Curtains in the living room (photo 2019) – 105 modern ideas

Curtains in the living room (photo 2019) - 105 modern ideas

Curtains in the living room (photo 2019) – 105 modern ideas

Curtains play an important role in the arrangement of the living room. Properly selected curtains can fit into the interior, comfortably adjust the lighting and visually change the size of the window. With their help, you can emphasize the advantages and reliably hide the flaws of windows and walls.

To follow the fashion, it is often enough to update the curtains. You have to follow fashion trends every year so that the living room always looks modern and stylish. In 2019, there is a huge range of curtains, and in order to always stay in trend, you should familiarize yourself with current design trends.

What’s trendy in 2019?

This time the focus is on minimalism, naturalistic models. This applies to both one’s own appearance and the environment, especially home interiors.

Fashionable curtains for the living room are a simple cut, combined with a laconic composition.

The main task of modern curtains is to be functional and practical. However, maintaining a cozy and warm atmosphere in the living room is equally important.

Curtains in the hall should be airy and light. Pay attention to a few photos of new products in 2019.

At the peak of popularity, gray curtains.

Curtains in the hall without a lambrequin.

Beautiful curtains with drawings are also relevant.

Curtains of two colors are also used.

The main trend of this year, the curtains in the hall on the ceiling cornice.

A popular direction is the curtains under the ceiling cornice with a stretch ceiling.

The fabric seems to flow in the air, making the space weightless.

What style to decorate the window opening

Before you move on to choosing fashionable curtains, you need to take care of the interior as a whole. Currently, several areas are popular in which the modern design trend will fit perfectly:

  • Minimalism. The naturalism and simplicity of curtains will look great in a room decorated in a minimalist style – neutral white or gray shades that look both cozy and modest.
  • Scandinavia. The Scandinavian style is characterized by similar neutral colors, occasionally diluted with contrasting black. Heavier curtains will look better here.
  • Classic. A strict but solemn style, for which heavy curtains with a complex cut made of high-quality and durable fabric are suitable.
  • Provence. You can create the illusion of a comfortable “house in the village”, diversify the curtains with embroidery or handmade, use tiebacks.
  • High tech. A very modern style characterized by a cool blue and white color scheme and light, sleek curtains.
  • Eco style. Preference is given to cotton or linen fabric for curtains. Curtains can be without a pattern or with images of the natural environment – landscapes or animals.

Having chosen the most suitable style and having designed the interior as a whole, you can proceed directly to the choice of a specific type and design of curtains.

How to choose fabric

When choosing a fabric, it is important to pay attention to three things – material, texture and color. They should be combined with each other and with the overall interior of the room.

Material and texture

Naturalism is in fashion, and therefore the advantage is given to high-quality natural material. This year, curtains made of linen, silk, high-quality satin will be popular. To create a feeling of luxury, you can use velvet or woolen fabric, velor.

Bamboo fiber curtains are a simple and practical solution. For a romantic and gentle atmosphere in the living room, taffeta is ideal.

Fashion dictates its own rules and today it offers to diversify the interior using textured fabrics for curtains. In modern design, a large number of fabrics with a rough surface are offered, a prime example of which is rough linen curtains.

Curtains with contrasting textures will look modern. For example, a smooth satin fabric embroidered with a three-dimensional pattern will look fashionable and stylish. The same effect can be achieved by combining silk tulle with velor curtains.


The color scheme of curtains for the living room can offer a lot of variability. Neutral shades that go with most modern styles never go out of fashion.

Beige, olive or coffee curtains in the living room look cozy and modest, do not irritate the eye and create a comfortable atmosphere. Classic black and white colors do not lose their relevance, especially in combination with each other. Paired with textured black curtains, smooth white tulle can go.

The most popular this year will be various variations of white curtains. White-blue, milky and vanilla shades.

In second place are natural shades: pale green, sky blue or blue, turquoise. Of the darker ones – the color of cherries, plums, milk chocolate.

Brighter colors should not be used in their pure form, but as a shade. With their help, you can decorate neutral curtains with a more contrasting and bright finish, or use them as a print.

Popular models of curtains for the living room this year

One of the most common types of curtains in the coming year are French curtains. They convey the cozy and romantic atmosphere of a small cafe. With such curtains it is most convenient to regulate the lighting. They can close half of the window, softening and scattering the sun’s rays penetrating the room. It is the muted light that creates a unique romantic atmosphere.

For such curtains, a neutral white color or a simple pattern, in the form of polka dots, squares or small flowers, is best suited.

For a spacious living room with lots of free space, you need a lot of light. Pastel French curtains made of organza or silk are suitable for such rooms. Thanks to the wavy folds, these curtains look both sophisticated and luxurious. This type is ideal for a living room decorated in a classic style.

Roman blinds, combining elegance and simplicity, fit perfectly into modern trends. They allow you to adjust the light entering the room at any time, easily lowering and raising the canvas to achieve optimal lighting.

Roller blinds are another popular destination. Roller blinds are a narrow roll, fixed on top of the window opening, which unwinds and turns into a full-fledged curtain. Bamboo fiber blinds have become a designer novelty. Looks good in small, cozy living rooms.

Japanese curtains, which are several identical pieces of fabric, look quite simple and stylish for a naturalistic interior. Suitable for both tight and spacious spaces.

Also, curtains located on the sides of the window opening have regained great popularity. This is a classic, practical option that is suitable for any living room. Additionally, they can be decorated with functional or decorative accessories.

Accessories for curtains in the living room

In a modern interior there is always a place for well-chosen accessories. Today, simplicity and practicality are in fashion, so you should first of all choose functional jewelry.

  • Holders or pickups. A wide variety of holders allows you to choose the right accessory for any fabric. These can be eyelets, loops or straps made of various materials, with which you can easily adjust the lighting of the room.
  • Brushes. They give a complete look to the composition and create an emphasis on the window space. With their help, it is easy to dilute the monochromatic colors of the curtains, to make them a little brighter and more vibrant.Lambrequins. They are used mainly for decorative purposes, giving the curtains a certain shape. You can create a variety of compositions to update the situation a little at the right time.

Even more ideas for curtains with a lambrequin for the hall

Ribbons and fringes are also used for decoration. The main thing is not to overdo it, so that the curtains retain some simplicity, and the living room – a cozy, homely look.

New curtains in the interior of the living room:

Next, you are presented with photos of modern curtains in ordinary apartments. Here you can draw inspiration and bring ideas to life in your territory. Light, airy curtains will add softness to a large living room, bright floral prints will accentuate and complete the overall look of the room.

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