Hall design 20 sq m in the apartment in the photo examples

Hall design 20 sq m in the apartment in the photo examples

Hall design 20 sq m in the apartment in the photo examples

The hall is the main room in the apartment. This is a place where friends or relatives get together, celebrate holidays. In modern apartments, living rooms with an area of ​​\u200b\u200babout 20 square meters are most often found. m. This is the standard size of the room, which leaves enough room for imagination to create a unique modern design. The room can be used as a whole or divided into several functional areas. With the help of various pieces of furniture and decor, you can play with space, visually making it more spacious and lighter or highlighting romantic darkened corners.

How to arrange?

20 sq. m. is a relatively small space, and it is desirable to use it to the maximum. There should not be a lot of unnecessary things here, it is better to give preference to the most functional furniture and decorative elements that visually increase the space. When planning a room, it is best to follow a few tips:

  • Window. The number of windows in a room greatly affects the perception of space. With two windows, the hall will seem more spacious and brighter. To save space, you can place all low furniture next to the windows – sofas, a desktop or a dining area.
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  • Lighting. It is advisable to use several light sources – a chandelier, a floor lamp, a wall sconce. In order for the hall to be a universal place for work and leisure, it is better to create several levels of light and use them depending on the situation.
  • Room shape. If the room is square, you can use its central part to arrange all the necessary things. For an elongated room, only the location along the walls is suitable. The rectangular hall is ideal for separating zones.

For storage, it is better to use a closet. Particular attention should be paid to built-in models that can be placed in a niche. Sliding doors take up a minimum of space, since there is no need to specially leave room for them to open.

A few tips for owners of a living room with one window:

  • More light.
  • Use glossy coatings that reflect light and mirror surfaces that visually expand the space.
  • Mirrors should be placed along the side walls or in darkened corners.


What if the hall should combine a place for receiving guests, a dining room, a library or an office. In this case, it is best to divide the room into separate zones.

You can zone a room using multi-level floors or ceilings, different light sources, different finishing materials or pieces of furniture separating sections. To achieve the maximum effect, you can use a different color palette, but do it so that all the colors in the room are in harmony with each other.

The most important thing for the dining area is the table. For a square room, a round table is best, and for an elongated one, a rectangular one. To save space, it is better to use sliding models. In the reading nook, to save space, you can make built-in niches for books, use cabinets with sliding doors or open shelving.

Sometimes the living room has to be combined with the bedroom. In this case, the bed should be placed away from the door and create a comfortable darkened atmosphere. The bed can be separated from the rest of the room with a screen or a special curtain.

Which style to choose?

Shown below are examples of decorating the hall in a modern style. Various options that you can implement in your apartment.


  • Characterized by freedom in space.
  • Small and functional furniture is used.
  • Preference is given to models of transformers and built-in appliances.
  • Monochromatic shades or unobtrusive patterns of lines are used.
  • Paintings, carpets, illuminated shelves, indoor plants or a small aquarium can serve as decorative elements.


  • Classic style is ideal for lovers of luxurious and symmetrical spaces.
  • In such a hall there can be a fireplace, a large crystal chandelier in the center of the room, a variety of shelves and chests of drawers, antique vases and figurines.
  • You can use curtains made of heavy fabrics, curtains.


  • The Scandinavian style is vaguely reminiscent of the classic, but without excessive luxury.
  • Furniture made from natural materials is arranged symmetrically, which is especially well done in a square-shaped hall.
  • Soft pillows and carpets make the room feel like home.
  • The interior can be diversified with various vases or paintings.


  • Ecological style dictates the use of natural materials in everything, including decoration.
  • The color scheme should also be as natural as possible.
  • You can decorate the room with living plants.

Color spectrum

When decorating any room, it is very important to choose the right color. In a hall with an area of ​​20 sq. m. You can use a large palette of shades. To make the room seem more spacious, it is better to use neutral light shades, such as gray, white and blue, cream or beige.

Often modern rooms are decorated in dark colors. To prevent the room from looking too gloomy, additional light sources are used. You can paint the walls in black or dark blue, and place lighter furniture or decorative elements in the room in contrast.

For eco-style, you can use all the shades found in wildlife. These are delicate sky-blue colors, lavender, fiery red, dark cherry, terracotta or swamp green.

Colors can be advantageously combined with each other to make the design look original and stylish. The contrasting combination of white and black is always in fashion. It is suitable for an interior decorated in a classic or Scandinavian style or modern.

Fans of bright colors can combine other matching colors, observing only one rule: warm shades are well combined with warm ones, and cold ones, respectively, with cold ones. For zoning the room, you can use different colors in certain parts of the room, but all colors must be combined with each other to create a harmonious composition.

Photo in the interior of a real apartment: a living room of 20 sq m

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