High-tech living room design 2022

High-tech living room design 2021

High-tech living room design 2022

The living room is probably the most important and indispensable place at home, where they gather for family holidays and evenings. And after a hard day’s work, you want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere surrounded by stylish design. Therefore, designers are advised to choose a practical high-tech, it significantly increases the space, creates an attractive and original comfort, which is combined with functionality.

High-tech style features

Translated from English, the name of the style means high technology, which fully characterizes this practical and modern trend. A high-tech living room is well suited for a city apartment, as it is the complete opposite of Provence, focused on natural harmony and natural materials.

The interior in this type of design is different:

  • severity;
  • restraint;
  • minimalism;
  • cold colors.

Those who plan to apply this design for the living room should pay special attention to the color spectrum, the abundance of light and modern technology, as this is an indispensable attribute in high-tech.

On a note!

With the right placement of accents and the selection of materials, you can significantly expand the space, which allows you to apply style to apartments with a small area.

An emphasis on steel and an abundance of color can be combined in the decor of a fireplace made in an original or handmade style, for example, in the form of a portal. If modernity is given priority, then the best solution would be to use an electric model. This design option with a fireplace combines minimalism, modernity and manufacturability, creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

Color solutions

When choosing this style, you should give preference to classic cold colors, which are a neutral solution. They allow you to place accents on bright interior items (for example, a dark red sofa or curtains) so that the living room does not seem too cold and repulsive.

Red is also a neutral color, pairing well with cold tones. Allows you to set bright accents on furniture in the overall composition of the room in light colors.

Decoration Materials

One of the hallmarks of high-tech is the finishing material. The predominance of technical features and modernity, the priority of progress and artificiality will allow you to create a unique design and keep up with the times. Therefore, when choosing a material, you should pay attention to:

  • metal;
  • glass;
  • skin;
  • plastic.

The colors of the material and furniture, the type of lighting are chosen according to the taste and characteristics of the room in order to create technological elements and a stylish, but always comfortable environment. An interesting option with a stone wall, thus highlighting a certain accent area and adding style to the interior.

Another design option can be a simple painting of the surface with steel or light paint, matching the color scheme to the overall design. To diversify and add zest to the living room, you can make inserts with mirrors or metal, just figuratively hang photos from designers.

Among the finishing material for the floor is best suited:

  • tile;
  • laminate;
  • stone;
  • ceramics.
floor in the living room

Epoxy flooring has gained popularity in recent years. They are not only easy to care for, but also distinguished by their special reliability and a large selection of colors.

On a note!

In any case, no matter what material is in priority, in order to achieve harmony in design, each component of the environment must either be combined with each other, or build contrasts in color.

Stretch ceilings are considered a popular design idea, as they are easy to install and unpretentious in maintenance. Particular attention should be paid to glossy ones – this will be an ideal color scheme for medium-sized rooms. In addition, small and simple lamps in design, often included in the kit, will fit well in style in any room.

Geometric lamps and other lighting fixtures, hanging figures can also be used as decor. But you should keep a balance and not overload the room with unnecessary details, getting by with a minimal set to maintain the severity of the situation.

What furniture to choose for a high-tech living room

When choosing this style, furniture must be in harmony and be combined with the overall interior in terms of color and figure orientation. The frame structure should not be overly intricate, but be distinguished by simplicity, convenience and functionality of use.

The most popular is modular furniture, consisting of several parts. Built-in wardrobes, transforming sofas and transforming tables are distinguished not only by their original shape and color, but also by their convenience, especially if the apartment is not large in size.

With a freestanding computer desk, you should be careful that it does not become the center of attention, because rarely cleaned, “very important” things constantly accumulate there. Among the materials for sofas, it is better to choose leather or synthetic fabric, which not only fits perfectly into minimalism, but also lasts a long time.

The overall space of the room should not be unnecessarily cluttered with unnecessary details. When choosing decor elements, massive compositions and heavy objects should be avoided. You can complement the decor with geometric figures made of glass or metal, paintings in the minimalist genre in simple frames or mirror inserts. In any case, you should adhere to the rules of minimalism and not overload the environment.

Curtains and decor

Curtain materials should also not be overloaded with patterns and various elements. It is better to focus on fabrics with a matte or glossy surface, for example, damask, having decided on the overall color scheme of the room. If the emphasis is on pieces of furniture, then you should choose transitional cold shades that match the color of the walls or furniture.

The decor should be chosen with a share of minimalism and from modern material, observing rigor, but adding bright originality. Can be used:

  • small metal figurines;
  • glass vases;
  • geometric figures;
  • paintings in the genre of abstract art;
  • aquariums with bright illumination;
  • unusual flowers.

On a note!

When placing accents on the walls, you should choose neutral cold shades of curtains.

The overall interior and curtains can be supplemented with curly metal shelves or geometric vases-lamps. This will add variety and add a little comfort to the room.


The light in the living room, when choosing a high-tech style, is an important point. Consecration should be multi-level and volume. The combination of chandeliers with floor lamps, unusually shaped wall lamps and built-in lamps will create volume and visually stretch the walls, raising the ceiling.

An excellent lighting solution would be to install a fireplace, for example, an electric one. This will perfectly complement the laconic interior, create coziness without violating the general restrained orientation of the situation, add color, eliminating unnecessary costs for installing additional heating devices.

Often a fireplace is built into the wall – this will significantly add space to the room and zest to the design. You can mount a TV above the electric hearth, it will fit into the interior and create an atmosphere of mystery.

If the option of inserting into the wall and highlighting the portal is not to your liking, then you can adhere to the classical style in the installation by choosing wood, stone or ceramics as an accent material, thereby highlighting the recreation area. On the fireplace, you can put decor items from figurines or a photo. But, again, the main thing is not to overdo it and maintain the restraint of style.

More and more designers opt for an unusual variation of fireplaces – free-standing hearths, which are presented as an island in the middle of the room. Embedding in a piece of furniture, such as a coffee table, you can add originality and create your own design element. It is also acceptable to add a sound effect in the form of crackling wood and warmth of heating in order to achieve the maximum similarity with the classics.

High-tech living room appliances

The living room design technique is based on a color scheme consisting of metallic shades, black, pure white and gray colors. Bright solutions are used only to create accent tones. These shades in the overall interior of the room should not be too much. In addition, the most popular technique is a black and white color scheme with a slight silvery sheen. Panoramic windows and a large amount of light, combined with soft leather and functional furniture, will maintain a minimal neutrality of the environment.

Blue-green accent details, set off by light pastel colors, will bring freshness and spaciousness to the room. Accents of bright red or green will add coziness and liveliness to the living room.

A great technique used in design is zoning rooms into various small areas. Textiles or carpets can be used as partitions. Wall decoration with similar colors or contrasting inserts can also divide the room into zones by placing a computer desk on one area and, for example, a soft sofa on the other.

In a large and spacious room, minimalism will add freedom and emphasize the unloaded area. Large panoramic windows will visually lengthen the ceiling, an artificial leather sofa and armchairs will bring comfort to the atmosphere. A fireplace can be a great addition, which will not only be a bright and accent element, but also, adding silver plastic or dark stone as a frame, will become a stylish piece of cozy decor.

How to decorate a small living room in high-tech style

High-tech style is distinguished by special nuances – minimalism and restraint. And if in the living rooms of a large area it focuses on the spaciousness of the territory, then in a small one it helps to visually expand the space.

On a note!

If the living room in a private house or in a city apartment is not large enough, this will not prevent the owner from using the high-tech style for the arrangement.

When designing a high-tech living room, you need to remember a few rules:

  • Massive furniture and loaded decor items should be avoided, which will significantly “eat up” precious centimeters of the room. Therefore, if there is a desire to install a fireplace, then the built-in look should be preferred, and the furniture should be chosen from the most lightweight and unloaded material with additional elements.
  • Light colors visually increase the footage of the room. Walls and furniture, with proper placement of accents on leather products, will visually add lightness and style.
  • The use of zoning will allow from a very small room, dividing it into functional zones, visually make it free and large. For example, by allocating an area for relaxation with a soft sofa, entertainment with a computer desk, reading with a bookcase and a small table. The choice of functional areas depends on the priorities and interests of family members. This significantly affects both the layout and the choice of colors.
  • Zones can be separated not only by color. For example, an interesting solution would be to choose decorative wicker screens or stylish partitions made of metal patterns. Bearing beams with built-in lights will also become original for visually expanding the space of the room.

The use of high-tech design will create a discreet and harmonious atmosphere at home. This will emphasize modernity and add an exclusive zest to the living room decor. The style combines convenience, comfort, minimalism and functionality, which is currently appreciated, especially in cases where the area of ​​​​the room is small. Spacious and comfortable living room will be the perfect place for any holiday. There is a place in it to relax after a hard day, and to gather in a cheerful company.

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