Dressing room layout ideas


Dressing room layout ideas

During repairs, there are often problems with the placement of things. I want to fit everything: winter things, summer things, shoes and everything else. But few people know how to do this if the apartment or house is small. To put everything you need in the dressing room, you can consider the option of organizing it in the hallway. So it will be possible to place both outerwear and shoes. If you think over the design of the dressing room in advance, you will get a comfortable and cozy space.

Dressing room and trendy hallway layout ideas


The dressing room in the hallway is convenient. First, you don’t have to wear outerwear around the house to put it in place. Secondly, all things can be stored in one place. You can go into the wardrobe in your pajamas and come out fully dressed and ready to go.

On a note!

The dressing room should match the overall design of the house so that the doors or plasterboard wall do not stand out, but are part of the design.

Small dressing room

It is important to devote enough time to planning inside:

  • All hangers, shelves, hooks and cabinets should be easy to use.
  • The bars can be placed at different levels: so they will be accessible to both adults and children.
  • It is better to allocate a place for seasonal clothes on the upper shelves so that warm sweaters do not get in the way at hand in the summer. And vice versa, so that light dresses do not hang next to the down jacket.
  • To avoid clutter in shoes, a locker is also needed under it.
  • It is better to divide the closet into sections with summer and winter shoes.
  • And, of course, complete the design with a mirror. It is better if it is in full growth. Because getting closer to a large mirror and looking at something close is not a problem, but moving away from a small one is not very convenient.
  • Walk-in closet

    The corner option is a convenient solution. But in such a room, it is easy to make a mistake in the placement of shelves, which can lead to an irrational distribution of space.

    You can arrange a room along the wall and leave it open. These will be shelves, hangers and lockers without partitions and doors.

    On a note!

    This is convenient, but with one nuance – in this version there should always be order. All things are in plain sight, and the slightest carelessness will violate the aesthetic component of the interior.

    Dressing room ideas

    If you do not want to leave the shelves open, you can arrange the wardrobe in the form of a large closet with hinged doors. Inside, place rods and shelves in the middle, drawers at the bottom and several upper shelves for seasonal clothes that need to be removed for several months.

    Small dressing room: how to place everything in an apartment

    Even in a small apartment I want to make a dressing room. But if there is so little space that it is not possible to allocate a department for these needs, at least with dimensions of 2×1.5 m, you should abandon this idea. The room may not be very comfortable. For a small apartment, the most convenient solution would be the location of the wardrobe along the wall.

    Small dressing room

    On a note!

    To save space, the doors can be made sliding. Then everything will look like a deep closet.

    A mirror can be placed on one of the doors to rationally use the space inside. In this case, all things can be placed in a room with dimensions of 2×1 or 2×1.5 m.

    Beautiful dressing room

    Don’t forget about lighting:

  • If this is a full-fledged room, there should be light.
  • To save space, you can use spotlights. Several small lights on the ceiling will be the main source.
  • Next to the mirror, you can hang a sconce or, if it suits the style, purchase an option with lamps on the frame. Get an additional light source.
  • If you decide to place the mirror on the door or outside, you can add a stylish floor lamp that will not interfere with the manipulation of things.
  • As a result, it should be light enough to see all the small details.

    Dressing room layout with sliding doors

    Small dressing room

    Sliding doors are suitable for any undertaking. They save space, if only because you don’t have to think about how convenient it is to open the door. Before installing them, you need to pay attention to the nuances:

  • The doors are fragile. If you do not use sliding structures too carefully, they will easily loosen.
  • Sliding doors allow odors to pass through more easily. Therefore, so that clothes do not acquire unnecessary aromas, it is better to place them away from the kitchen.
  • Sliding doors are convenient for large rooms, for example, with dimensions of 3×1.5 m. Each leaf goes into its own niche, opening up space. The design is easy to use, but difficult to install.
  • Sliding doors are the most popular option. In this case, one door runs parallel to the other, opening a passage. On such a canvas, you can place a mirror, which will also save space in a small room.
  • For more spacious rooms, folding doors are a good option for a minimalist style. The canvas in this case is folded in half and moved away.
  • Doors “accordion” are similar to folding, differ only in the number of folds themselves, which move either to the right or to the left.
  • The most expensive option is roto doors. In this case, the structure can be opened to either side with the help of a mechanism. The disadvantage of this idea is that the door leafs take up a lot of space. Therefore, if the room is small, it is better to consider other options.
  • On a note!

    The price of the door depends not only on the mechanism. The materials from which the structure is made are important. The cheapest options are chipboard and MDF. If these are combined structures made of metal and plastic, the price will be higher.

    Small dressing room

    The glass doors are beautiful. They can be matte, glossy and colored. It is not necessary to buy original doors in the same Leroy Merlin, you can decorate the glass surface in several ways:

    • film;
    • UV printing;
    • sandblasted pattern;
    • stained glass.

    The strength of the glass ensures the safety of such doors. But, even if they are broken, a special film will hold the fragments, and they will not scatter throughout the room.

    5 interesting design solutions

    Walk-in closet

    If there is a lot of space, you can give free rein to your imagination and make a whole dressing room in the house, with a mirror, dressing table and lots of hangers and shelves. The main thing is to build on the available space and do not forget about lighting, because you need a dressing room, and not a dark closet or attic. Design ideas:

  • Wardrobe showcase. If you decide to make an open dressing room, you can make it even more interesting. For example, by adding transparent doors. In this case, you can hang a curtain made of thick fabric to cover the entire room if desired. Such a dressing room will look like a real modern boutique.
  • Wardrobe instead of a wall. An interesting solution, suitable for loft or high-tech style. This can be arranged in an apartment with a free layout and separate one room from another with a storage room. Doors fit any, as long as they match the general style. You can separate the bedroom in this way, for example, from the hallway, and put glass doors, and hang curtains inside, so that there is still a feeling of a wall, if necessary.
  • openings. If there is not enough space, but you still need to place things, you can use doorways as a place for things. So, rods are placed above the arch, on which things will hang, and closer to the floor – shelves or cabinets. Close open areas with doors, then there will be less dust on clothes. To make it easier to get high-hanging things, you can add a ladder leading to the mezzanine.
  • Balcony. If the balcony room is closed and it is warm there, you can place a small storage room in it for everything you need. Both open shelves and a full-fledged closet will be appropriate here. The doors are already there, so you just need to plan the filling.
  • Curtains. You can not build new walls for the wardrobe, but simply hang curtains made of thick fabric. This option will replace a large closet, which is not bad for a small room. To create the feeling of a room inside the wardrobe, it is better to stretch the cornice at a distance from the shelves and other things. In this option, you get a full-fledged pantry, which will be well lit in the open, and if desired, closed with curtains from outsiders.
  • Arrangement of a dressing room

    The dressing room in the house is the most convenient format for storing things. You can place a room both in the hallway and in the bedroom or office, if any. It is not easy to arrange it in a small apartment, but with proper planning, you can get a wonderful room that will fit all the things of the owners.

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