Design of a kitchen combined with a living room and a dining room in a private house: photo ideas

Design of a kitchen combined with a living room and a dining room in a private house: photo ideas

Design of a kitchen combined with a living room and a dining room in a private house: photo ideas

For owners of private houses, the issue of landscaping the internal space is often a question. The most important aspect is the kitchen-living room-dining room. Since usually these three rooms are combined into one. In our article, we will tell you how to choose a design, show photo examples in interiors and successful planning projects.


When planning the kitchen-living-dining room, it is necessary to think through everything to the smallest detail in order to create a comfortable environment in the largest room of the whole house.

Below are the successful layout options that were made by experienced designers.

Large kitchen-living rooms

Kitchen-living room 51.6 sq. m. Made in a modern style, with eco accessories. A glossy kitchen with a marble touch makes the space elegant and expensive.

French kitchen-living room dining room 40 sq. m. The living area is separated by an original white brick wall. Transparent chairs do not clutter up the space. A particularly significant item here is a functional U-shaped kitchen.

The project area is 57.9 sq. m. The space is divided into two zones: cooking and eating. The kitchen has access to the terrace, which also provides a place for a meal.

small living room kitchens

Project 39 sq. m. made in the style of minimalism. Combined kitchen, living room and hallway.

Layout of the kitchen-living room 34 sq. meters – Art Nouveau style. The cooking area is visually separated from the living room with a bar counter.

Kitchen-living room 31 sq. m. in a modern style. This project uses a lot of light, glossy surfaces and trendy furniture.

Design of a kitchen-living room in a private house in the photo

Next, we will go through the most popular design trends in a private house. And everyone will make a certain conclusion for themselves.

Provence style gives a truly good atmosphere and comfort.

Loft loves large spaces, it is considered a practical style solution.

Classic never goes out of style, easy to match with any color palette.

Scandinavian style involves a minimum of decoration and a maximum of decor. Pillows, plants, paintings, accessories, dishes will be used.

Minimalism for lovers of simplicity and “nothing more”, only the most necessary.

Modern style absorbs the latest fashion trends. For example, a white brick wall, glossy surfaces, light shades, lots of light, natural materials.

Hi-tech chooses a cold range of tones, combining it with fashionable attributes.

Modern symbolizes everything new, fashionable and functional.

Country, due to its simplicity and naturalness, is conducive to home gatherings and sincere conversations. Likes small floral prints, polka dots or plaid.

Zoning options:

We have collected for you relevant options on how you can fence off different zones among themselves: work, rest and dining.

  • Brick fireplace.
  • Partition. We have a separate article that contains all the necessary information about this type of zoning.
  • Bar counter.

Beautiful interiors

Look at interesting examples of how ordinary owners of a private house could equip their rooms.

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