Choosing a sofa: golden rules

Choosing a sofa: golden rules

Before choosing and buying a new sofa, there are several criteria to consider. From construction to coverage, including cushion foam and springs, here’s a little checklist of everything you need to check out when choosing a beautiful sofa, and picking out the prettiest comfy seat designs. You can buy a sofa on the furniture website by clicking on the link.

How to choose sofa size

The first selection criterion: size. It would be a shame to end up with a sofa that doesn’t fit in your living room… so ask yourself the right questions:

How much space do you have in your living room for your sofa? Take your measurements carefully and compare them to your dream sofa in the store. In a store well accentuated in space, furniture does tend to appear smaller than it really is.

How many seats do you want it to have: two, three, or six?

Finally, think about shape: do you want a corner sofa or a straight sofa?

Tip: Don’t forget to check if your sofa fits through the door of your apartment, and if it has time to turn on the stairs or enter the elevator if you plan to put it upstairs! Stupidly, we have seen sofas stuck on the ground floor with no hope of ever returning to their owner…

What kind of sofa do you need?
The second selection criterion: the purpose of your sofa. Again, ask yourself about your lifestyle and your desires…

Do you need an extra bed? In that case, consider converting the sofa bed into a bed, one way or another.
Do you have small children or pets? Remember that furniture in this case wears out much faster, and accordingly carefully choose strong, durable and dirt-repellent materials.
Also think about saving space: some sofas have armrests that can be used as storage space for pouffes on wheels. Corner sofas can also have a meridian running into a storage chest for things like throws, sheets or pillows.

What upholstery to choose for the sofa?
Leather, fabric or synthetic sofa? Dilemma. Each coating has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice is guided not only by practicality, but also by aesthetics. Aesthetically, everyone will have their preferences; the practical side, here’s what you need to know.

Choosing the Right Coating

The advantage of cotton is that it is not expensive. In addition, it does not attract dust. On the other hand, it is important to offer him an anti-stain treatment. It can sometimes be mixed with wool for a warm look.

Leather, well treated, still ages best with a beautiful patina. Best quality: full flower. Various finishes are applied to the leather, which are chosen according to the degree of durability and the desired style: aniline, pigmented, printed… Disadvantages: price and fragility to certain types of aggression, such as the claws of our four-legged friends. Finally, don’t forget to feed him regularly. Alternative: artificial leather, which, thanks to technological progress, avoids the “cheap” spirit. It’s also easier to maintain.

Velvet, very soft and with its wide range of colors, wins the hearts of the public with its noble and cozy spirit.

Nubuck and suede, extremely resistant as stains can be buffed out with sandpaper, slightly cheaper than velvet and very popular for their vintage chic look.

Finally, synthetic fabrics have been kings of the market in recent years. Less easily stained and more resistant, they are sometimes softer, with a hint of “peach skin”, like Alcantara. Check if the microfiber that caught your attention is machine washable.

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