Hallway Design 2022 – Modern Trends and Interior Ideas

Hallway Design 2022 – Modern Trends and Interior Ideas

They are greeted by clothes. Relatively little attention is paid to the design of the hallway, this is a walk-through service room, but it is this link between the outside world and the house that sets the first impression. Let’s see what modern trends have affected the decor of the hallway in 2022.

Hallway design in modern style 2022

A modern hallway manages to become a full-fledged room, thanks to a carefully thought-out layout and functionality. This room is designed to be as comfortable as possible, which is why minimalist design styles are so valued in 2022. There shouldn’t be anything extra. Priorities today:

  • smartly organized space,
  • ergonomics,
  • warm, cozy, well-balanced design.

The design in 2022 is still influenced by some features of the room:

  1. The wallpaper in the hallway is resistant, easy to clean. Suitable decorative plaster, paneling.
  2. The floor covering is resistant to abrasion, repels dirt, and is easy to clean. Use linoleum, tile, porcelain stoneware.
  3. Combined entrance hall. Studio apartments have long combined not only the kitchen and living room. The modern design of 2022 strives to save space in the apartment as much as possible. Just a convenient system of shelves under the stairs, an area with hooks, hangers and drawers in a small passage can act as a hallway.
  4. The unity of functionality and decor. Examples of hallways in the interior can be very spectacular, but this is achieved with a minimal set of purely decorative means.

Heaviness, redundancy, deliberateness and too straightforward details came out of the interior fashion. No need to lay out shells on the table, it is better to achieve a marine impression with carefully selected shades.

Hallway styles 2022

Current styles of the hallway interior:

  • Minimalism. The stinginess and austerity of this style is offset by color contrasts, intriguingly selected lighting and the quality of finishing materials. Furniture in simple straight lines, as closed as possible, like on a spaceship. Mirrors – without frames, often large, mirrored walls and niches are actively used. Fashion trends are slightly moving away from pure minimalism, mixed options are welcome, for example, with modern style.
Hallway Minimalism style
  • Provence. This style is more often chosen by owners of country houses than apartments. But you can also use mood elements in the apartment. For example, wood-look wallpaper, an old-fashioned floral drapery or a trestle bed with a fun olive-beige striped upholstery. The interior design of a Provence-style hallway can be very simple: plain white furniture with a minimum of decor, olive or dark green panels, lots of brown, in 2022 it is not necessary to create the mood of a Swiss village by turning to lavender tones and porcelain figurines. The main thing is to keep the main signs of style: naturalness, simplicity, warmth, natural materials and shades, and at the same time royal grace in decoration and details.
  • Classical. Elegance and respectability. The design of the hallway in the apartment 2022 in a modern classic style can be very cozy and individual. Shades of straw and dry grass, engravings, custom-made furniture, nostalgic floor lamps will add zest and reflect the romantic character of the owner. In a classic hallway, if it is large, a table with flowers or dried flowers is appropriate. Mirrors can play the role of highlights, choose models with carvings, gilding.
  • Loft. The perfect style for a modern entryway, it seems to be made for this room. The combination of black metal and dark brown wood, an abundance of dark thick colors, a floor-length mirror, large, in a powerful and at the same time laconic frame – all this together creates an energetic and relaxed impression. I am glad that style can be achieved by the simplest possible means. It is not necessary to imitate brickwork on the walls, a smooth monochromatic coating or plaster effect is enough. The main impression will be created by furniture resembling office storage systems. This harsh background will be revived by a plant in a pot, a carpet with a worn effect, and a soft pouffe.
  • High tech. Suitable for complex spaces and evokes cosmic sensations. The interior has a lot of glass and metal. Furniture – the most simple and unobtrusive, smooth, without details. Gamma – black-white-gray. Mirror frames are geometric and unusual. Actively work with backlight. It zones the space, creates the effect of floating details, and can visually adjust the size of the room.
Hallway High tech style

If you have enough taste, you can create a unique style cocktail by turning to fusion or eclecticism. Furnished with vintage items or even just old furniture, the hallway can be very cozy. Here plays the role of the ability to find the nuance. Although the walls are sheathed in dark brown panels, but a turquoise-blue carpet on the floor and a snow-white floor lamp will turn a gloomy room into a stylish option with a Mediterranean mood.

Color solutions for hallway design 2022

In the photo of modern hallways in 2022, natural, neutral shades still reign. They are soft, visually expand the space, do not tire, well prepare for a stronger impression from other rooms. Trendy colors for modern design:

  1. Vanilla, creamy, light yellow.
  2. Exquisite brown, brick, terracotta, chocolate.
  3. Orchids and fuchsias.
  4. Milky orange.
  5. Deep and bright blue.
  6. Olive green.
  7. Marine, mint and turquoise.

These bright, deep, natural colors look bold in hallways, so sophisticated yet neutral colors are prioritized:

  1. Graphite. Calm, cozy, enveloping, stylish. Combines with other neutral colors (beige, white, black) and allows for bright accents (lime, mango, red, intense green).
  2. Soft green. It can be menthol, sage, fern, jade, moss. They look calm, delicate, perfectly accept cozy lighting, and at the same time delight the eye with novelty.
  3. Creamy, beige, light yellow. Warm effects are much appreciated, such as the creamy surface of ash wood. The most comfortable shades, surprisingly joyful, if the lighting in the room is well thought out.
  4. White color. It looks great, but it is difficult in the hallway, there is a risk of overdoing it and making the room look like an operating room. Other color accents are well thought out, they need to smooth out the impression of a technical, distilled space. For example, the hallway design looks great in white with black and the trendy color of 2002 – fuchsia, white + gray, white + light wood, white + blue, turquoise, mint.

Expert commentary. Shangina E., interior designer:

“Orders for extravagant hallway design are infrequent. Even if boldness is needed, in 2022, customers prefer discreet luxury and depth. And they choose not fuchsia walls, but two lush bouquets of phalaenopsis orchids against a calm background the color of coffee liqueur. On the other hand, a hallway dominated by red, pink or orange allows you to relax about other design elements, a strong color will take all the load.

The choice of lighting for the design of the hallway 2022

There are often no windows in the hallway, there is no natural light, so special attention is paid to lighting. Large central ceiling lights are rare, they are only suitable for spacious hallways, but even they prefer economical ceiling lamps or spot lighting systems. Pendant lamps for the hallway often have an economical shape, reminiscent of a bud, a cylinder, a cube, a hanging ball.

The illumination of stairs, shelves, paintings, mirrors, openings, niches is actively used.

The most popular types of lamps in the hallway:

  1. Compact sconces.
  2. Spotlights.
  3. Spots.
  4. Ceiling lamps-pills.
  5. LED lights.
  6. LED strips and cords.
  7. Track lights.
  8. Wall-ceiling lamps (well mounted on any surface).

Lighting design in 2022 depending on the shape of the hallway:

  1. Long and narrow – usually found in a large apartment. The hallway is divided into zones that are comfortable for the eyes, the most illuminated are left functional. Use tape, spot lighting, ceiling lights, chandeliers have a strip at an equal distance.
  2. Square. Lighting follows the shape of the room. Lamps are placed in the corners. If the ceiling is low, they refuse chandeliers, choose built-in lamps or tablets, work with wall and floor light sources.
  3. L-shaped room. In such a hallway, there are 2 separate zones in advance, they can be solved in a radically different style. Several chandeliers, track lights, spots are placed in the main one. The second is illuminated pointwise, sometimes they do without lighting – it receives enough light from the doors of other rooms.

The hallway mirror is the most important functional and decorative item. It affects the light sensation from the room. Modern ideas:

  1. Illuminated mirror.
  2. In an exaggerated frame that plays a stylish decorative role.
  3. Mirrored walls and mirrored panels.
  4. Mirror window.
  5. Imitation of an art gallery, where instead of pictures there are mirrors.

It is important to place the mirror correctly. Everything that is reflected in it will play its decorative role, and it will not be very successful if you regularly see the contents of the closet or clothes on hooks in the reflection. Think over the dimensions of the mirror and its frame.

The choice of furniture for the hallway

Special attention is paid to the choice of furniture. Failure will be costly: an uncomfortable, uncomfortable room, disorder, daily discomfort in placing things, shoes, bags. Embedded or modular systems are popular. They save space, keep the whole impression of the room. They think over placement systems, ergonomic places for hats, shoes, clothes, banquettes, benches, pouffes.

Fashionable wardrobe design options in the hallway in 2022:

  1. Closet.
  2. Wardrobe with bench.
  3. Narrow cabinets.
  4. Corner cupboard.
  5. Open storage systems.

Cabinets with photo printing are out of fashion (and they fit very poorly into small rooms), and radius cabinets.

Various kinds of niches are actively used, which make it possible to organize meters not from a two-dimensional point of view, but from a three-dimensional one. For example, a comfortable bench in a niche on which hooks are located in order to quickly place clothes from the street. Under the bench is another niche for shoes, which, thanks to warm lighting, also turns into a decorative element.

Decor for hallway design 2022

There should not be a lot of decor, but interesting accents are striking in the photo of the design of the hallways in 2022. Original details, no more than 1-3 pieces, are able to set the style for the entire room. It can be:

  1. Hooks, hangers, stands for things or umbrellas.
  2. Housekeepers.
  3. Pictures, posters, engravings.
  4. Houseplants.
  5. Vases.
  6. Baskets, suitcases.

Textiles in the hallway are rarely used, but it can be a decorative covering on a bench, stool or pouffe, a carpet on the floor.

The hallway in a modern style will be light, free, clean, very comfortable, but not boring. Fashionable design in 2022 requires an almost oriental skill to create an intriguing decorative impression with minimal means.

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