Curtain design for a bedroom in a classic style – 50 photo examples in the interior

Curtain design for a bedroom in a classic style - 50 photo examples in the interior

Curtain design for a bedroom in a classic style – 50 photo examples in the interior

Despite the fact that fashion changes every year, curtains in the bedroom in a classic style remain in trend regardless of the time. At first glance, this is an insignificant detail in the interior of the room. In fact, if you choose them correctly, they can create a unique atmosphere in the room. In our article we will talk about the classic design of curtains for the bedroom, look at the photo of the novelty of 2018.

Classic in curtains

Often, when decorating curtains in a classic style, they are slightly diluted with modern elements. It can be an unusual fabric or some interesting decor. The choice is varied and every year designers create new, interesting options, but their shape does not change over time, they must remain proportional.

If necessary, classic curtains can shade furniture and decoration. With their help, you can dilute bright colors or make a smooth transition from one shade to another. If you choose them correctly, they will be able to highlight the texture and style of wallpaper, furniture, decor elements. Curtains in a classic style suggest a variety of design options, the main thing is to stick to the right color combinations and strict refined forms. Features of this style:


  • Accurate, strict proportions.
  • Graceful, noble fabrics.
  • The right combination of colors.


If the design of the curtains is thought out to the smallest detail, then they can become the hallmark of the room. The window in the classical style is decorated with two curtains and decorated with a lambrequin. Curtains on both sides are caught with holders or braid. Also included should be a transparent curtain made of thin fabric.

The combination of dense and thin fabrics, carefully thought-out colors, creates the impression of good quality, nobility and elegance. It is important to choose curtains that are combined with the overall interior of the room. If they do not match in color, then it will look ridiculous and ugly.


Fabrics for classic curtains should look noble and chic, so it is best to opt for satin, velvet, brocade. Also silk, shinille, jacquard, taffeta, damask are ideal for curtains. Curtains have been sewn from these materials for many centuries and still they continue to delight the eye with their expensive, noble appearance. For curtains, light, transparent fabrics that transmit sunlight well are suitable. Tulle, veil or organza is gathered into uniform folds and decorated with curtains and pelmets.

When choosing decorative elements, it is important not to overdo it with decorations, they should be restrained and fit the general style of the curtains. Traditionally, strips of fabrics and brushes are used as pickups. You can also use decorative holders made of wood, plastic, metal or other materials.

Lambrequin is not an obligatory element of classic curtains, but it is often used in their design. With low ceilings, it is better not to use it, as it will visually reduce the room. If they are high, then the lambrequin can be hung. A lambrequin with folds looks rich and solemn, sewn in the form of several canvases superimposed on each other. On the sides it can be decorated with a frill or a chill mold. The length of the lambrequin should not be more than 1/5 of the length of the curtains.


Saturated and very bright colors are not inherent in the classic style. The color scheme of classic curtains, with the right selection, can be in harmony with walls, furniture and other decorative elements. Despite the fact that the curtains in the classical style have strict, restrained colors, they look elegant and noble. When choosing curtains, you need to remember that they should not be conspicuous because of their bright color and should fit the overall style of the room.

The composition must be thought out so that all colors find themselves in the environment. For example, if the walls and furniture are beige, then the curtains should be the same color, but they should not merge, i.e. shades need to be chosen differently. Also an interesting solution can be a pattern with stripes, geometric shapes, plants, animals. For small rooms it is better not to use curtains with a large pattern, this visually reduces it.

Vertical lines will make the ceiling taller, while horizontal lines will make the wall wider. You do not need to choose curtains that have the same pattern as the wallpaper. It will be interesting to look at multilayer curtains, one of the layers of which is plain, and the other with a pattern.

Combination with curtains

For classic curtains, tulle curtains are ideal. They are airy and light, transmit sunlight well and make the room bright. Organza and veil will also look worthy against the backdrop of classic curtains.

Combination with walls and furniture

When choosing curtains, you need to build on the general style of the room, on the color of the wallpaper and furniture. The main rule to pay attention to is that the shade of the curtains should be a tone darker or lighter than the color of the wallpaper. Also, you can not choose curtains of the same color as the furniture, otherwise everything will merge together and the room will become boring and monotonous.

If the walls in the room are light shades, then the curtains are better to choose a brighter, more saturated color. It will look interesting with an ornament or pattern. You need to focus on the dominant color of the walls.

Popular trends

Actual this year will be classic curtains made from natural materials and painted in natural colors. The most popular fabrics for curtains this season are silk, linen, cotton, organza, jute and bamboo. Synthetic threads are added to linen and bamboo fabrics, making the curtains wear-resistant and durable.

This year, designers are advised to use concise and simple curtains for their homes. The main criterion is also practicality and wear resistance. From the color scheme, as already mentioned, it is best to choose natural, natural colors – green, gray, brown, blue and blue. Blue curtains fit almost any interior, they refresh the room and give it lightness and airiness.

White color also does not lose its popularity. It visually enlarges the room, makes it fresh and clean. It will be interesting to look at white tulle and pale blue curtains with ornaments.

Curtains are a full-fledged decorative element in any room, so their design should be given special attention. Designers offer a large number of interesting ideas for decorating windows with classic curtains, so everyone can find the right option for themselves.

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Real photos of classic curtains in the bedroom interior:

Here you will see examples of using curtains in ordinary apartments. Pay attention to how the style and fabrics are chosen. Harmonious combinations with furniture and curtains.

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