Gray wallpaper in the interior: 150 photo combinations

Gray wallpaper in the interior: 150 photo combinations

Gray wallpaper in the interior: 150 photo combinations

Gray wallpaper is the current trend of recent years. We have prepared an article for you in which we have collected all the modern ideas on how to beat this color palette in the interior. We will talk about the features of gluing, photo combinations with various furniture, curtains and floors.


Wallpaper in gray tones can be plain or with a pattern. In the photo examples in the interior, look at the variety of color combinations.

Light gray wallpaper gives the interior freshness.

Dark gray wallpapers look noble, they are usually diluted with light furniture and attributes of pastel shades.

Gray-white wallpapers are suitable for metal fittings, stone countertops, dark interior items. They dilute the image with house plants, paintings, bright accents.

Gray beige wallpaper will fit perfectly into the delicate interior of the bedroom, children’s room and hall.

Gray-blue walls are diluted with natural elements, exclusive details.

Gray blues fill the room with a marine atmosphere, used in the living room and kitchen.

Gray-green can be beaten for calm and strict interiors.

Black and gray finishes are an achromatic tandem that is used for minimalism and functionality.

Grey-pink wallpapers create a romantic look that fits in perfectly with classic and modern styles. The feeling of a flower garden is conducive to relaxation.

Gray-brown wallpaper gives a cozy atmosphere, goes well with wooden furniture.

Grey-yellows create original images due to their intensity and brightness.

Red-gray combinations are used in spacious rooms and act as accents.

Gray lilac emphasize the overall image, acting as a soft contrast.

Gray-violet shades will dilute a simple interior. Easy to match with any style.

Gray turquoise energizes, looks interesting, combined with dark furniture finishes.

Gray wallpaper with a pattern draws attention to the walls. It can be light patterns that act as an additional decoration of the room, or a bright accent of the whole room.

And so, let’s look at the photo examples:

Floral ornament.

Large and small flowers.

Geometric patterns.



Wavy lines.


Combined options with gray wallpaper visually separate different areas in the room.

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What curtains are suitable for gray wallpaper?

Further about which curtains to choose for gray wallpaper.

  • Light curtains do not burden the space, make it more airy.
  • 2. Linen curtains give naturalistic eco style.

    3. Make curtains in one color with wallpaper, an original solution for a bedroom and a small living room.

    4. You can choose curtains that are a few shades darker than the main background of the room. This solution looks presentable and elegant.

    5. Harmony with textiles will indicate the creativity and design taste of the owners of the apartment.

    6. Roman blinds, due to their practicality, will suit any style and color scheme.

    7. You can beat the curtains to match the color of furniture and accessories.

    Gray wallpaper in the interior of different rooms:

    Having chosen gray for the walls in the apartment, let’s see how they will look in different rooms.





    Living room:


    Combination with furniture:

    When talking about how to choose furniture, first of all pay attention to the sofa.

    The color of the sofa can be light, dark, colored. You can read about how to combine gray color in our article –

    Bright furniture will easily fit under the gray background: armchairs, chairs, cabinets.

    Light furniture in combination with metallic, silvery accessories will also make an interesting tandem.

    Further examples of gray wallpaper with shelves and a TV. Practical solutions for large rooms.


    Under gray wallpaper, a laminate of dark or light shades is most often used.


    Light coloured.

    Design with gray wallpaper

    Below is an overview of different styles, combined with gray wallpaper.








    Eco style.



    Some more interesting examples of gray wallpaper in the interior of the apartment.

    Photo selection

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