Curtains in the bedroom – more than 100 photos of the best new products

Curtains in the bedroom - more than 100 photos of the best new products

Curtains in the bedroom – more than 100 photos of the best new products

What colors and styles of curtains are in fashion in 2019? How to make the bedroom not only comfortable, but also cozy? These questions are relevant for many compatriots. And not in vain. Because the performance, health and attractiveness of a person depends on how intimate space is designed.

New season – what colors are in trend?

The main idea of ​​designers in 2019 is unity with nature. Therefore, when purchasing home textiles, give preference to natural natural shades. The Year of the Yellow Dog reminds us that no matter how advanced technologies we use, we should always remember that the main value is a living planet.

The color palette, presented by leading designers, comes down to a few trendy shades.

  • Blue Niagara. A pure shade perfect for Mediterranean style. Next to him you feel comfort, relax and you can forget about all your worries. At the same time, it looks unusual on light fabrics, creating associations with dense cotton jeans.
  • Yellow primrose. Juicy life-affirming shade, saturated with solar energy and positive. He makes great friends with lapis lazuli and shades of hazelnut.
  • Lapis lazuli. A deep juicy blue color with an almost imperceptible light entry into the purple zone of the color wheel. It is filled with inner radiance and is suitable for creating accent notes. Good for creating dynamics in the interior.
  • Fiery red. For the bedroom is usually not used in its pure form. However, nothing prevents you from adding passion, using it in a strictly limited amount. It will fit well into the technological hi-tech, dilute the Swedish whiteness and give liveliness to IKEA furniture.
  • Blue ice. Pure sparkling shade of cold spectrum. Will serve as a companion for the fiery red color. It fits perfectly on light textiles and greatly facilitates the visual perception of heavy dense fabrics.
  • Pale dogwood. Perfectly combined with pistachio color. It seems that it is specially created for shabby chic.
  • Juicy greens. The color of tree foliage is back in trend. He doesn’t like being around red. However, blue and yellow shades can easily make friends. Especially beautiful surrounded by radiant whiteness.
  • Pink yarrow. A powerful pink shade, similar to the color obtained from diluted potassium permanganate. Suitable for accents. As the main color overloads the space. However, it is quite suitable for charismatic energetic people.
  • Broccoli. Friendly greetings from freshly cut grass. And the opportunity to touch the world of military.
  • Hazelnut. A light brown shade that fits easily into soft, unobtrusive interiors with a pastel palette. Against its background, bright saturated colors bloom. It creates a calm atmosphere and fills the space with light.

Brown beige color

The combination of beige and brown is often found in modern interiors. The shade of hazelnut, pale dogwood fits into this concept. As accents to them, you can take pistachio and olive shades, blue, blue, milky and creamy tones as companions.

As a rule, beige is used as a neutral background on which the artist draws the main picture. In this case, the main role in this case is played by furniture or an accent wall.

What style to choose?

Curtains are usually matched to the existing style of the room. The only rule is complete harmony with other elements of the interior.


The classic involves long fabrics and lush draperies. In this case, the windows are dressed in lavish decoration, consisting of multi-layered curtains and various lambrequins.

The background forms an elegant transparent tulle. In front of him, a curtain of dense, easily draped canvases, touching the floor or falling in flowing folds, moves apart. Lambrequins play the role of a rich frame and the main accent of the composition.


Here you can move away from pomposity and pay tribute to traditions, adhering to a slight allusion to one or another era of classicism. In the first place – beauty, not devoid of sound comfort and simplicity.

Instead of complex and intricate models, you can get by with a simple set of long classic curtains with tiebacks.

High tech

Rigidity and simplicity do not interfere with the use of long models. However, there is no place for pomp and pretentiousness. What models are suitable?

  • Strict straight lines. A clear contour tending to a rectangle.
  • No soft voluminous draperies.
  • Correct geometry in texture and styles.
  • Minimalistic design.

It is allowed to use curtains on grommets, Roman, roll models, blinds and classic long canvases in a strict design.


Implies simplicity and restraint. As in hi-tech, there is no place for demonstrating luxury. However, instead of advanced technology, you plunge into the contemplation of the natural beauty of the world.

The Japanese culture that gave birth to this style traditionally uses screen curtains that slide open like closet fronts. Straight webs of fabric are held in a taut state thanks to rigid slats – weighting agents sewn at the bottom of each curtain.

Roman models with an ascetic design also fit perfectly into the strict Japanese classics.


A characteristic feature of the style is slight negligence, asymmetry and smooth lines.

For modern, multi-layered models are suitable. At least two types of fabric. At the same time, they should be softly combined with each other in color, avoiding hard contrast. It is better to beat the texture of the material, choose an interesting print with beautiful flowing lines that smoothly flow into one another.

Shabby Chic

Since the style is based on the desire to emphasize the aristocracy and presentability of the room, preference is given to expensive natural fabrics, exquisite materials and volumetric cascading folds.

Classic straight curtains, Austrian, French and Italian models can fit into this style.

Complex forms and a theatrical approach with foreground, middle and background planning are encouraged. The combination of curtains, tulle and thick curtains with lambrequins will come in handy in the bedroom of this romantic trend.

The style is demanding on colors. No dark tones. Only a gentle pastel palette.

In detail, show the former luxury of antiques.

New destinations

Next, let’s look at the photo of new trends in the design of curtains. Watch and get inspired.

  • Curtains in two colors. Stripes can be of different sizes and should be in harmony with other textiles in the room.
  • Double curtains. Give volume, adding lightness to the interior.
  • Thread curtains. Softly block out the sunlight, making the space sophisticated.
  • Gorgeous curtains. Add luxury to a classic design.
  • Several layers of identical curtains. They act as a continuation of a cozy and gentle bedroom.

For ceiling cornice

The ceiling mount looks beautiful when using classic models from light flowing fabrics. In this case, the cornice can be visible or hidden in a special niche.

Recently, more and more often there are ceiling curtains that are attached to the ceiling, forming beautiful folds. If an ordinary stretch fabric forms a flat surface, then the curtains create rich draperies that gently flow into one another.

Designers love to use them to create an atmosphere in the spirit of the mysterious east. At the same time, textiles can be easily removed, washed and hung up. If you add a canopy to the bed, you get a medieval fairy tale.

Also ceiling cornices are good for theatrical scenery with fore, middle and background. Moreover, they can stand apart from each other by a couple of tens of centimeters in space. If, of course, the room allows it.

Japanese sliding curtains have a special love for ceiling cornices. They are a carefully smoothed rectangular canvas with a rigid fixation of the upper and hard edges with a solid insert.

One side

Asymmetry is characteristic of Art Nouveau. It is also widely used in cases where you have to deal with a limited area, for example, a children’s bedroom of 9 m2.

To provide reliable protection from the sun’s rays, complement the ensemble with Roman or roller blinds. They will create an intimate atmosphere.

Curtains without lambrequin

In fact, any kind of curtains can be used without a lambrequin. This element can and should be dispensed with when the ceiling height is below 2.5 m.

How to revive the interior in this case?

  • Decorative cords. Used for pickups, interweaving and tying textiles.
  • Magnetic clamps. Produced in various styles. There are a wide variety of shapes and shades. Finding the right one for your style is quite easy with the widest selection.
  • Braid and lace. The technique is as old as the world, but still does not lose its effectiveness.
  • Decorative clips, clothespins and hooks. If for some reason you cannot use a lambrequin, let decorative accessories take over its role.
  • Play of colors and textures. Get creative. Combine different fabrics, prints, curtain heights and material textures.
  • Baguettes. Yes, they may well replace a lambrequin. Select the appropriate model for the overlay on the eaves, and replace the missing element with it.

New curtains in IKEA

Scandinavian style from IKEA is the epitome of simplicity, lightness and environmental friendliness. The new collections are released in an updated color scheme that includes trendy shades of 2019.

Color trends

Noble beige remains relevant regardless of the newfangled trends. In addition, it fits perfectly into the palette characteristic of the year of the Yellow Dog.

Companion to him is fiery red, sapphire and the color of blue ice. They match perfectly. Just like in the photos of breathtaking sunsets.

Curtains with tack

The romantic mood of Provence and the Mediterranean is easy to emphasize with the help of tacks and magnetic clips. The colorful colors of these curtains will fit perfectly into the delicate Shabby Chic.


Delicate flowing lines of the print draw the eye and help to create a light, relaxed atmosphere.

Narrow curtain

Japanese sliding canvases are perfect for decorating balcony blocks. You will be sure that the curtain will not break, accidentally catching on the door. A rigid weighting bar guarantees an even tension of the curtain and provides it with a perfect look.

Whatever style you choose for the interior, there is always a rich selection of curtains for every taste and budget.

Modern Ideas

And now let’s look at some interesting ideas on how to beat the curtains in the interior.

  • Make curtains in one tone with the wall. This type of room looks noble and elegant.
  • In one tone with a bedspread. Such a tandem will give a fragrant and gentle atmosphere.
  • Modern curtains will make your room more fashionable and unique in its own way.
  • Unusually beaten curtains in front of the balcony will add zest to the interior.

Photo selection of beautiful curtains in the bedroom interior

See photos of the new 2019 curtains for the bedroom and catch inspiration. Choose your style and direction.

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