How to choose a bathroom mirror?

How to choose a bathroom mirror?

How to choose a bathroom mirror?

A mirror is an essential accessory for any bathroom. Today we will tell you what types of mirrors manufacturers offer, and how not to make a mistake with their choice and placement in the bathroom.

Types of mirrors

Choosing a bathroom mirror can take several days. And this is not surprising: manufacturers offer a wide range of goods. Mirrors come in various sizes and shapes, with and without lighting, with built-in elements that make the use of the accessory more convenient.

By shape

The configuration of mirror surfaces for the bathroom can be very different:

  • a circle;
  • oval;
  • rectangle;
  • square.

The shape can be quite unusual. In this case, it is developed according to an individual design.

The color of the mirror surface should be combined with the overall color scheme of the room. On sale there are the most unusual shades of mirrors that will successfully fit into any interior.

To size

Depending on the area of ​​​​the bathroom for which the mirror is chosen, the size of the product will depend. Mirrors of small sizes, such as: 40×50 cm, 60×60 or 50×70 cm, are bought for small bathrooms.

Mirror Tiny 40*50. The cost is 3360 rubles.

Mirror ARBI HO.ME Less S605 60*74. The cost is 14,000 rubles.

Mirror BelBagno BB600DSAS 60*60. The cost is 5200 rubles.

In spacious rooms, mirror surfaces of 90 × 90, 100 × 100 cm or 100 × 120 cm can be installed. Mirrors in the bathroom can occupy the entire wall from floor to ceiling.

Mirror with clock Vigo Elen Luxe 100*70. The cost is 8900 rubles.

The size of the product also depends on its functionality. If the mirror will be used only for its main purpose, then its size depends on the desire of the owner of the bathroom. If a mirror is also bought in order to visually enlarge a small bathroom, then its size may be larger than average, for example: 70 × 70, 80 × 80 cm.

Mirror Mixline Style Meridian 70*70 with illumination. The cost is 4800 rubles.

It is considered practical to place medium-sized mirrors in the bathroom, 60 × 90, 70 × 80 cm. Such mirror surfaces are convenient to use.

Mirror Sanflor Rumba 60*90 wenge. The cost is 7000 rubles.

By functionality

Designers distinguish several types of mirrors, depending on whether this interior detail has additional functionality. These include:

  • Mirror surfaces with special magnifying elements. Very convenient to use while shaving, applying makeup, carrying out daily cosmetic procedures.
  • Mirrors equipped with built-in sockets. In a bathroom with such an accessory, it is convenient to dry your hair with a hairdryer or use other appliances powered by electricity.
  • Mirrors with built-in clock. Procedures in the bathroom sometimes take a lot of time. It is very convenient to find out what time it is, without looking up from a pleasant pastime.
  • Mirror surfaces with shelves for storing small items.
  • Special type of mirrors with anti-fog glass. Such accessories are recommended for use in bathrooms where a large amount of steam is formed, which turns into condensate. Ordinary mirror surfaces require care after every shower or bath. And heated mirrors do not fog up, and it is unnecessary to wipe them every day.

Additional features make the use of mirrors in the bathroom more convenient. Such accessories cost an order of magnitude more than conventional mirror surfaces, but over a long service life, they usually justify the investment.

Mirrors with shelves and cabinets

To store the necessary little things in the bathroom, shelves are needed.

It is very convenient when they are built into a locker with a mirror surface.

A mirror with shelves will save space in the bathrooms. Such mirrors are available in a wide range of different manufacturers.

Product quality

The easiest way to determine whether the selected product is of high quality is to carefully inspect the mirror and exclude the presence of defects. They can be: small chips, cracks visible when looking closely and small inclusions. An object in motion must always be clearly reflected in it.

The recommended moisture-resistant coating layer is at least 0.3 cm. The service life of the products will depend on the applied coatings.

When choosing a bathroom mirror, it is important to pay attention to the width of the edge, which is the protection of its coating. The long service life and strength of the product directly depend on the quality of the edge processing.


The material from which the frame is made should be in harmony with the chosen interior style.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of different materials:

  • Natural tree. This frame looks beautiful in a spacious bathroom with wooden furniture in a classic style.
  • Metal. Metal frames will be a good interior decoration in a modern style. Harmonize with metal lamps on the walls.
  • Plastic. A mirror in a plastic frame can become a real highlight of the interior due to the unusual decor.
  • Fiberboard, chipboard – these frame materials are selected to match the selected shelves and bathroom cabinets.

When choosing a frame, it is important to remember that the more refined the frame chosen for the mirror, the more original the product looks. The larger its width, the better the strength of the mirror surface and its durability.

mirror lighting

If the bathroom in the apartment is small and there is not enough lighting in it, then you should think about choosing a mirror with built-in lighting.

If the product model you like is not equipped with additional lighting, then you can do it yourself. To do this, wires are laid along the back of the surface and provide access to the electrical network.

The illumination of mirrors can be very different: from the usual white light, then cold blue or warm red.

It is recommended to select the color of lighting not only for a certain color scheme of the interior, but also in terms of comfortable daily use.

Mirrors with touch lighting are especially popular. Their cost is rather big, but the convenience and efficiency of using products justify the money spent on the purchase.

Also, you should pay attention to the separate lighting of the mirror. These can be small lamps, matched to the overall interior of the room.

Or spotlights built into the surface above the mirror.

The original solution will be pendant lights above the sink.

Accommodation options

Mirror surfaces in the bathroom are most often placed above the sink. Before starting installation, it is important to take into account the growth of each family member living in the apartment. According to housewives, it is impractical to hang the product directly above the sink. Such an arrangement of the mirror will require daily washing and wiping its surface from splashes and soap stains. The mirror surface should be placed at a level of 30-40 cm from the sink.

Using a full-wall mirror surface will visually expand the room. But when installing it, it is important to remember the possibility of accidental damage, as a result of which the mirror may become unsafe for people living in the apartment.

Using multiple bathroom mirrors can be an interesting design decision.

Products do not have to be placed next to each other. It is important that their use in daily life is convenient.

In spacious rooms with high ceilings, designers advise using horizontal mirror surfaces.

A small bathroom with a low ceiling will visually expand the vertical mirror.

Ikea mirrors

The Ikea store offers a wide range of bathroom mirrors. Advantages of Ikea mirror surfaces:

  • Experimental experience proves that all products withstand high humidity.
  • The buyer can pick up spacious lockers with built-in mirrors in the store.
  • The assortment of the store includes beautiful large mirrors that will help visually expand the space and make it more expressive.
  • Mirrors with magnifying elements will become indispensable when carrying out cosmetic procedures and applying makeup.

All Ikea products are of high quality and practical in daily use.

Other popular manufacturers

The Alavann company produces high-quality mirror surfaces according to individual sketches. Materials resistant to wear, harmless paint, fittings from well-known European companies are used in production.

The manufacturer of mirrors “Aquaton” guarantees the durability and quality of its products. A distinctive feature of mirror surfaces is their ergonomics. Products are sold with a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase.

The company “Moydodyr” has excellent recommendations in the market. The manufacturer offers a wide range of bathroom mirrors with built-in cabinets and lighting fixtures, comfortable shelves and spectacular decor.

The manufacturer of mirrors “Villeroy & Boch” is known for its high quality products, unusual product design. The warranty period for mirror surfaces is at least 10 years.

The Norta company produces mirror surfaces with a special anti-corrosion coating. Cabinets with bathroom mirrors are made of moisture-resistant chipboard material.

original ideas

What can be used in the decoration of the mirror to make it unusual?

  • Choose a stained glass mirror.You can make stained glass decoration yourself using special stencils.
  • Frame the mirror frame with tiles.
  • Use an unusual installation method. For example, hang on thick threads from the ceiling.
  • Play with mirrors of different shapes and sizes.
  • Make glass decor with your own hands using natural materials.

Photo collection in the interior

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