Choosing wallpaper for a girl’s nursery

Choosing wallpaper for a girl's nursery

Choosing wallpaper for a girl’s nursery

Wallpaper plays an important role in the design of a child’s room. They allow you to create a special atmosphere that gives a great mood.

In the article we will talk about what wallpaper is suitable for a girl’s room, how to choose the right color, texture, patterns. We will also talk about the safety of materials and how you can combine different types of wallpaper.

Wallpaper color

Consider the main and most popular colors.

Orange color. This is a positive shade for cheerful and energetic girls. Color awakens fantasies, dreams, gives new impressions.

Yellow. Sunny shade, but you need to be careful with it. It is easily soiled and if the room is not large, it overloads it too much, which can cause causeless anxiety, excessive activity.

Pink color. This is a classic for years. The shade is soft, designed for romantic natures. It dulls negative emotions, cheers up.

Red color. Excites activity, induces to action. The color is hot and bright. Designed for leaders, brave and courageous people.

Green color. Relaxes, makes the child balanced and calm. This color scheme is associated with nature. The color of hopes, dreams, freshness, youth. An excess of green sometimes has a depressing effect on a child, it can lead to melancholy and sadness. Do not forget to dilute the palette with lighter colors.

Blue. Associated with comfort. The color is cooling and more often recommended for boys.

Purple. Unusual, awakens creative ideas. Use it for a room with caution. An excess of violet will put pressure on the psyche, cause apathy. Lavender shade recommended.

Blue colour. It’s a lovely celestial shade, but visually, it makes the room look smaller. The color scheme is associated with kindness and honesty. Wallpaper should be chosen correctly, busting with color can lead to a depressive mood, so you need to dilute it with other shades.

Drawing on the wallpaper in the girl’s room

Images on the wallpaper should not be intrusive and catchy, but calm and soft. Large patterns will put pressure on the child emotionally, distract. With cheerful and bright wallpaper, it is necessary to decorate not the whole room, but part of it.

Among the most popular ornaments are:

  • Flowers and plants, sun, rainbow and clouds.

  • Strip.

  • Abstraction in light shades.

  • Cartoon characters.

  • Animals, birds on a light background. It can be kittens, dogs, fairies or butterflies.

Sanderson wallpaper, Abracazoo collection — 4500 r.

Paper wallpaper on a non-woven base “Kote 274602-5” – 468 rubles.

Wallpaper Sanderson Abracazoo 214041 — 4900 r.

  • Ornaments for children.

Wallpaper with clouds makes the room airy and gentle.

Wallpapers decorated with hearts are suitable not only for little modernistas, but also for teenagers. Bright hearts allow you to give the room sophistication, make it juicy.

For active girls and romantic natures who like fairy tales, wallpapers with unicorns are suitable, and castles, flowers and other fairy-tale characters can also be depicted on them.

Wallpaper ArtHouse Imagine Fun 2 — 3690 r.

The room of the princess can be decorated with wallpaper depicting forest fairies, sorceresses. This stylistic solution is great for girls who like to wear pretty dresses, curl their curls and be modernable.

English paper Wallpaper Arthouse Imagine Fun 667000 — 3690 r.

A room with a flamingo pattern on the wallpaper will look original. They create a good mood. Suitable for girls who like animals, birds.

Wallpaper Harlequin collection Guess Who — 2690 r.

Wallpaper with butterflies give the room lightness and airiness. Such a room can be decorated with pink furniture, hang light curtains or curtains.

Princess wallpapers will appeal to dreamy girls who like to watch cartoons and movies imitating different characters.

Wallpaper with cars will be preferred by hooligans who prefer to run and jump.

Eijffinger wallpaper, Rice collection

Read about popular trends and modern wallpapers here –

Safe wallpaper materials

For a nursery, it is necessary to purchase wallpapers only from natural materials so that they cannot harm health and allow the walls to breathe. When buying, you should give preference to practicality and ease of care, because children love to create, sometimes leaving their creativity on the walls.

paper wallpaper

They are the most inexpensive and safe, allow the room to breathe.

They have many advantages:

  • Easy to glue.
  • A large assortment.
  • Allows you to hide the imperfections of the wall.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • Burn out quickly.
  • Are erased.
  • There is no possibility to wash.

If you can change the wallpaper regularly, give preference to paper wallpaper for the children’s room. A wide range of textures will allow you to choose different finishes for the room. Warm colors will look best. They are easy to re-glue, if necessary.

Non-woven wallpaper

They are made from natural materials, so they can be safely glued to the nursery. They are strong and durable, they are easy to wash off the dirt with a damp cloth.

AS Creation wallpapers, Esprit Kids4 collection — 1280 RUB


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • They can be dyed.
  • Wash well.
  • Mask cracks on the walls.
  • Breathe.


  • Small selection.
  • No thermal insulation.
  • Bad soundproofing.

Vinyl wallpapers

They are not recommended for children’s rooms. Vinyl is very easily separated from the paper base, so after children’s pranks, the wallpaper can quickly become unusable and deteriorate. It is worth noting that some kids may want to taste the wallpaper, which is not safe for their well-being. Wallpaper does not allow air to pass through, so fungus or mold may appear on the walls.

Rasch wallpaper, Kids&Teens collection — 1760 rubles


  • Strength.
  • Moisture resistant.


  • Difficult to glue.
  • Specific aroma.
  • They don’t let air through.
  • high price.

natural wallpaper

Distinguish as jute, bamboo. They are recommended to glue in the children’s room.

They are natural and environmentally friendly, and also have other advantages:

  • Excellent soundproofing.
  • Keep warm.
  • Beautiful.
  • No joints.

Among the shortcomings are:

  • High cost.
  • Dust collects.
  • They absorb odors.

The liquid wallpaper.

Great option for decorating a kid’s room. The wallpaper is safe, the texture resembles decorative plaster. They are soft and pleasant to the touch.


  • Excellent soundproofing.
  • They don’t burn out.
  • No joints.
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • There isn’t a big range.
  • Expensive.
  • They don’t wash.

It is very easy to apply any pattern or pattern to the wallpaper using a stencil. They go well with other finishes. You can read more about liquid wallpaper in this article.

Combination options

There are several ways to combine wallpaper in a girl’s nursery that transform the room, make it original and cozy.

  • vertical combination. Allows you to visually raise the ceiling. Several types of wallpaper are used.
  • horizontal combination. A classic that allows you to enlarge the room, but the ceiling seems lower. Dark colors are glued on the bottom, and light colors are glued on top.
  • Accents on walls, niche or ledge. They are recommended to be done using bright wallpaper for combination. If the emphasis is on dark shades, the wall will visually move away, if on light ones, it will be closer.
  • Panel. In a girl’s room, it can be a bright drawing, a picture with cartoon characters, or just a pattern with hearts.
  • With ceiling. Wallpaper is glued not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling. Only they should differ in color so that the ceiling stands out.
  • Patchwork. This is an original combination of wallpaper, the emphasis is on one wall. It can be decorated with different drawings, stickers, images. It looks very stylish if the wall is decorated with shreds.
  • Combination rules:

    • Wallpapers painted in the same color scheme will be best combined. The pattern may be different, but the color should be similar – pink with cream, green with salad.
    • In the room, it is necessary to highlight the main tone and combine it with bright accents.
    • The combination of patterns that will be similar, but not the same, will look unusual. Under the color of the picture, you can choose the wallpaper on another wall.

    By choosing the right wallpaper for a girl in a nursery, you can not only cheer her up and energize her, but also make the room comfortable and cozy. The child will always want to spend time in his room, a tiny world where his toys, clothes and other entertainment will be.

    Photo collection of children’s wallpapers in the interior:

    Here are modernable wallpapers for girls, which were implemented in their apartment by ordinary people.

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