Hallway stairs design – 45 original ideas

Hallway design with stairs to the second floor - 45 original ideas

Hallway stairs design – 45 original ideas

When building a two-floors house, it is impossible to do without stairs. The hallway stairs design is not only a necessity but also a significant part of the interior, which can set the overall style of the room.

Hallway Stairs Design Features

For a harmonious and correct design of a corridor with a staircase, it is worth considering several significant nuances:

  • The color scheme of finishing materials, flooring and stairs should be combined with each other;
  • If there is a small area of ​​​​the hall, the design can be made interesting by adding bright accessories;
  • The design must match in shade with door and window openings;
  • Furniture must be selected depending on the shape of the stairs;
  • Lighting devices should be chosen based on the style of the room; wall sconces are suitable for the classic version. Universal option – spot lighting;
  • A narrow hallway will make a large mirror on the wall visually wider.

These tricks will help make the hall with the stairs as comfortable and stylish as possible.

Stylistic direction when decorating a hallway with a staircase

When choosing a staircase, it is worth starting from the general style of the interior, and not based only on personal preferences. All the details of the room should be harmoniously combined with each other, creating a single composition.


Provence is characterized by a predominance of light shades and combines the simplicity of French villages. When choosing this direction, it is worth considering a lot of details. Only natural materials are used for decoration, so the staircase should be made of wood of any light color. A similar material should be chosen for flooring.

Wooden or wrought iron pieces of furniture in white with the effect of antiquity will optimally fit into the hallway in the Provence style. Accessories in the form of an umbrella stand, hangers or a framed mirror will complement the overall picture of the room.


Characteristic features of the country are wood and an abundance of textiles with ornaments. For decorating a hallway with a staircase, birch, alder or pine are best suited.

The second version of the interior in country style implies the presence of a rough stone staircase, a bright carpet on the floor and a lot of potted plants.

Timeless classic

The classic in the design of the hallway does not lose its relevance and is the most popular direction. This is due to the use of expensive tree species and stone.

The classic interior is distinguished by strict laconic forms and calm colors. The style is characterized by the presence of curls, balusters and carved elements. You should not overload the hall with unnecessary items, but choose the appropriate options as furniture:

  • Wooden massive armchairs;
  • Pastel carpet;
  • Wooden or stone table;
  • Forged parts;
  • If there is a window in the hallway, it should be decorated with voluminous curtains.

Diverse Art Nouveau

Modern refers to one of the modern styles, characterized by diversity. This is due to the fact that it includes several areas at once: minimalism, loft, hi-tech and urban style.

Glass, plastic and stainless steel are used to finish Art Nouveau surfaces. A suitable option for a flight of stairs is a design with metal railings.

A chrome-plated or nickel-plated staircase with glass or stone elements will fit perfectly into the high-tech style. When decorating a hallway in a minimalist style, the choice should be made in favor of a thick glass structure.

The color scheme should consist mainly of black and white colors, with additional inclusions of a silvery hue.

The presence of stairs in the hallway does not introduce any restrictions in terms of style. The main thing is to responsibly approach the selection of materials and color solutions. In this case, this element will become the main part and decoration of the room.

To make the hall look harmonious, it is important to choose the right accessories for a certain style: for country music – textiles, modern – natural materials and strict frames, classic luxury mirrors and a chandelier. The main thing is not to overdo it with decorative elements.

Options for arranging the space under the stairs

In the process of arranging the hallway, the question arises of using the space under the stairs. This place can be used to the maximum benefit:

  • Resting-place. Free space will become functional if you install a small sofa or an additional place to sleep there;
  • Wine racks. If the owner is a wine collector, then the storage space for bottles under the stairs will be to his liking;
  • Space for accessories. Additional shelf space with accessories and family photos will make the hall more comfortable;
  • Home library. You can relax after a hard day while reading, if you install a bookcase and a small ottoman in an empty space;
  • Castle for children. Little residents of the house will appreciate the construction of a house under the stairs especially for them;
  • Hall continuation. The place under the stairs can be arranged for an additional storage system for outerwear and shoes by nailing hooks and installing shelves;
  • Bathroom. If necessary, the space can be used to equip an additional toilet or shower room;
  • Pantry. Under the steps, you can hide household chemicals, work equipment or cans of canned food from prying eyes;

Depending on your wishes, you can adjust the above ideas and equip a mini-bar, a work area or a place for a pet.

Varieties of stairs

In the hallway with a staircase, it is she who is the main piece of furniture and often you have to build on it when choosing a stylistic direction. It performs not only a functional, but also a decorative task, so it’s worth understanding the types of flights of stairs:


This option is the most popular due to its compactness (the occupied area is about 1.5 sq.m.). The spiral staircase looks attractive, attaches in a variety of ways and blends with any modern and classic style.

The design has one drawback: it is not very convenient to move and lift furniture along it, it is difficult to pick up a railing.


Marching design – the simplest option. The number of marches varies based on the height of the house. The straight ladder is easy to climb and easy to install. It will fit well into Scandinavian, classic, eco-style and country.

The only drawback is the large footprint, but the space under the stairs can be most useful if properly organized.

Monolithic on the stringer

A feature of such a staircase is only one load-bearing beam (kosour), so that the design can have a variety of shapes (from straight to zigzag). This option will fit into any style and will make it possible to use various materials for finishing the surface of the steps.

The disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of space on the floors that it connects to each other.

On the Bolts

This option is the most expensive, since the steps are made only of metal and are attached directly to the wall surface. However, such a staircase does not clutter up the room, it is easy to repair and dismantle. The ladder on the bolts will perfectly fit into the interior in the style of hi-tech or minimalism.


The design is similar to the ladder on the bolts, but in this case the steps are not interconnected, but are fixed on special suspension rods on one side and on the bolts on the other. Suitable for loft, hi-tech and minimalist styles. At the same time, the surrounding space should be as organic as possible, since it will be viewed from all sides.

A hall with a staircase looks unusual and bewitching, provided that the design and the style of the structure itself and the surrounding space are chosen correctly.

Real photos of the design of the hallway with stairs:

Below we have selected for you successful examples of the implementation of a hallway with a staircase that you can organize at home. With a resting place, a flower, a bedside table and more.

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