How to choose a wardrobe in the bedroom

How to choose a wardrobe in the bedroom

How to choose a wardrobe in the bedroom

The area of ​​​​some apartments does not allow you to install the required number of storage shelves. A sliding wardrobe is the best solution to create a beautiful, and most importantly, comfortable interior. It will replace all the bedside tables and cabinets, while getting rid of the trash in the room. Such furniture is usually placed in the bedroom, which is a place of rest and privacy, which imposes certain restrictions on the choice of furniture design.

Types and models of wardrobes

The limitless number of models and types of cabinets captivated both their owners and interior designers. There are:

  • Embedded. One of the most modern novelties of furniture. It is considered the most comfortable and progressive kind. The main advantage is the large size and maximum use of the amount of usable space. Installation does not take up much space. Holds enough stuff.Embedded
  • Freestanding. The fully assembled design is a separate piece of furniture that allows you to move it around the room if necessary. Wardrobes come in a variety of shapes and sizes.Freestanding
  • Corner. An equally popular view allows you to reasonably use the corner of the room. One of the variations is a diagonal-angular coupe model. It has a rounded facade, decorated with a mirror, opaque or corrugated glass. Now it is fashionable to place corner models in the bedroom.corner
  • Radius. The owner of a large room will be able to emphasize the style in the interior. Due to the ergonomic arrangement, the design saves useful centimeters of space, while accommodating the entire family wardrobe.Radius

On a note!

It is better to choose a model directly in the store, and not on the video on the network. Here you can touch, see and appreciate the spaciousness of the furniture.

Features of choosing a wardrobe for the bedroom

The sliding wardrobe is suitable mainly for a bedroom. It is worth choosing this system because of the following features:

  • Noiselessness. This is a very important indicator in a room like a bedroom.
  • Rich selection of decor. Adding some little things from yourself to the interior contributes to relaxation.
  • Possibility of free planning. Affects both capacity and functionality.
With mirrors

The design should match the interior of the bedroom. What to look for:

  • The classic style implies calm and solid colors.
  • Successfully apply design with photo printing and a mirror. There are beautiful and themed pictures for any occasion.
  • Experts recommend adding pastel colors to the bedroom interior.

The white insert helps the furniture blend into the room. In addition, calm, not bright colors are pleasantly perceived by the human eye, which prevents their overstrain.

Materials for wardrobes

The choice of materials for the manufacture of wardrobes is great. It all depends on the preferences of the customer and the amount he is willing to give. A wide variety allows you to embody any ideas.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material. This will determine how long the cabinet will last. There are some of the most popular options:

  • Chipboard. Is the most popular. Plates have different shades and textures, which helps to combine them with any interior. There is also a laminated version of this material – chipboard, which is used by the best manufacturers of wardrobes. Its only drawback is its high absorbency. Because of this, such material is used mainly for interior decoration.
  • MDF. It has much in common with chipboard, but is more durable. Its quality is higher, so the price is rather big. Suitable for creating convex or concave elements, it is in demand among designers.
  • Natural tree. Cabinets made of solid wood acquire rigor and solidity. The material leaves a good impression of luxury.

There are combined models where different materials are combined. When choosing, you should pay attention to the quality of accessories.

Varieties of facades

Choosing a wardrobe in the bedroom is quite problematic, so the material of manufacture and furniture design play an important role. Facades are responsible for the appearance:

  • Matte. If we talk about not outdated classics, then these are matte cabinets. Minimalism and restraint remain in vogue today. This model is considered quite versatile, if desired, decor can be added to a plain cabinet. Most often these are geometric elements.Matte
  • Wood. Recently, this model has become very popular. The whole world was captured by a wave for ecology, so those who like to create a natural atmosphere will like such facades. Particularly appreciated now are models with a tree structure. If you skillfully combine wooden inserts with any detail, you can easily keep up with the changeable fashion in interior design.Wood
  • Mirror. The advantage of such a cabinet is not only the visual expansion of space, but also its versatility. No matter what style the room corresponds to, such furniture will look appropriate in any place.Mirrored
  • Glossy. Such surfaces attract many glances. The decision involves the rejection of bright additional inserts, which makes the overall perception of the cabinet discreet, but no less luxurious.Glossy

On a note!

Designers believe that a mirror cabinet looks more appropriate in a dimly lit room. The light reflected through the mirror will gently “spill” throughout the space. But the most advantageous effect will be where the windows face the north or west side.

Decorative lighting

In stores, it is possible to choose the backlight that seems to the owner the most suitable. There are several types of it:

  • Halogen lamps. They are the most common way to organize light in a closet. Such a lamp contains a special gas that prolongs its operation for a long time.
  • LED lights. They have several advantages: economy, durability, safety and high quality lighting.
  • Fluorescent lamps. Usually such bright lighting is used near the mirror or above it.
  • LED Strip Light. This is the most convenient and safe lighting option. Most often it is used for decorative purposes.

Do not forget about safety during operation. Wires should not be laid where a human hand can reach.

Interior styles

Home design trends rarely change. Most often, one style passes into another with small additions. All of them are somewhat similar, but getting to know them better, it will become clear why such similar interiors are not suitable for everyone.

  • Maximalism. The abundance of colors, bright and colorful colors in the interior describes this style. He came relatively recently to replace neutral and empty spaces. Here the ability to harmoniously combine several seemingly incongruous colors in one room is manifested. For example – purple, yellow, red, green, etc. Such a bright interior is not suitable for all rooms, the most advantageous motley palette looks in the corridor or living room.Maximalism
  • Minimalism. As an interior style, it held on for a long time. This is because after the bright 80s and 90s, people got tired of complicated design and found a replacement. Minimalism remains at the peak of popularity to this day. A minimum of furniture, a maximum of space – this feature distinguishes this style from others. At the head of the design they put the comfort of a person, more free space, which means the functionality of the area. Such an interior gives home comfort to almost all rooms.Minimalism
  • Scandinavian. In a large number of books, examples were given of how the inhabitants of Scandinavia, despite living in harsh and cold regions, created home warmth, drawing energy and happiness from there. The fact is that the combination of minimalism and eco-style led to a new color scheme, pleasing to the eye – white, black, gray, blue, green shades. Lighting elements, indoor plants or even small yellow accents, which acted as decor, diluted the interior. This style looks good in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, nursery.Scandinavian
  • Eco style. Environmental issues are always relevant. Trends in the interior cannot but reflect the natural naturalness and purity. At the same time, eco-style calls for the abandonment of animal furs, using only non-natural and recycled materials. Stone, clay, cotton and other natural textures give the room a cozy feel. This interior is complemented by light colors, green, blue, gray. You can add greens if you like. The versatility of eco-style is that it is applicable in all rooms of the house.Eco style
  • American. The design of American apartments has always had its own charm. As a result, he combined free space and lush sofas. Another feature of this style is a massive chandelier, which plays the role of the main light.American
  • Baroque. Luxury and wealth – a brief description of this style. Its popularity has been relevant for several centuries. It attracts people who love eccentricity and magnificent design. Forged parts are a feature, they can decorate sofas, chairs, doors. The interior must have a large number of mirrors of completely different sizes and types.Baroque

On a note!

The use of velvet, gold, bronze, combined with light warm colors convey an incredible atmosphere of luxury. These combinations with noble dark shades are especially appreciated now.

How to choose a wardrobe in the bedroom

Before choosing the color of the cabinet, it is worth considering certain nuances:

  • color compatibility of wallpaper in the interior;
  • pleasant perception by the owner himself (sometimes some colors are categorically unacceptable);
  • high-quality material (if there is no paintwork coating).
In the bedroom

How to choose a wardrobe:

  • To visually expand the space in a small room, you should choose the color of the furniture under the wallpaper.
  • Best of all, the wardrobe is combined with a mirror.
  • The owner of a large room can beat the interior and pick up a dark cabinet for light walls. It looks quite nice and stylish.
  • It is very important to choose the facade for the furniture in the house. Not everyone can make a combination of different styles and it looks, in general, overloaded.
  • Mirror facades are now in great demand, so you can sort of compensate for the area occupied by the closet.


The manufacturer is an equally important factor when choosing. Large companies offer both finished products and cabinets to order. It is worth stopping at reputable manufacturers (STANLEY, Komandor, FlashNika and others). A trusted company will always be reliable, because furniture is something that lasts for years.

The sliding wardrobe has become such a popular furniture attribute that it is installed in all rooms of the house. The variety of colors, models, facades is so great that everyone will choose the perfect option for their taste. And by the interior you can always understand a person, his inner beauty and how he sees the world.

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