How not to put a bed in the bedroom – 10 important rules

How not to put a bed in the bedroom - 10 important rules

How not to put a bed in the bedroom – 10 important rules

In order for you to wake up cheerful and full of strength every morning, you need to know the answer to the question “How should the bed be in the bedroom?”. We will tell you about the secrets of the correct setting in this article.

folk wisdom

Before placing a diagonal bed in a 12 m2 bedroom, it is worth remembering how things really were in the same China, India or Korea, when the canons that we are trying to follow today were formed. In a cold climate, the whole family lived on an ondoli – a large podium bench, inside which hot smoke from the stove passes. And it’s not a bed. This is a living space for living and sleeping.

Asians slept not on beds, but on mats laid on the floor or on ondol. The bedrooms were not crowded with large bulky furniture. Therefore, you can move a light mattress or mat as you like.

With a European bed, such a feint will not work. Because it is often impossible to put a bed in a small bedroom so that it does not look out the window with the headboard, but at the footboard to the door.

Nevertheless, the security system developed over the centuries has its own meaning. Therefore, it must be listened to and adopted. However, blindly copying recommendations that have been worked out in a different climate and in other conditions is not worth it. Otherwise, it turns out that you simply do not have enough living space for this.

Proper location – the safety of your health

In order for the body to properly rest during the night, provide the brain with rest. This means that he will not be distracted by imaginary or real threats, remembering the inherent instincts of self-preservation.

  • Sharp corners. In the dark, it is easy to trip or hit the protruding corner of the furniture. Therefore, surround the bed with objects with smooth lines of facades. No sharp corners directed towards the bed and the path to the exit from the room.

Not properly


  • Window. Any openings through which light penetrates are perceived by the subconscious as a potential path for the penetration of a threat. Close the window with thick curtains so that during sleep you have good dreams, and the body feels safe.

Keep in mind that even with tightly closed frames, the glass area is quite large. Chilled air constantly flows from it, forming an internal air circulation. Do not place the bed in the path of this flow. If possible, put an impenetrable barrier in the form of high backs, thick curtains, transparent partitions, etc.

Not properly

  • Doors. You should be able to see them even through your closed eyelids without turning your head or torso. This means that you have everything under control, and you can avoid danger in time. Otherwise, part of the brain will stay awake during sleep in an attempt to provide increased anxiety alertness.

Positioning the bed in front of the door is unacceptable according to the rules of Feng Shui


  • Mirrors. Yes, the mind understands that those two in the closet are just a reflection of you. However, the subconscious perceives them as strangers who have entered your bedroom. Therefore, arrange the mirror surfaces so that you do not see yourself in the reflection. Let your head calm down and relieve stress.

Wrong – the mirror is located opposite the sleeping person


  • Electricity. Do not place the bed near the TV. From it to the bed should be about 3 meters. This means that in the adjoining living room, the TV will stand against the opposite wall.
  • Chandeliers, mezzanines and shelves. Everything that is above the head is perceived as a potential threat to life. Especially when fasteners are not visible. In addition, cases are not at all rare when, due to poor-quality installation, the mezzanines fell on the bed. The weight of the wall cabinet with all items can reach over 20 kg. Remember safety.

Another thing is when the cabinets around the bed form a single structure that forms a niche. In this case, you will feel safe, as if you were hiding from predators in an ancient cave. Plus, if you choose Askona beds, you will get quality sleep.

Not properly


Feng Shui bed placement

Headboard to the wall, feet to the window and at the same time see all the doors from under the eyelids, without turning your head. Try this trick in a modern apartment. To do this, you need to build panel houses in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui.

Such a feint is easy to repeat in a private house. In an apartment, such a successful layout is extremely rare.

However, there is a way out if you place the bed diagonally. At the same time, it is not advisable to install it near the wall adjacent to the door. There are two corners near the window. Given that the opening door leaf should not obscure the figure of the incoming person, even fewer options remain.

According to Feng Shui, water is a sign of change. To guess whether they will be good or bad, even experts do not undertake. Therefore, keeping water in the bedroom is not recommended. Even if we are talking about a vase of flowers or an aquarium with fish.

cardinal directions

  • North. Develops intuition.
  • Northeast. Improves mental abilities.
  • East. Provides restful sleep.
  • Southwest. This is your option if you want to fix matters of the heart.

Lots of advice – who to listen to?

You can find a wide variety of tips regarding the arrangement of the bedroom. However, it is better to listen to common sense and your own feelings.

  • If a bed located diagonally or across the room eats up all the usable space, then it is better to abandon this thought.
  • A good indicator is cats. They are very sensitive to drafts and electromagnetic fields. No wonder they were launched into an empty room and looked where they would find a place to sleep.

In any case, first try to sleep for a few days in a new place, and only then radically change the interior.

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