Features of the design of a bedroom with a dressing room – advantages and disadvantages

Features of the design of a bedroom with a dressing room – advantages and disadvantages

The luxurious or modest design of the bedroom with a dressing room also pleased our grandparents. The idea, in general, is not new, but in the current conditions, when the owners of mansions and apartment buildings are trying to improve the attractiveness of their living space through renovation, a non-unique style solution looks completely different and inspires pleasant feelings.

Bedroom with dressing room – advantages and disadvantages

Zealous connoisseurs of Eurostyles need to know that the design of a bedroom with a dressing room is not always an unambiguous decision, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Pros:

  • Convenient arrangement of furniture. It organically fits into the interior and is combined with other items.
  • The necessary things – suits, dresses, outfits are arranged in compartments and are always nearby. It will save time on getting dressed, changing clothes.
  • Modern designs of spacious, massive wardrobes will eliminate the need to purchase a dressing table separately. Representatives of the weaker sex will be more pleased with this.
  • The interior design of the bedroom with a practical, beautiful dressing room looks complete.

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It is useful to add the possibility of a rich selection of furniture to the list. A variety of models offered to domestic consumers are distinguished by a wide color palette, sizes, unique style, convenient shelves, niches, built-in and drawers.

Modern furniture factories produce large, roomy wardrobes. Therefore, many lovers of cozy bedrooms refuse to purchase traditional wardrobes designed to store men’s, women’s clothing, and shoes. The list of current trends includes the creation of maximum comfort while saving free square meters. That is, a bedroom with a dressing room of trendy design, as in the photo, would be the best solution.

The design of a bedroom with a dressing room in a modern style has characteristic disadvantages:

  • Massiveness of objects. Such assembled furniture looks flawless, but takes up enough space, that is, it is problematic to squeeze the set into a small bedroom.
  • Redesign option. Some owners of living space, in order to install a dressing room, remove a non-permanent wall – they make redevelopment, which is associated with certain difficulties.
  • furniture features. If the model does not have lockable wardrobes, clothes may collect dust.
  • Some designs are equipped with a blind door. An obvious plus can turn into a minus when a specific smell appears inside. The way out is the installation of supply and exhaust ventilation.

The ergonomic solution to the problem of storing men’s and women’s clothing is not to everyone’s liking. In order for the design project of a bedroom with a dressing room to look good, and large, high furniture elements do not visually press, it is necessary that the room was initially spacious.

Features of the layout and zoning of the bedroom with a dressing room

A dressing room is usually called a set of furniture installed for storing personal items. Features of the layout of the bedroom when buying a headset are taken into account, because they will affect the choice of model and the proposed functionality. If square meters allow, cabinets are placed near the walls in a special niche prepared in advance. Less often – opposite the installed partition, but in this case it will be possible to accommodate only a compact headset. It is more suitable for small bedrooms.

Immediately after assembling the dressing room, the owner of the apartment thinks about how to make zoning. The correct division of the functional areas of the room means a stylish look and comfort of use.

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Zoning options:

  • backlight;
  • sliding, transparent doors;
  • carpets, rugs;
  • wallpaper;
  • racks;
  • folding decorative partitions;
  • podium.

Zoning of a large or small bedroom with a dressing room is carried out depending on the size of the room, current opportunities and aesthetic tastes of the owner of the living space.

Style solutions for a bedroom with a dressing room

It must be pointed out that a bedroom with a dressing room, regardless of the design of the furniture, can be isolated and walk-through. The specifics of the layout and features of the headset model provide the owner of the living space with the opportunity to choose the design style:

  • If open shelves and drawers are provided, it will be possible to hide the contents of the wardrobe from prying eyes using curtains. The cornice is installed under a wide horizontal beam so that it is not visible.
  • You can be proud of high-quality, stylish clothes if they are made according to the patterns of leading stylists. Two transparent blocks installed in the bedroom remotely resemble a showcase, but they are involved in the arrangement of accents and look very expressive.
  • Using a loggia as a dressing room is a good solution, provided that it is separated from the bedroom by a wall. The purchased elements of the headset are taken out, installed depending on the style decision, and the sleeping room is decorated with a large bed.
  • When the room has an elongated layout, it must be divided into several sections. Then the owner of the apartment will be able to equip the walk-in closet with built-in wardrobes and solve the issue of storing personal belongings.
  • Owners of country houses are often sophisticated when redevelopment in order to adjust the proportions of the rooms. If the bedroom turned out to be triangular, it is wise to use tall cabinets – from floor to ceiling.

The list of interesting solutions includes the location of the wardrobe behind the bed. Zoning of functional areas is carried out with screens, sliding partitions.

Among the most fashionable style solutions is the installation of a corner, hidden headset. The modern design of the bedroom with such a dressing room looks expressive and attracts attention. The practical location is great for small rooms, and a sliding door provides access to personal belongings. Another good option would be a walk-in wardrobe between the bedroom and the office. In this example, free space is easy to organize and use the living space to the maximum.

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Finishing options for bedrooms with a dressing room

Modern capacities produce a wide range of finishing textures used in decorating bedrooms. Therefore, a connoisseur of Eurostyles will be able to choose:

  • wallpaper;
  • photo wallpaper;
  • 3D wallpaper;
  • plaster (textured, structural, Venetian);
  • decorative panels;
  • tiles;
  • laminate;
  • paints and varnishes;
  • artificial stone, etc.

When choosing a finish, it is necessary to take into account important points. The shape, texture, color of the decor should be in harmony with the color of the furniture.

The dressing room in the bedroom, as in the photo, will be distinguished by sophistication, and the design will attract attention if soft wall panels are mounted at the head of the bed and neon lights in bright colors are arranged at the top. On the left hand there will be a large dressing room, and on the right side there will be a small classic table for cosmetic procedures.

High-quality photo wallpapers with neutral patterns can also decorate a sleeping room. Laminate, parquet are usually placed on the floor, and the ceiling is made with decorative transitions. The walls are decorated with moldings, and the gaps are covered with wide white skirting boards.

The use of decorative panels is considered a justified step. The walls of the room, decorated with high-quality natural wood finishes, will look exquisite. It is necessary to pay attention to the environmental safety of natural material, which is important for a night’s rest. As an alternative, it is useful to recommend decorating the walls with Venetian plaster. “Palace” decoration will allow the owner of the apartment to feel like a propraetor, Caesar in Ancient Rome.

Ideas for a dressing room in a small bedroom

Arranging a dressing room in a tiny bedroom presents some difficulty due to the small area. Experienced designers recommend choosing furniture according to certain rules:

  • purchase a set of light shades, with mirrors;
  • provide for the height of the cabinets with the necessary condition that it reaches the ceiling;
  • choose the light color of cabinets, doors, shelves, so that the dressing room looks neat;
  • use the space in the drywall wall to make a built-in structure.

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The features of a small room allow you to organize storage next to the head of the bed. Furniture elements are located to the right, left, above the bed, and closed doors significantly improve the style of such a solution. A small shelf nailed between the cabinets will allow you to conveniently store all kinds of accessories.

The open design of the dressing room saves a small amount of space and looks unaesthetic. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase models where doors are provided: thin, sliding and transparent (stained glass, semi-matt). With an uncomplicated stylish technique, it is easy to beat the shortage of square meters and achieve the best decorative effect in the bedroom. Alternatively, when an open dressing room still attracts attention, you can use a screen.

When the bedroom design is limited to 20 sq. m., the issue with the dressing room is solved by arranging a “room in a room”. If the door interferes, you will have to make a small redevelopment and move it to another place, having previously created an opening. The cabinet must be positioned so that it balances the proportions of the room, that is, in a rectangular room, it should be placed close to a short wall. If you attach it to a long partition, the bedroom will look like a tunnel. It is important to use every square meter here, so it is recommended to draw on paper the location of all furniture in advance.

Ideas for a large bedroom with a dressing room

Practically every connoisseur of exquisite styles can successfully arrange a dressing room in a large room. Curious design ideas are full of numerous features, when a place for clothes and shoes is given against a wall, in a characteristic niche or a separate assembled room. Many owners of cottages, when designing a house, try to allocate a sufficient area to the dressing room. It becomes more like a room and is able to accommodate all personal, family things.

A successful feature of the interior is considered a narrow bedroom. With a non-standard layout, it is easy to fence off part of the space and equip a dressing room. Arranged furniture in a large space looks advantageous. But in order to increase the style of the headset and be able to easily find suits, shirts, it is advisable to take care of installing internal lighting. Small decorative screens will allow you to add comfort and coziness to the bedroom. They also do an excellent job of zoning.

Organizing a dressing room in the bedroom is easy. The main thing is to think over everything in accordance with the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room and, based on the results, purchase a furniture set. Before buying, it is advisable to arrange the furniture visually, using a pencil and a blank sheet or a computer program.

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