Design of a small bathroom without a toilet

Design of a small bathroom without a toilet

Design of a small bathroom without a toilet

A bathroom of 3 square meters is often found in Khrushchevs, in one-room apartments and studios. The interior of such a room should not only contribute to relaxation, but also be as comfortable as possible. Today we will tell you how to create a cozy oasis of beauty and solitude in a small area.

Rules for successful planning

Bathroom interior 3 sq. m. should be carefully thought out. What design rules should be used when planning it:

  • Designers do not recommend using a wide range of colors for finishing the bathroom and accessories. As a basis, you should take 1-2 colors that complement each other. Light pastel colors will help visually expand a small bathroom. Dark saturated shades will reduce the space, focusing on its small area.
  • The front door must not open inwards. The swing structure can be replaced with a sliding one. Such a door will not take up space either inside the room or in the corridor.
  • A small room should be well lit.

In order to provide enough light in the bathroom, designers advise using spotlights.

  • Neat, not bulky shelves for storing the necessary little things are placed above the bathroom or above the sink.

The main rule when planning a bathroom is 3 square meters. m. is to ensure that each meter is used to good use.

Bathtub or shower – what to choose?

Let’s figure out what is more suitable for a small bathroom without a toilet?

First of all, let’s look at the advantages of shower cabins:

  • significant space savings;
  • relative safety – modern cabins are made from special several materials that reduce the percentage of injuries;
  • more economical water consumption compared to a bath;
  • additional functions allow you to listen to the radio or answer calls while taking a shower;
  • some shower cabins use aromatherapy and make therapeutic inhalations;
  • are easy to install and have the necessary components that allow you to use different installation methods.

There are also disadvantages:

  • high-quality models with a wide door cannot always be installed in bathrooms with a small area;
  • functionality depends on the water pressure;
  • the appearance of white plaque on the walls and doors of the cabin, which can only be removed with regular care;
  • high price;
  • do not give the opportunity to relax, soaking in fragrant foam.

Now turning your attention to standard bathtubs.

Benefits of installing a bathtub:

  • providing a pleasant pastime after a long day at work;
  • simple care;
  • low cost, in relation to acrylic bathtubs;
  • a large selection of materials from which different models and shapes of bathtubs are made.

Bath Disadvantages:

  • takes up a lot of space;
  • over time, inexpensive models can develop scratches that detract from the appearance.

If at least one of the family members likes to spend time in a relaxing bathroom, then a shower cabin cannot replace it.

Having estimated all the pros and cons, everyone draws a conclusion for himself what to use in his space.

Where to put a washing machine?

Let’s look at the options for placing equipment:

  • Place the machine under the countertop next to the sink. Space savings and good access to water pipes make this option a versatile solution that can be implemented in a room with a shower cabin. Small shelves and drawers for small items are placed above the washing machine.
  • If there is no cabinet under the sink, then a washing machine can be placed there. In order for the open door of the machine not to interfere during washing, the equipment can be moved to the right or left.
  • Near the shower.
  • Provided that in a small bathroom it was possible to place the car in a special niche, then its height should be used to the maximum. Above the appliances, you can hang a cabinet for storing body care products and household chemicals.

There are few options for placing a washing machine in a bathroom of 3 sq. m. Especially if the owner of the premises preferred a massive cast-iron bath, which occupies half the space.

Color solutions

Airiness and lightness of a small room will give a harmonious combination of pastel shades. Designers do not recommend combining more than 3 colors when decorating a room. Interspersed with small geometric shapes and natural vegetation will visually expand the room and give it originality.

A traditional snow-white shade in a small bathroom will look noble in combination with beige. This room looks unobtrusive and stylish. It will always have a sense of order and cleanliness.

Another successful combination for a small bathroom is a combination of shades of gray. The color of wet asphalt will be nobly complemented by dusty gray or river mother-of-pearl. To match the main tone, elegant fittings for cabinets and faucets are selected.

An interesting and unusual option is the use of a darker tone of ceramic tiles to decorate one of the walls of the room. In a small bathroom, it is not recommended to tile the walls with large tiles. Such a finish will look bulky and visually reduce the space.

Shades of fresh greenery will give the space comfort and beauty. Delicate green tones in a small bathroom are combined with floral patterns. Green color is well set off by rich brown shades. They will not visually expand the space, but will give it good quality and originality. With green tiles, furniture made of natural wood and accessories made of clay and stone look harmonious.

Dark shades will visually reduce the area and add intimacy to the atmosphere of the bathroom. For this, indigo and dark blue finishing materials are suitable. These tones will soothe and relax while taking water procedures.

The walls of a small bathroom in bright turquoise color will look laconic and festive. Adding snow-white shades to the interior will add mystery to it. A white door made of natural wood, a beautiful bathroom and a ceiling well lit with spotlights will be a harmonious addition.

Design Options

According to the designers, to design a bathroom 3 square meters. m. different styles can be used.

Always up-to-date classics will help visually expand the space by cladding the walls with pastel-colored tiles. Shelves and cabinets made of natural wood will fit into the interior, provided that you choose a small size.

For the modern trend in the interior is characterized by minimalism. Laconic shapes, clear geometric lines and the absence of a large number of accessories are the best solution for a small area.

Strict and stylish minimalism will help solve the problem of efficient use of space in a small room. The absence of unnecessary details and each item in its place are the distinctive features that are characteristic of this direction.

Recently popular Scandinavian style involves the use of light colors for interior decoration. Unusual floral patterns on the tiles and original accessories will help make the bathroom interior memorable.

The loft style is rarely used for the interior of small rooms. One of its characteristic features is the wall cladding with natural stone or brick. If you paint the walls white, then the space of a small bathroom will expand.

The choice of Provence interior style will be a good solution for a bathroom of 3 sq. M. Delicate pastel shades of lavender and lilac will create an atmosphere of cleanliness and freshness in the room.

8 modern ideas

Designers offer many ideas for improving the space of a small bathroom. Let’s look at the main ones:

  • Use the space under the bath.
  • A washbasin with a bedside table can become an indispensable assistant in freeing up space.
  • Install a practical shower.
  • Use built-in appliances and panels that successfully mask it.
  • Make the most of niches.
  • Refresh the interior with well-chosen color schemes.
  • Add modern accessories to the interior.
  • Use mirror surfaces. This technique will visually increase the space.

Photo collection

A bathroom of 3 square meters, with the right design, can become a real gem of an apartment. To do this, it is important to think over the interior to the smallest detail and choose harmonious color combinations for its design. See competent photo examples in our selection.

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