Design of hallways in an apartment – modern ideas 2019 in the photo

Design of hallways in an apartment - modern ideas 2019 in the photo

Design of hallways in an apartment – modern ideas 2019 in the photo

In our article, we have collected all the popular trends and modern ideas of 2019 regarding the design of hallways in an apartment. All this is accompanied by photo examples.

Fans of any style can take advantage of the principles of ergonomics and the findings of experienced designers.

Fashion design trends for the hallway

The design of the corridor in the apartment uses the directions presented below. We look at the photo and choose a style.
Modern style uses white brick, light colors, lots of light. You can add white upholstered furniture and wooden objects.

The classic style chooses openwork attributes, beautiful accessories, durable materials.

The high-tech style for the hallway primarily implies clearly defined lines and the use of spotlights.

The loft uses decorative bricks, wooden details. Gives the impression of a spacious garage.

Provence will make the hallway gentle and cozy.

Scandinavian style loves solid colors combined with patterns in certain areas. For this direction, functional furniture, open spaces, bright inserts are used.

Minimalism likes to expel everything superfluous from the room and let in more light.

What color to make the hallway?

Next, take a walk through the photo gallery and look at the current colors:

The white hallway is the most popular trend this year. White, used as a base for walls, the color of furniture, cabinets.

The gray corridor, due to its practicality, has long been used in apartment interiors. How to combine gray color read here –

Red is chosen by lovers of originality.

The blue color also speaks of an outstanding taste. It can act as a highlight of the interior of the apartment as a whole.

A beige entryway is a classic option and the choice of many people.

Black will become a mechanism for supplying high prices, with a touch of brutality.

Read also about the actual colors of furniture in the corridor:

  • Oak;
  • Nut;
  • Wenge;
  • Ash.

How to choose wallpaper for the hallway?

Today there is a huge selection of different wallpapers on the market. Read about how to choose them, tips, practical recommendations in our article here.

Below are some interesting options.

The Golden Rule of Ergonomics

Regardless of the style chosen, furniture should follow a simple set of rules.

  • Hold all necessary items for storage. Choose a headset with enough volume to fit all sets of casual outerwear. If you plan to store any other items in the hallway, then provide enough space for this. The classic option is the closet.
  • Leave enough space for you to walk freely. The minimum safety distance is 90 cm.
  • Give freedom to the movements that you perform when changing clothes and shoes. It all depends on the state of health and complexion of family members. Do they need a place to change shoes? Can a broad-shouldered man take off his coat without hesitation? How much space do you need for everyone to take off their shoes?
  • Provide unhindered exit of people from any room in an emergency. Even the most beautiful and expensive furniture should in no case interfere with the opening of doors from bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. If the trajectory of the movement of people passes through the corner of the headset, make it rounded to avoid injury.
  • Be safe for users. Provide reliable fastenings for mezzanines. Take care in advance of durable embedded elements in plasterboard walls during repairs. Purchase furniture made from quality materials. Ask for certifications to make sure you don’t have to inhale toxic fumes.

How to hide furniture in a small hallway?

To visually expand the space, you can use a simple design technique. Even bulky furniture can be hidden, making it easier for visual perception. There are a few simple tricks for this.

  • Position volumetric elements above or below eye level. We usually estimate the size of a room by the free space, which is at head level. At the same time, a long row of mezzanines is able to accommodate the contents of a large closet. The same goes for chests of drawers. At the same time, sliding facades do not take up space when opened, and with them there is no risk of hitting your head on the sharp corner of the door.
  • Soaring nightstands. Not every wall can withstand this. However, if it is possible to hang a chest of drawers, the impression of levitation is created. The free space underneath provides convenient one-swipe cleaning and extra shoe storage.
  • In the color of the walls. Mimicry is a favorite technique of designers when you need to hide the volume of a large closet. Let it merge with the walls. Highlight with color only the part that is easily perceived. This will help to visually reduce the dimensions of the headset and “push the walls” of the hallway.
  • A game of contrasts. Light shades of the eye are perceived as closer. And the dark ones create the effect of a niche.
  • Mirrors. Any surface with a mirror surface can double the space. The only rule is not to place the mirrors against each other. Avoid the corridor of reflections.

What to do to make the hallway look light and spacious?

If possible, you should abandon the usual cabinets. They create an impressive volume, which is quite difficult to disguise in narrow corridors. All visual effects are leveled by a narrow passage. For this reason, it is desirable to use open systems.

What to do so that clothes do not clutter up the hallway?

  • End rods. With a depth of 40 cm, they can accommodate up to 6 coats and jackets. At the same time, all clothes will hang compactly and beautifully. And in order to level the depth of the structure, one single facade with a full-length mirror is useful. Since the sides of the clothes are open, you can easily find the item you need.
  • Shelves. Replace the usual shelves from chipboard with glass. The hallway will become more spacious in an instant, and you will save the necessary space for gloves and chargers. If you are afraid that the glass will break and injure children, place the shelves not along the walls, but across. If you combine the end shelves with the end hanger, you get a super-compact set about 1 m long. At the same time, it will also fit a seat, a galoshnik and several boxes for cosmetics and keys.
  • Frame. An ordinary wooden frame can become a stylish element in the interior of the hallway. Especially when combined with a hat rack. Place 6-8 hooks and a barbell on it. And at the bottom put a plank under the shoes. As a result, you will get a compact and roomy hanger that occupies no more than 80 cm of space. It can easily fit 6 coats, 4 jackets and a couple of handbags.
  • Hanger stepladder. Modern styles value free space and slight negligence. Therefore, stepladders and ladders are often used as furniture. The bottom shelf for shoes is the widest place in this design. At the top, it narrows in the form of a frame leaning against the wall. If necessary, you can make a small shelf at the top. And hang a mirror or a writing board above it.
  • Jackets down. If you do not wear long coats and raincoats, for short down jackets and jackets, place the hooks below eye level. This will give you the space you need. Especially when the walls are decorated in light colors. Even better – hang a large mirror in the vacant place.

Floor hangers – can they be used in narrow hallways?

Racks with hooks can look very compact. It is not necessary to build hangers around the holder. They can be located on both sides. In this case, the hanger will take up a minimum of space.

Banquettes with built-in hanger are ideal for small families. If guests come to visit, a bar under the hat rack will come in handy for their clothes.

With different lengths of outerwear, there is no need to make one tall wardrobe. It is enough to put a floor structure made of pipes. In this case, you can independently adjust the height of the bar. This makes it possible to lower the clothes to an acceptable level and free up part of the wall.

These options look especially good in the loft style. Suitable for urban interiors like grunge. In this case, water pipes will serve as the material.

Shelves and hooks transformers

The smooth surface of the wall creates a sense of order and cleanliness. In addition, the protruding elements do not form additional volume. When the hanger is free, it is a flat module.

If necessary, any hook can be brought into working condition, and it will take up space

Such designs fit perfectly into any style from hi-tech to a log house. The main thing is to choose the right material from which the hanger is made.

If you have a maximum of a couple of coats and the same number of handbags in your hallway, use luminous lamp hooks. They are plastic or wooden handles like door handles. Only on an enlarged scale. Under the decorative “hat” hides the LED backlight.

Such a model will save clothes and serve as a night light.

If we develop this idea further, then instead of ordinary round circles, mirrors of different sizes can be used as a decorative element. Thus, the issue of placing a mirror surface will be solved and, due to reflection, the border of the hallway will be blurred.

For minimalist interiors, models with built-in glasses are suitable. They can be mirrored, transparent or colored. The main thing is to achieve visual lightness.

The unusual shape of the wire hanger levels the volume and helps to make it almost weightless.

If you desperately need a large number of hooks, then turn the hanger into an art object. For example, in a stylized head of a deer or elk. Horns are a great way to fit a lot of clothes in a small area.

Narrow slats with built-in hooks take up little space, allow you to store clothes in tiers and look stylish.

Do you have outerwear made of delicate fabrics that do not like contact with a hard surface? In this case, upholster the chipboard sheet with soft material and cover with leatherette. Give your hanger a royal look. This option will fit perfectly into a classic interior. Especially if you complement it with a beautiful frame with a gilded baguette.

If you still really need a large number of open shelves, get creative with this issue. The zigzag looks much easier than the usual comb of parallel lines.

Use images with perspective. It can be photo printing, painting, stencils or vinyl stickers. Anything. Just to make the guests believe that the walls have no boundaries, and behind the facade of the cabinet lies a whole world with waterfalls, quiet streets and beautiful landscapes.

In 2019, spacious stylish hallways are in modern, which can be comfortable and beautiful, regardless of the number of square meters.

Photos of new hallways in the apartment:

Video: Design trends in the hallway

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