or floor lamps, which can be a decor at the same time.

Decor for living room design in light colors

The modern design of a bright living room does not require a lot of decorations. Everything should be kept in a laconic tone: original vases or figurines in the form of figures of people, paintings in the style of cubism, avant-garde or other directions. A variety of modern ideas can be used here, but better – leaning towards abstractionism.

But the classic is, on the contrary, copying natural natural forms without the slightest deviation from naturalism. Therefore, any paintings with natural or anthropogenic subjects will be appropriate, as long as their execution technique has outwardly understandable forms.

At the same time, if figurines and vases can be used not only to decorate the interior, but also to create accent color spots, the situation is different with paintings. Their frames for the design of a modern or classic living room in light colors should preferably have a light or not too dark color that will harmonize with the color of the walls.

Pros and cons of a living room in bright colors

When evaluating the general aspects that need to be followed in order to make a bright room, then you need to take into account not only color, but also other design techniques. This is primarily the selection of furniture, the right finish, the correct combination of colors in the interior. Modern ideas are suitable for those who love dynamism and an active lifestyle, while classic variations are good for emphasizing status.

Also among the advantages of this design option is the ability to make even the smallest room visually larger. Light color always expands the space.

In bright kitchens and living rooms, there are also disadvantages – such a design is less rational in terms of care requirements. But, if you choose the right materials that are not too demanding for cleaning, you can not worry about possible contamination.

In general, which way to decorate a room in light shades to choose depends on individual preferences. And the presented examples of light colors in the interior will help to decide.

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