Design ideas for a combined bathroom with a toilet

Design ideas for a combined bathroom with a toilet

Design ideas for a combined bathroom with a toilet

The current construction market is rich in finishing materials suitable for zoning space in the bathroom. The range of partitions for separating the shower from the washing machine or toilet is very wide. Now any design issue can be solved without neglecting the functionality and rationality in the interior. When equipping a bathroom, many people have the problem of installing a washing machine in a small room. How to combine all the techniques and not create a feeling of clutter is worth considering in more detail.

Design of a combined bathroom with a toilet and a washing machine: photo

In old Soviet houses, the concept of a combined and comfortable bathroom is very vague, especially when a large family lives. If it is not possible to distinguish between zones inside the bathroom, functionality is sometimes neglected, but not at the expense of amenities. It’s good when the bathroom is spacious and there is freedom of choice, how to fit everything you need and not count every centimeter. But most often the bath is a small room where not a single wall is empty.

Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the arrangement of all furniture, it is convenient to arrange plumbing, a washing machine, sometimes replacing a spacious bath, for example, with a shower.

To create style and expressiveness, it is best to follow some rules:

  • choose furniture and appliances in a compact format;
  • use the walls as a base for attaching equipment;
  • apply lighting, zoning the space;
  • choose the texture of materials without intricate patterns;
  • adhere to a single style in furniture design;
  • equip shelves for storage;
  • free up space from everything that does not fit the interior and clutters up the overall picture;
  • find a convenient location for the washing machine;
  • create free movement inside the bathroom.

On a note!

In order not to spoil the design with the wrong location of the washer, toilet or other furniture, it is worth considering the scale of the visit and the layout of communications.

The standard placement of all pipe connections allows several options for arranging all equipment:

  • The bathroom is located behind the door along the wall. Washbasin – as soon as they enter the bathroom. Here, on the other hand, there is a toilet in the corner. And for the washing machine, the place remains only at the third wall.
  • The bath is placed along the smaller wall. There is a washbasin next to it. Directly below it is a washing machine. And on the other hand – a toilet with a hidden drain tank.
  • Planning in one line for a combined bathroom is almost impossible due to the small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bathroom.

The design style of the combined bathroom is varied. If the room is spacious, you can choose:

  • neoclassicism;
  • classics;
  • modern;
  • English;
  • Arab.

A feature of all styles is considered spaciousness and lightness. They need more space. All styles have their own features:

  • For the Art Nouveau style, glossy textures, smooth lines and shapes are chosen.
  • The classical style involves gilded elements, stucco, monograms and the spirit of wealth.
  • In Arabic or Moroccan styles, the emphasis is on the colors of the cladding, and plumbing should be neat and elegant.
  • Minimalism is well suited for a bathroom of 3 sq.m., where you can install a small washing machine. Actual absence of complex patterns and solid colors of decoration. Most often, the “washer” is made hidden under the facades of furniture.

On a note!

Materials for finishing the bathroom allow for variety, but they must be functional and suitable for this particular room, taking into account the constant humidity.

Design of a small combined bathroom with a toilet

The combined bathroom has advantages in terms of convenience and functionality:

  • Many options for zoning space.
  • Creating any single style for the entire bathroom.
  • Profitability. The consumption of materials is reduced compared to if the toilet was separate. No second door required, one wall missing.
  • Simplified sewerage system and supply of all communications.

In terms of area, bathrooms average 5 sq.m. If the room is more spacious, then there are more creative ideas. This is where the decision in what style to develop the design follows.

The classic style can be fully revealed on an area of ​​8 m². Modern, minimalism and other similar styles are more restrained in colors and fullness. They rely on the functionality of the placement of all equipment.


A functional feature of small bathrooms is hidden drawers and shelves for storing household items.

All colors are selected based on relevance and practicality. Featured in 2020:

  • emerald;
  • clay;
  • neutral monochrome tones;
  • beige;
  • Ivory;
  • light pink.

The zoning of large bathrooms with bright colors remains relevant. For example, this way you can highlight the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe washbasin or shower cabin.

Bathroom design options in Khrushchev

The problem of creating a design with comfortable and compact furniture and plumbing in Khrushchev is limited space. In old houses, residents remove the common wall, which allows you to increase the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bathroom and place all the appliances in it.

This room in the apartments serves as a place for relaxation and self-care, and sometimes a lot of time is spent there. To make being in the bathroom even more comfortable, you should understand the design.

You need to start compiling a design project by measuring the area with a tape measure. At this simple step, it will be visually clear whether all the equipment that is planned to be delivered will enter.


Viewing ready-made design solutions can also be considered a mandatory item.

First, the arrangement of the main equipment is considered, then the issue of decorative trim, cabinets and hidden shelves is decided.

There are a lot of plumbing variations and choosing the right format is easy. Plumbing can now be in a hinged format, which will save a lot of space. In Khrushchev, corner-type bathtubs or a shower cabin are often installed.

Be sure to take measurements correctly, because in a small room every centimeter plays a role. In order not to be mistaken in measurements, it is better to invite designers and workers who will directly deal with the repair.

It is known that for convenient placement of all elements of the bathroom, large spaces are needed. In a limited area, some amenities are difficult to combine. A good alternative to save space is a shower cabin.

On a note!

It not only saves space for installing additional equipment, but also is an incentive to replace old pipes and other communications.

Design ideas for a combined bathroom with a toilet and a shower

Tightness is not a reason to give up comfort. There are many trendy designs to decorate your bathtub. And one of the solutions is to install a shower cabin instead of the usual bath. The undoubted advantage of the shower can be considered harmony with any design:

  • As in the living room or kitchen, the bathroom should follow the same style. Since the cabins themselves are simple to implement, they work well for a minimalist style. The design of the combined bathroom with a shower cabin and a washing machine differs from the usual options for a bathroom.
  • A suitable style for a bathroom with a shower is high-tech. Discreet and unobtrusive, but at the same time functional, it is well suited for placing everything in it.
  • The loft style involves a combination of wooden textures and metal structures. A glazed shower cabin with metal inserts will elegantly complement the design. In this style, you should not clutter up the space with partitions.
  • Scandinavian style combines home comfort and simplicity. Shades of finishing materials are most often pastel colors, and the emphasis is on patterned mosaics and tiles. Scandinavian style lighting is soft and subdued. Decorative elements in the form of rugs, baskets with towels are acceptable.
  • The classic style uses a shower cabin made of glass and completely open. The colors in the classics are restrained, the finish is made in white, gray and light blue tones. The use of natural materials, such as stone or marble, is encouraged.

Summarizing all the ideas for bathroom design, we can conclude that in any style, even a small space is trying to visually enlarge and hide all the appliances behind furniture facades, without cluttering up the room with everything at once.

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