Choosing a kitchen set: types of material and their features

Choosing a kitchen set: types of material and their features

Choosing a kitchen set: types of material and their features

The choice of kitchen sets is simply huge, but despite this, many buyers are wondering what to look for when choosing them. After all, a kitchen set should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable and functional.

What materials are used to make a kitchen set

For the manufacture of the kitchen set, chipboard, MDF, solid wood and multiplex are used. Each of these materials has certain features, which we will now consider:

  • Solid wood (solid wood) is an environmentally friendly material. Solid wood furniture looks great in the interior and is considered more durable. But this is only possible with proper care. The thing is that wood is a fairly soft material, and with careless handling, scratches can appear on the surface. And another significant drawback is the high cost.
  • Chipboard is made of pressed and glued chips. It is used mainly for the manufacture of cabinet frames and facades. The only drawback of this material is that chipboard is afraid of moisture and temperature changes.
  • MDF is made from small wood chips by pressing, after which they are impregnated with a special resin. MDF has several advantages: when compared to chipboard, it is more durable and less toxic. Accordingly, it costs more.
  • Multiplex. It is made from natural wood – thin layers glued together. In a high-quality board, at least 5 layers of wood, 4 mm thick, should be used. Despite the use of glue, the multiplex is considered an environmentally friendly and durable material, as it is not afraid of moisture or temperature changes. But in the production of kitchens it is used very rarely.
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Facades and cabinet headset

For the manufacture of facades, the following materials are most often used:

  • MDF is a pressed board made from finely dispersed wood fibers. It has excellent strength, unlike chipboard, and is not afraid of moisture. Accordingly, it will last much longer.
  • Chipboard is one of the cheapest options. It is a laminated chipboard.
  • The array is the most expensive, but at the same time the most durable and durable material.

Materials used for external coating of facades

  • A veneer is a thin cut of wood. This is an inexpensive, but at the same time durable material with good resistance to moisture and damage.
  • PVC. Its advantages include reasonable cost and a huge range of color palettes. In addition, this surface is easy to care for. But at the same time, do not forget about the shortcomings, and they are quite significant. The PVC coating is easy to scratch, it quickly fades in the sun, and is also afraid of high temperatures. Therefore, when buying such furniture, you need to be prepared for the fact that it will not last long.
  • Acrylic is the most practical material available on the market in various colors, including those with a glossy surface. Unlike the previous version, it is not afraid of direct sunlight.
  • Plastic is a budget option, presented in the widest range of colors. The color can be either plain or imitation of stone, leather and other materials. Used plastic with chipboard or MDF.

The best option is a headset, the body of which is made of chipboard, and the facades are made of MDF.

table top

The countertop should be not only beautiful, but also durable and resistant to negative factors. For its manufacture, natural or artificial stone, wood are used. Each of these options has its own characteristics, which we will now consider.

Artificial stone (acrylic)


  • Variety of colors and imitations for granite, marble and other types of stone.
  • If damaged, the surface can be restored.
  • Does not absorb water and does not deform from moisture.
  • It is very difficult to damage a countertop made of natural stone. In addition, there are practically no scratches on it.


  • It is not recommended to use abrasive cleaners for cleaning.
  • Do not put dishes that have just been removed from the stove on the countertop. As a result, a stain may remain on the surface.

A natural stone


  • More durable material. But it must be understood that durability primarily depends on the type of stone.
  • Large selection of different options. Colors depend on the type of stone. It is also worth noting that each countertop has its own unique and inimitable pattern.
  • As far as maintenance is concerned, a granite countertop does not need special care, but a marble countertop requires special care using special products.
  • Granite does not absorb water.


  • High price.
  • The tabletop has a cool surface, which can cause discomfort.
  • High price.
  • The stone does not absorb odors, but stains from spilled coffee, tea, juice, wine or beetroot may remain on the surface.

solid wood


  • The countertop, just like any other furniture made of this material, looks very nice.
  • Long service life. But this is only possible with proper care.
  • Minor scratches are repaired.


  • It is afraid of moisture and high temperatures, as a result of which the countertop may be deformed.
  • Do not put dishes that have just been removed from the stove.
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