How to choose a shower

How to choose a shower

How to choose a shower

The choice of a shower cabin is carried out depending on financial capabilities, the size of the bathroom, the type of building where they plan to install, and so on. Products differ in functionality, materials and equipment, which also needs to be taken into account when choosing a suitable model. Responsible approach, advice from professionals and viewing reviews of people who have already bought a shower cabin help you choose the most convenient and most suitable one.

How to choose a shower cabin in a small bathroom: professional advice

A shower cabin is a piece of furniture, so it is important to take into account not only the capabilities of the model, but also its general appearance so that it does not look like an alien element in the overall design of the bathroom. First, the purpose of the purchase is determined, so as not to buy a hydrobox with unnecessary functions or not to take a plumbing fixture with one shower head.

The main limitation during the selection of the model is the footage of the bathroom. If the room is small, then it is better to abandon some of the additional options in favor of compactness – this will preserve the possibility of normal movement around the bathroom. There are other points that should be emphasized. The main criteria for selecting a suitable modern shower cabin, according to professionals, are as follows:

  • Pallet material. Models will differ in their quality and service life. Some models are sold without a pallet at all, but this option requires a special floor with good waterproofing characteristics. Pallets are made of steel, acrylic, cast iron, faience or artificial marble. The most expensive and durable option – marble, acrylic – is cheap and easy to install. Cast iron heats up for a long time, but it is of high quality, steel pallets are very noisy, and faience has low impact resistance. It is better if the surface of the pallet is ribbed – then a mat will not be needed.
  • Pallet shape. It depends on the type of shower. This is due to the fact that the enclosing structure is installed directly on the pallet. The best option is a rectangle or square.
  • Gate opening method. Doors can be hinged or hinged, sliding or folding like a book. Side sliding is a good option for small bathrooms. But here you can’t save on the material of the guides for the rollers: silumin or powdered metal is short-lived. Hinged doors are suitable for those bathrooms where there is enough free space, and the “book” door is a normal choice for medium and large rooms.
  • The design and tightness of the shower cabin. There are 2 options – closed and open. The choice is made based on the desired functionality of the plumbing fixture and financial capabilities. The cost of a closed-type shower cabin is always higher than that of an open one, in which ordinary nozzles and a watering can are installed that spray water.

On a note!

The main part of the shower cabin is a watering can, but most of the models are equipped with a side panel with nozzles and adjustable spray direction. They also often have a fan and a backlight. All other functions can be classified as optional. If they are provided in the model, then its cost will be much higher.

The right choice of shower cabin for a private house

In the case of the private sector, the selection of a shower cabin is a little easier, since usually the bathroom is quite spacious. There are 3 options for plumbing of this type, differing in parameters and functionality that can be installed in your home:

  • boxing;
  • corner;
  • cabin.

Boxing is the most bulky plumbing equipment in size. Its main advantage lies in autonomy, since this type does not need to be fixed to the wall. For installation, connect the drain hose and connect the water supply. At the same time, the shower box combines, in addition to the classic mixer and watering can, a significant number of additional functions (sauna, contrast shower, hydromassage, Turkish bath). Such models cost from 30 thousand rubles.

The cabin is a compact plumbing equipment, which is equipped with side walls and a built-in mixer. There are 2 options – open and closed type. In the case of the latter, where there is a roof and the shutters are airtight, the steam accumulates and is able to recreate the effect of a sauna. Open cabins only partially separate the shower area with a glass partition or door. The price of models is from 15 thousand rubles.

Corner – a smaller version of the cabin. For the most part, this type of sanitary equipment is represented by a semi-closed structure, which is installed in one of the corner areas of the bathroom. Since this type of plumbing is required to be located directly next to the wall, its surface in this area must be tiled. It will prevent mold growth. The cost of models is from 5 thousand rubles.

Which cabin to choose for a summer residence

When building a country house, most people try to reduce the area of ​​non-residential premises. This category includes the bathroom. Under the condition of a seasonal visit to the dacha, it does not make sense to install a full-fledged bath there. For these reasons, they often try to pick up a high-quality shower cabin. From the criteria for choosing such plumbing should be highlighted:

  • Dimension. For bathrooms with a small area, standard corner showers may be suitable. Usually the dimensions of the sides of such equipment are 60-70 cm. When the standard dimensions do not pass, it is possible to consider the option of manufacturing shower partitions and a custom-made tray.
  • Separate shower cabin. Such sanitary equipment has 4 walls, which allows you to choose any place in the bathroom. The layout becomes free and it is possible to install the cabin so that it does not interfere with anything. However, prices for such models are on average higher.
  • The form. Shower boxes are rectangular, square and corner. You can choose an option with a non-standard bend – inward or outward. A well-designed cabin will be quite ergonomic inside in any format.


The outer size of the shower cabin is 7-11 cm larger than the inner one, which should be taken into account if there is a lack of space.

When the location, size and shape of the shower cabin is already clear, it is worth deciding whether it will be with or without a tray. The first option is a ready-made shower room, which is easy enough to connect to communications, and the second one takes up less space, but requires some refinement. To install a shower without a tray, you should prepare a moisture-resistant surface with a drain. But in all cases, waterproofing of the room is required.

The functionality of the shower cabins are different. If this is an inexpensive plumbing fixture, then there will just be a shower. In the case of expensive models, the functionality can be extended – side jets, a removable massage head, tropical rain, etc. Trays can also be different, for example, there are roomy models that will be convenient for old people and small children.


Much attention is paid to small models. In general, buyers respond positively to this solution – tight doors that exclude drafts, ease of maintenance of cleanliness and a pleasant feeling from using additional functions.

Love, 40 years old

We chose a shower cabin for the house according to the ratings. We settled on a hexagonal model – it is quite spacious and high. The control panel and shelves are located very conveniently, and there is enough space to fit everything you need. The closed ceiling, like the doors, save from drafts. The disadvantage is the need for additional sealing during installation.

Peter, 38 years old

When we were doing repairs in the bathroom, my wife and I decided to abandon the classic bath. The shower cabin was chosen for a long time – they were looking for a model that can be assembled without sealant, on the recommendation of friends. We settled on a small-sized version with a low pallet. The selected model fit well into the room, and the design was not spoiled. We are satisfied with the functionality of the cabin, as well as its spaciousness.

Pavel, 31 years old

My wife and I chose a compact model of a shower cabin with a deep tray, since we have a small child. There are no special additions in it – standard functionality and convenience. When we bathe the baby, he calmly fits in the pan, and the water does not splash in different directions. The cabin has a comfortable seat, but I was especially pleased with the opportunity to assemble and connect it on my own.

Shower cabins come in different shapes and sizes. They also differ in their own functionality. If you choose a model for a private house, professionals recommend first of all to pay attention to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bathroom and the height of the ceilings. Depending on the availability of additional features and size, there is a difference in price – a large shower with massage jets and a tray will cost more than a simple cabin.

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