Decorating the hallway with decorative stone and wallpaper: photos of unique solutions

Decorating the hallway with decorative stone and wallpaper: photos of unique solutions

Decorating the hallway with decorative stone and wallpaper: photos of unique solutions

In our article we will talk about how you can decorate the walls in the hallway with artificial stone and wallpaper. And we will also give photo examples, talk about modern ideas and design styles when this type of finish is used.

On the advantages and disadvantages

Finishing benefits include:

  • harmony with any style;
  • a huge range of textures, shapes and colors;
  • originality;
  • easy maintenance and long service life;
  • wall decoration in this way is not difficult;
  • the stone is not predisposed to infection with fungal formations;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • light weight.

Cons of artificial stone:

  • shorter service life relative to natural material;
  • some samples, made of soft material, quickly take on a worn look;

If you correctly select this decorative element, then the listed shortcomings will remain in the shade. To protect against negative environmental influences, its surface is treated with a special impregnation or varnished.

The combination of artificial stone with wallpaper

Decorative stone is unique in every way, and any type of wallpaper will be in harmony with it. In order for them to serve for a long time, you should choose high-quality canvases. Liquid wallpaper is perfect for the hallway.

You can also use paper, non-woven or glass.

Paper material is cheap, it is easy to glue on the walls, it lends itself well to coloring.

Non-woven wallpaper has a porous structure, it is easy to hide any bumps and cracks under them. They are also durable and hold up well to staining.

Glass fiber is favorably combined with decorative stone, as it has a relief surface.

Wallpaper will look good. It is important that they match the selected stone as much as possible.

With what color of wallpaper is it better to combine stone?

  • With plain light wallpaper (white, blue, beige)
  • With dark shades (brown, purple, dark gray)
  • Light wallpaper with a delicate pattern

Color solutions

Most often in the modern design of the hallway, beige, gray or brown shades are used.

To visually increase the space, light shades are used that imitate marble, granite, quartz or pebbles.

For a dark stone finish, it is better to choose light wallpapers.

The best option would be if the wallpaper is taken two tones lighter than the stone.

Various bright colors are also relevant.


The entrance hall creates the first impression of the home, and therefore it is very important for her to choose the design. Consider design options where the duet “stone + wallpaper” is used.

Modern style. Chooses a white stone for brick and light wallpaper.

Eco style. Shale rocks are used here.

Urbanism. Uses brick tiles.

Classic. Decorate the walls with marble or granite.

Country and Provence. Use gray, brown stone of different shapes. In combination with ordinary wallpapers, photo wallpapers and frescoes.

Not infrequently, “street lamps” are added to such an interior.

Interesting ideas

So, let’s see what can be done to unusually beat the walls with decorative stone with wallpaper in the hallway?

  • Apply uneven edges to make the walls look voluminous.
  • Install spotlights to emphasize the cladding.
  • Add various decorations to the wall. Mirrors, paintings, fakes and compositions will be used.
  • Create a living space.
  • In the classical direction, put a stone on the columns, emphasizing the general surroundings.
  • Hang shelves to store small things.
  • Artificial stone on the arch

    A popular option for using stone in the interior of the hallway is lining the passage to different rooms with stone. By connecting your imagination, you can choose the best option for yourself.

    The decoration of the opening looks exclusive if the brick in some places goes to the wall.

    The arch can be made in any color and style.

    You can lay out one side of the passage with a stone.

    Or put a stone around it.

    Photo examples in real apartments

    Below are some successful examples of repairing the corridor of ordinary people who have chosen this finish for themselves.

    Video: Master class on finishing the opening with a flexible decorative stone EcoBrik

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