Corner built-in wardrobes in the bedroom: photo ideas inside and out

Corner built-in wardrobes in the bedroom: photo ideas inside and out

Corner built-in wardrobes in the bedroom: photo ideas inside and out

A corner wardrobe is able to accommodate the entire wardrobe, some household appliances and become a real decoration for the bedroom. What types of corner built-in wardrobes are there? How to organize its internal space so that it is convenient to use it? You will find the answer to these questions in this article.

Types of built-in corner cabinets

It would seem, how many configurations can you come up with for a corner cabinet? It turns out that designers have a rich imagination. Judge for yourself.

  • L-shaped. Two rectangular sections are connected at right angles. The most spacious option, which is also very careful about the square centimeters of your bedroom. Suitable for small rooms, where every millimeter counts.
  • Triangular. The facade connects two walls with one straight line, forming a triangular niche. With a large width, it does not rationally use space. You need a good interior layout. However, a very handy option in smaller bedrooms where you need to smooth corners and find space for narrow cabinets. If you need to hide someone in a closet, then this model is the most convenient for this case.
  • Trapezoidal. Such modules are often used as an integral part of complex structures. Unlike the triangular model, it is much more convenient to place shelves, bars and storage baskets in it.
  • Radius. It is divided into concave and convex models. The former unobtrusively create additional volume. In fact, they serve as a modification of triangular cabinets. The second beat L-shaped silhouettes. Soft lines fit well with modern, hi-tech, romanticism, eclecticism.
  • Combined. Combines elements from the above models. For example, L-shaped with a wavy line of the facade.
  • With open shelves. In some models it is convenient to leave open shelves. They can be used to store books, CDs, decorative porcelain, flowers. The unusual shape of the shelves can be a highlight of the interior.
  • With mezzanines. Sometimes the height of the ceilings allows you to place mezzanines on top or on the side of the cabinet. It should be borne in mind that you should not hang them over the bed, since the module with things weighs decently. It is better to place the mezzanine on a free wall. For example, above the desktop.


The cabinet consists of a frame, facade and internal filling. Since the built-in models do not require the presence of back, and sometimes side walls, the facades can be given more attention.

For the frame, a metal profile or a wooden beam is used. Side parts are made, as a rule, from MDF, chipboard or plastic.

For built-in cabinets, you can use facades of various configurations:

  • Sliding. As a rule, lightweight plastic with or without a mirror coating is used for them. Also often found chipboard and MDF, glass. The array is rarely used, because it needs more powerful hardware.
  • Swing. Doors simply swing open to the left or right. To the above materials, you can add natural wood, metal.
  • Folding. Opened by turning around the horizontal axis of the lower or upper edge. Used to decorate small niches.
  • Lifting. They rise with the help of a gas lift. Used for mezzanines and shelves located in the upper part of the cabinet.
  • Harmonic. The facade consists of several rectangular elements, which, when opened, are assembled in the form of an accordion. For their design, any materials are used, including fabric stretched over the frame.

In addition, according to their structure, facades can be of various designs:

  • straight;
  • bent;
  • with panels;
  • smooth;
  • with inserts;
  • with stained-glass windows;
  • painted;
  • with photo printing;
  • sandblasting (monochrome and color);
  • inlaid;
  • with a milled pattern;
  • carved;
  • painted;
  • laminated.

Internal organization of space

To make things convenient to use, it is advisable to arrange them so that none of the household members has difficulty finding the desired item in the bowels of the closet.

When planning departments, you need to consider your wardrobe. How many items of one size or another, how extensive is the collection of shoes and bags.

Department height

  • For dresses, coats and raincoats, take 150-180 cm. The space remaining at the bottom will be used for storing shoes in boxes or for vacuum bags.
  • Shirts, blouses, shorts and trousers thrown over the bars will require about 120 cm.
  • For trousers hanging on clips, leave 140-150 cm.
  • Summer shoes take about 10-15 cm depending on the heel. Winter is much higher, and it will need from 20 to 30 cm.
  • Fashion for high hats has sunk into summer, so 20 cm is enough for them.
  • It is convenient to store linen and knitwear in small piles so that it is convenient to take them out and put them back. Convenient height of linen shelves 30 cm.
  • Drawers and shelves for underwear and accessories usually occupy from 5 to 15 cm, depending on what exactly will be stored.

Department width

If you’re ordering a custom-sized closet, it makes sense to measure your laundry the way you normally fold it. Each hostess has her own system. Someone prefers the Japanese way of folding things in rolls, someone traditionally forms neat stacks in the European manner.

  • Based on your personal preferences and traditions, from 30 to 60 cm are allotted for linen.
  • Suitcases and travel bags occupy from 60 to 80 cm.
  • The length of the rod for dresses and trousers is not more than 1 m. Otherwise, it is necessary to take care of its additional support from below or from above.
  • Drawers and baskets occupy from 30 to 80 cm, depending on the purpose.
  • If you like to store things in boxes, then choose containers and measure the width of the shelf, a multiple of the size of the box.
  • End retractable rods are placed in niches 60 cm wide so that the clothes have sufficient freedom and do not wrinkle.

Convenient storage accessories

shoe carousel

A great way to use deep corner niches. And just compactly store a couple of dozen shoes. You can easily browse the available stocks and choose the right model for your morning or evening outfit.

Pull-out shelf with compartments for ties and underwear

Small accessories and underwear are conveniently folded into small cells to see everything that is available. Pull-out shelves and drawers allow you to quickly make a choice and bring order to the organization of storage. Now you do not need to search through the boxes in search of the right pair of socks.

Retractable trousers

When you have a large collection of trousers in your wardrobe, it makes sense to purchase a retractable trouser rack for them, thanks to which things take up the minimum possible space in the closet. At the same time, they easily swim right into your hands. Some models of trousers are designed to automatically extend when the cabinet door is opened.

Retractable bar for trempels

End bars take up minimal space in the closet and allow you to store shirts, suits, trousers, etc. compactly. To inspect things, just pull the bar towards you, and the closet will helpfully provide you with a wide selection of stored items.

Pull-out shelves for linen

Corner cabinet allows you to make deep shelves. However, this is not always convenient. Everything that was under the back wall on the shelves is lost, forgotten and takes up space in vain. There is an exit. Just make the shelves retractable. In this case, the overview of the stored will increase significantly. You will always know what is where. And at the same time, it will be easy and convenient to get to the right thing, wherever it is.

Laundry baskets

Knitwear does not like to be disturbed once again. Transparent containers and laundry baskets help extend the life of things. To make them convenient to use, order retractable models. In this case, any man will quickly orient himself in the bowels of the closet and find the right thing without the help of his wife.

for vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are often stored in closets. All these hoses, tubes and nozzles strive to bring an element of chaos into the perfect order that you have put in place. Therefore, for this cleaning assistant, take a separate place with hook-holders for its parts. In this case, the order will be on every centimeter of your bedroom.

Shelves for shoes

Usually shoes are stored either at the bottom of the cabinet or in its drawers. However, this is not the only possible option. Take a closer look at how conveniently couples are arranged in store windows. Every one is visible. They take up very little space. Similar wire shelves can be attached to the cabinet walls. And if there are a lot of shoes, and there is a catastrophic lack of space, then you can resort to slider storage.

It would seem that you can tell about a simple closet that is built into the corner of the bedroom? It turns out that this topic, like a good series, provides food for thought for more than one article. This time we touched only on the types of corner cabinets, materials and some tricks that make storing things convenient and practical.

Built-in corner wardrobes in the interior of the bedroom

Here is an up-to-date photo selection that will show how modern corner built-in wardrobes look like in a bedroom.

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