Hall 16 sq m in the apartment

Hall 16 sq m in the apartment

Hall 16 sq m in the apartment

The living room is the main place in the house where the whole family gathers in the evenings and guests on holidays, so it is rightfully considered the center of the entire home. Not all apartment owners are lucky enough to have a spacious room. Today we will tell you how to equip a 16 sq m hall, decide on a design and make it modern and functional. See photo examples in the interior and draw conclusions.

Helpful Hints

The design concept of the living room should create a cozy and warm atmosphere, for this you need to work separately on some elements of the room:

  • Since the living room is the main relaxation room for the whole family, its design should create a pleasant and unobtrusive atmosphere.
  • Lighting needs to be carefully considered.
  • In the hall, it is better to use delicate, matte colors in order to make it pleasant to relax in the room after a hard day’s work.
  • Furniture must be chosen correctly. Functionality and practicality – that’s what you need to pay attention to when buying furniture.
  • It is better to buy curtains in warm shades so that they let in a lot of light.
  • The decoration of the room should be in harmony with the rest of the interior elements.
  • Furniture should be distributed evenly over the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room.
  • No more than three primary colors should be used in the living room.
  • It is necessary to use the entire free area, leaving no empty corners. So from a small room, you can make a spacious living room.

In the hall with an area of ​​16 sq.m. you need to correctly arrange all the objects so that each design element performs its function, and does not litter the room. The living room can be divided into several sections, combining it with a working area or dining area. Zoning the living room is suitable for very small rooms in which there is no space for a dining room or study.

Choosing the style of interior design for the living room, you need to think through all the details, taking into account your needs. For the elderly, a minimalist style room is more suitable, while for young and active people, a bright, cheerful interior is needed.

corner sofa

The corner sofa is a functional and practical design element that creates an individual style in the living room. With it, you can zone the room into separate areas and create an extra bed for guests. The advantage of a corner sofa is that it is convenient to accommodate a large number of people on it. Thanks to this, you can save space and refuse chairs. There are many corner sofas in various shapes that are designed specifically for small square or rectangular spaces, they are comfortable and practical to use.

Brick wall

A brick wall is a very fashionable solution in the interior of the premises. The right combination of brickwork with furniture and decoration can create a unique atmosphere in the room. Loft style is suitable for lovers of daring and modern design. This style is characterized by a combination of a brick wall with pipes running around the perimeter of the entire room, bare wires, wooden beams on the ceilings and walls. Furniture in a room with brickwork should be light to create contrast.

Fireplace in the interior of the living room

The fireplace has the ability to turn even the smallest room, with a simple interior, into a warm and cozy room. In a room with a small area, it is better not to install a wood-burning fireplace, as this can lead to difficulties with its maintenance and installation. In addition, in small apartments it is very dangerous to use such fireplaces.

For small spaces, the best, and most importantly safe option is an electric fireplace. It is easy to install, heats the room well and is absolutely safe for children and pets. If in the designer’s idea the fireplace plays only a decorative role, then a false fireplace is ideal for this option to decorate the room.

Read more about the fireplace in the living room interior here – https://desmyhome.ru/gostinaja/interery-gostinoj-s-kaminom-99-udachnyh-foto/


Choosing the style of interior design for the living room, you need to think through all the details, taking into account your needs. For the elderly, a minimalist style room is more suitable, while for young and active people, a bright, cheerful interior is needed.


This style involves the use of concise details and neutral colors (black, white, gray). Minimalism is characterized by a simple and expressive design, using natural materials and simple shapes. The living room in this style should contain only the most necessary and functional furniture. Large windows, lots of sunlight and a feeling of spaciousness create a unique atmosphere in the room. A minimalist living room can be diluted with bright details, such as pillows, flowers or paintings.


Ethnic style is the use of any household items that are inherent in the traditions of a particular country or nationality. Ethno style is a very broad concept, covering a large number of areas, the most popular of which take their roots from Mexico, India, Japan, Morocco, Egypt and China. This style does not reflect modern design trends, but the culture and customs of these countries in antiquity. The three most popular ethnic styles are described below.

The design of the living room in the African style is very popular. This direction includes the use of wooden African masks, wicker furniture, paintings depicting wild animals or animal skins instead of a carpet in the interior.

Moroccan style is suitable for active and bright people. It is dominated by colorful colors, a large number of curtains, pillows, canopies. Openwork design elements, bright colors and scented candles are ideal for decoration.

In the design of the Japanese ethnic style, neutral colors (black and white) predominate. You can decorate the living room with Japanese masks, hieroglyphs, paintings depicting the culture of the Japanese, geisha figurines and fans.

Classic style

Classic is a universal style that will be appropriate in any room, even in the smallest. The interior of the classical style uses only natural materials. Furniture and walls should be delicate, matte shades. The classic involves the use of a large amount of wood and natural fabrics. The classic style living room should have the right lighting and large spacious windows.

This year’s trends

Making a small room is not an easy task, because everyone wants to have a practical and stylish interior at the same time. How can all this be combined on an area of ​​16 sq.m? And how to turn a small living room into a spacious and trendy hall? There are some secrets that will visually enlarge the room, make it spacious, bright and stylish.

  • This year, the design of the hall in bright colors is in fashion. To solve the problem of a small area, you can use a large number of mirrors. This method will not add square meters, but it can visually enlarge the room.
  • The trend is now the minimum number of decorative accessories, large windows, light curtains that let in a lot of sunlight and flowers.
  • The ceiling of a simple design, light shade – this is what is ideal for a hall of 16 sq.m.

These tips will help turn a small living room into a stylish and spacious room where the whole family will enjoy spending time.

New items in the interior

In 2018, neutral colors and pastels will be relevant. A new trend in the design of the living room is gray. The interior uses all shades of gray, ranging from almost white to graphite. Light gray color visually enlarges the space, which is a plus for small spaces and can be combined with any shades.

This year, in addition to gray, green will be in fashion. This color calms, extinguishes negative emotions and helps to concentrate. Green color can be added to almost any finished interior, it can be pillows, vases, flowers, decorative ornaments, carpets or paintings.

The trend is geometry, in all its manifestations. It can be geometric patterns, curly tiles, wall shelves. Interesting furniture, original shapes and colors come into fashion.

Every year, fashion changes and new ideas for interior design appear. But there are a few design styles that will never go out of style. Minimalism, classics, eclecticism, ethno, eco-style – these are win-win options that will always be in trend. Having decorated the hall in a certain style, it can always be supplemented with some fashionable novelties, such as exotic flowers, bright accessories or other decorative elements.

Creation of a stylish interior in the hall 16 sq.m. – it’s not easy. Each design element needs to be carefully considered. The main rule in the design of small rooms is a minimum of furniture, more light and heat. This is the only way to turn a small room into a spacious, cozy and comfortable living room.

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