How to choose a bench in the hallway?

How to choose a bench in the hallway?

How to choose a bench in the hallway?

The bench provides an opportunity to sit down in the hallway and conveniently change street shoes for slippers. The presence of drawers and shelves will allow you to put various accessories and the shoes themselves in one place. A competent choice of a bench depends on the overall design, style and interior.

Bench selection

When choosing a bench in the hallway, the following factors are taken into account:

  • Price.
  • The size of the hallway and its shape.
  • The number of family members in the apartment.
  • Manufacturing material.
  • Product packaging.
  • Intended features.
  • Ease of care.
  • Combination with the design style of the rest of the furniture.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Price categories of benches are divided into expensive, medium and low cost. The expensive ones include luxury models and designer works made from rare and expensive materials. Such, for example, are products made of natural wood with carvings. Increases the cost of gilding individual parts.

    The cheaper ones include wicker benches, on a metal frame, from plates.

    Budget options such as plastic cannot count on a long service life. But they are also actively used in modern apartments.

    You should also pay attention to:

    • Bench size.
    • A wide bench will freely fit in the spacious hallway, and a long bench is appropriate in a narrow entrance corridor.
    • The main requirement for the material is wear resistance.
    • Since operation takes place almost every day, the material should not allow the appearance of chips and other mechanical damage.
    • Special requirements for the material arise in the presence of small children and pets.
    • To maintain the appearance, the possibility of easy cleaning of surfaces is important.

    The configuration determines the possibility of performing various functions. One for all options is the ability to sit on a bench.

    The softness of the seat depends on the material and upholstery.

    For a large family, the question arises of the placement of shoes. This requires several shelves of an open or closed type.

    If a bedside table does not fit in the hallway, then a bench with drawers in which you can put shoe accessories – spare laces, creams of different colors, a soft cloth, a brush will be a reasonable purchase.

    The top drawer is convenient for storing keys, gloves, scarves. Having a place to store packages and bags will keep the room looking neat. You can place your phone on a special stand fixed on the bench.

    The bench in the hallway should be not only comfortable, but also elegant.


    Benches in the hallway, depending on the material of manufacture, are:

  • Wooden. Wood is a beautiful and warm material. It goes well with soft upholstery and decorative pillows. Particularly refined are the wooden benches, decorated with leather elements. Significant cost is paid off by a long service life.
  • Forged. Thanks to the openwork look, they serve as a decoration for the hallway. Rugged construction ensures long service life. The presence of a protective layer prevents corrosion. Soft pillows are placed on the seat. The disadvantage is the lack of additional boxes.
  • On a metal frame. Has a modest appearance. The task is to perform the main function. For sitting use plywood upholstered with leatherette or textiles.
  • Wicker. Requires careful handling.
  • From chipboard and MDF boards. Inexpensive option. Large boxes are allowed.
  • Plastic. They have high wear resistance.
  • An interesting option is combined benches. The combination of different materials allows you to use the advantages of each. Such products fit well into a room with a non-standard interior.


    Among the variety of benches in the hallway of the apartment there are the following types:

  • Classic. There are no extra details.
  • With a back – mini-sofas.
  • With soft seat.
  • With armrests.

  • With folding top.
  • With an attached pedestal, on the surface of which a phone is placed or bags are placed.
  • With shoe rack.
  • With built-in drawers.
  • With roof rails – metal crossbars on which hooks are fixed.
  • In a separate category, pouffe benches and banquettes for the hallway can be distinguished. They take up little space, but can be equipped with roomy drawers. Seats are traditionally made soft. Read about how to choose a beautiful pouffe for the hallway here –

    Benches Ikea

    When deciding to purchase a bench in the hallway, preference should be given to well-established stores with long experience in this area. Not all specialized outlets can provide a large assortment. The sale of furniture by IKEA is aimed at the mass buyer. In the catalogs there are all kinds of options for benches for the hallway, among which it is easy to choose the appropriate option.

    Bench STUVA

    Bench CHUSIG

    CHUSIG in the interior of the hallway


    Items purchased from IKEA are shipped folded in flat boxes. It is not difficult to assemble the bench yourself, which will reduce the cost.

    Popular colors

    The most popular colors of benches are white, black, brown of all shades.

    Wood and metal retain their natural color. Decorative pillows are available in various colors.

    It is recommended to follow the rule of designers – there should not be more than three colors in one space. When choosing colors, it is necessary to combine them with each other and the color of the surrounding interior.

    In a different interior

    The aristocratic interior suggests benches made of wood and leather. Fine details enhance the favorable impression. An example are couches with soft seats.

    To prolong the service life, the wood is covered with a protective layer of varnish. Large couches look like oversized armchairs and give the interior of the hallway a homely look. Such models are suitable for hallways in the Empire and Rococo style.

    An excellent option is a wooden seat with wicker boxes in the form of baskets, inside of which fabric covers are placed.

    Low benches with soft pillows, as well as wicker ones, are suitable for the Provence style.

    Country will require simple wooden benches without soft seats. The wooden model may resemble an ordinary village bench.

    Models for the classic style have a clear geometric shape and concise design. A good solution is a chest bench with a hinged lid and a pull-out shelf.

    Minimalism meets a bench made of laminated boards.

    With a retro style, the bench is decorated with curved elements, carvings and paintings. Legs and armrests have an unusual shape.

    The bench for the Scandinavian style is made of rough wood. The addition of metal elements, for example, legs and armrests, will be successful.

    Forged benches of small size will successfully fit into the loft style.

    Hi-tech requires restraint and a minimum of decor. Plastic and metal benches are suitable for it.

    For simple interiors, benches made of chipboard and MDF boards are suitable.

    Important! The bench should match the cabinets and other furniture already in the hallway.

    Photo benches in the hallway

    Video: Making a bench at home

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