How to choose a TV for home – expert advice

How to choose a TV for home - expert advice

How to choose a TV for home – expert advice

In order to choose a TV for your home in 2018, you need to answer important questions for yourself: what kind of TV do you need and why. About this and much more, the topic of our post.


Depending on the needs and location, it is necessary to determine the size.

TVs are usually measured in inches. For reference:

  • 1 cm = 0.3937 inch
  • 1 inch = 2.54 cm
  • those. 40 inches = 106.2 cm

Screen resolution

Resolution is an indicator that takes into account the clarity of the image, measured in pixels. Depending on what resolution the owner sets up on his TV, he will see such a picture. The higher this value, the brighter the image.

Usually, the standard (optimal) resolution on TVs is the default Full HD (1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 vertically).

Recently, 4K images have been actively introduced (horizontal 3840 and vertical 2160).


In addition to watching standard programs, the TV can be used for other purposes. Consider the ports that a modern TV should contain.

  • USB port – designed for a flash drive, phone, camera, etc.
  • HDMI – for connecting a TV, laptop, game console
  • LAN – needed to connect to the Internet (if there is no Wi-Fi)
  • AV – for audio equipment

Should you pay attention to Smart TV?

Smart TV is a technology that allows you to use a TV instead of a computer monitor. The necessary programs are automatically built into it, with the help of which you can connect to the Internet.

If today you do not pursue the goal of using a TV instead of a computer, then you can do without this innovation.

In any case, you can always buy a Smart set-top box when you need it. It is built-in Android or Apple system.

Popular brands:

Currently leading positions are occupied by:

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • Fusion
  • Phillips
  • Harper
  • haier
  • BBK
  • Panasonic
  • Erisson

How to choose an inexpensive but good TV?

Based on your capabilities and customer reviews, pay attention to the ratings of inexpensive TVs in 2018.

Top 5 TVs with a diagonal of 40-42 inches, costing up to 20,000 rubles

ModelPrice, in rub.Customer reviews:Erisson 40 LES 76 T2

16500Full HD resolution with wide viewing angles. Lightweight, durable. Supports all external media. It has additional functions: child lock, sleep timer, teletext, etc. A good remote for this category. Thomson T40D21SF-01B

17000 Good screen, clear picture. No extra frills.

Cons: uncomfortable legs, not a pleasant timbre of sound.

Akai LES-42X84WF19000 Good TV, bright colors, nice sound. There are all necessary functions.

Of the minuses: the smart does not work clearly (the remote control freezes) and the cable starts with the number 900

Supra STV-LC40LT0050F17000 Excellent image, no additional settings, quick menu, legs are not flimsy. Disadvantage: short cord 1 meter. For such a price, a great option. Fusion FLTV-40B100T, Black15000 Beautiful case with thin bezels, light (6 kg). Minuses:
The HDMI port reproduces the maximum image of 720 p., Not the most pleasant sound.

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